May 022018

Ladies and gentlemen, we are off and running!

The sign war has been engaged for a while, I’ve been made aware that 500+ Chad Bianco Signs have disappeared. Not sure how many of Sniff’s have…

This said, Sniff’s people have been obsessed with my experience in campaigns. So allow me to share some of said experience

  1. Destroying Signs is not even a misdemeanor. It is an infraction at best. This makes calling out a deputy to the scene of this “alleged” incident absurd and likely another abuse of power by Stan Sniff
  2. Stealing Signs valued at under $950 is not a misdemeanor from common areas. It becomes petty theft if stolen from private property and then only if the property owner wanted the sign there.
  3. You would actually get in more trouble for spray-painting signs (see also vandalism) than you would for destruction or theft of them. (The Sheriff knows this, and if he does not, this is the latest evidence of his incompetence).

Mohammad Ali Mazarei did not waste any time whining and threatening people. Mohammad who was slow to respond to police asking for surveillance footage of an idiot that shot himself on his property, was fast to respond to a video that shows a retired investigator fixing Chad’s signs but shows nothing related to any destruction / theft of Sniff’s. The hysterical Sniff supporters are even claiming there was something nefarious related to Calvert’s signs.

Stan Sniff bought Paper Signs and wonders why they rip in 60MPH winds and Rain. #FACEPALM. Perhaps this is why he is unable to comprehend rusted out cars, busted antique computers and malfunctioning body cameras.

Take a deep breath people. This happens in every campaign to everyone. The real issue is Stan Sniff’s corruption and the 30,000 slimebags that have been fed-kicked on his watch. This of course is why Stan Sniff and crew went on a coordinated attack to attempt to create a distraction.

It is a lot easier to create a distraction when you have several employees doing campaign work on government time. (something widely known and alleged for months now)

Kevin Vest is an Assistant Sheriff that I have written about a lot. Suffice to say, Vest has a long storied history that appears to include a lot of corruption of his own.

Dan Stupido, whose coordinated post is pictured on the right. He is a retired Coroner Supervisor who is reputed to have been told to retire related to poor job performance. Similar to Huizinga and Pelato, he was anti-Sniff until a year ago, now he is in the bag for the Sheriff. It makes your intrepid blogger wonder what went on behind the scenes there.

And of course no thread would be complete without Mohammad Ali Mazarei threatening people. Mohammad has issues that may be far deeper than we will get to on this blog. But, suffice to say, we have gotten his goat pretty good.

Lastly and most importantly – see the comment from a Whitney Shephard – “You Can’t get an officer to respond to a car break in, but they are all over Stan’s signs?”

That comment encapsulates Stan Sniff’s tenure as Sheriff in one sentence. Stan Sniff is devoid of a core, which is why people like Mohammad are attracted to him and why you see things like a sudden interest in processing CCW applictions despite waits of 2 years for at least the last 5 years.

At this rate, maybe the Jails will get staffed and something will get done about the horrendous record of Fed-Kicks? Maybe Sniff will start cooperating with ICE Again? Maybe equipment will get replaced? Maybe competent free-thinking people will get promoted?

Sorry, I was getting ahead of my skis. Back to reality. Fire Stan Sniff, now.

Lastly, if the local media picks up this non-story after ignoring all of the Corruption, instead of reporting on say the Kevin Duffy scandal, you will know that they are part of the corruption.

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  9 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: When Losing, Create an Orchestrated “Event” to Inspire Victimhood”

  1. Please show the pictures of her ripping up Stan’s signs? It looks like she was being filmed from the moment she got out of her car. Where is the video Ali? Stan sent a deputy to her home to get finger prints from her and from the sign. Let’s see what happens with that “proof”. The facts are stans signs were never touched. Another fact, Chad has supporters fixing his signs all day long. Sorry you don’t Stan. You can’t blame what the wind does to everyone signs and slander people.

  2. If all she was doing is fixing a sign, it’s not a crime. And they already have her prints on file, so why send a Deputy to her house, unless it’s for harassment, and abuse of his authority. And it’s in broad daylight as well, with numerous potential witnesses. This is nothing more than dirty politics by the Second floor to make them out as victims when they are the suspects. Drain the swamp.

  3. Is anyone really surprised? People aren’t treated the same. If you know someone, or are wealthy, the Sheriffs department will bend over backwards. If you’re joe shit the rag man, ehhh. It’s not the deps, it’s the brass!

  4. Lets see here, I can smell the bullshit through the keyboard.

    The person filming this didn’t call 911 and stay with the suspect till police arrived?

    Didn’t make a citizens arrest on the spot?

    Sent a deputy the the suspects house to obtain fingerprints without a warrant?

    Whoever order that escapade is a serious idiot and I bet they have bars or stars.

    As to that fat guy with a beard I’d love for him to jump in my face on this shit he preeches.

    The Riverside DA willing to make him a victim at a public circus?

    Pull your head out of your ass Sheriff Sniff and control your legally ignorant minions.

    Jeez what a joke.

  5. That bullshit was cleared out muthafucking Nora UNFOUNDED and that fucking nut gargler is running around feeling “fabulous”. Holy fuckballs Goatman he is dumber than whale shit at the bottom of the sea! Fingerprints sent to the lab on a Unfounded call, shit RSO is way to cheap for that shit! I bet that shit is all bullshit being made up by the goatman to make people actually think shit was done. Responding dep probably said, Ma’am, I’m gonna make it appear that i give a fuck but GO CHAD”. Fuck Sniff in his pussy.

  6. This shit is reminiscent of Zellerbach getting caught taking down opponents campaign signs. We all know what happened to him. Also, when ‘former’ president of RSA, Robert Masson was still friends with Sniff…and carpet bagging for a council seat in Hemet, he was caught fooling around with opponent’s signs. (Ya’all need to keep in mind..Masson was working for Supe Jeff Stone at this time) Now that RSA/Masson and Sniff are at odds it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Masson et al are collecting Sniff’s signs. Perhaps Ali should order fingerprints on Masson. Oh wait! That’s Sniff’s job..right?

  7. What an immature little bitch Kevein Vest is for even posting some bullshit like this on his fucking FB page. This punk ass is really an Assistant Sheriff, are you fucking kidding me? Is it really an active criminal investigation Mr. Assistant Sheriff and you are posting the evidence that was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department onto social media? What a bunch of shit these punk ass bitches who lick Sniff’s cornhole are pulling this time. Wasting taxpayers’ money sending deputies out for this bullshit. I hear they even ordered Forensics to come out and process the scene. Straight fucking bullshit. We have to wait forever to get Forensics out to process a real crime, no wonder because Sniffy has them busy doing stupid fucking shit like this.


  8. Chrome Dome Vest, puh-leeze!! Take your FB page down because you sound like a twelve-year-old bitch. Don’t you have more important things to do, like pack your shit and get your retirement party underway?

    And Stupido…WTF? Are you so bored you have to resort to this? Can’t you be like Marvin K Mooney and PLEASE GO AWAY?

    Ali…you’re hilarious with your taunts. Just like the bully you are, all bark and no bite. “You wanna play?” REALLY?!?! Can’t you see you’re on the losing team? Can’t you see soon you will be an ordinary citizen with no CCW, no sheriff in your back pocket, and a business that will be covered with a shame cloud?


    This is the kind of crap our department cannot tolerate anymore. If they stoop this low, think of how they manage our department. ROD has uncovered more malfeasance from the 2nd Floor, and here’s more! Keystone cops who are only out for themselves.

    We need mature leadership. Our deputies and personnel deserve to work for a sheriff who will lead rather than make excuses. Chief Deputies who can be looked up to and respected rather than tolerated and hated. A sense of calm and no fear over what you say, who you talk to, etc.



  9. Really a chief deputy continuing to try and politically intimidate department members. I can’t wait for the class action suit over his last post making threats to discourage department member from having their political beliefs on who to vote for. POBAR VIOLATIONS will be in the millions think about it 3000 members at $25k a violation 75 million. You can’t intimidate over political issues.

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