May 152018

Nothing says “Up Yours” to the rank and file deputies like hanging out with a cop-killer’s defense attorney. Worse, Stan Sniff took campaign cash from him!

Nothing tells your men what you think of them better than taking campaign cash from a criminal defense attorney defending a man charged with Murder with Malice – the Murder of Two Police Officers in an ambush with armor piercing rounds.

There he is in all his glory, Mr. John Dolan, a go to defense attorney for the worst of the worst. People have a constitutional right to a defense, but a self-serving Sheriff who does not seem to care who donates to him (as long as they donate) taking money from such a man is an outrage.

John Hernandez Felix gunned down two police officers and barricaded himself in a house before the Riverside County SWAT Team came and apprehended him. One of the officers murdered was the wife of a Riverside Sheriff’s Office Deputy! Are you kidding me Stan Sniff?

This defense attorney tried to claim that this hardened gang banger had anmesia. Accounts of Dolan’s conduct indicate that he is fond of challenging deputies and investigators on the stand and is abrasive and arrogant. It also appears that Dolan is cut from the same cloth as Robert Mueller, just win at all costs no matter what the facts and circumstances are. I can arrive at that conclusion easily by reading several stories about the cases Dolan has been involved in.

The embedded facebook screenshot highlights famed defense attorney John Patrick Dolan. Stan Sniff is the Sheriff and what a message it sends to celebrate and take money from a famed defense attorney that defends cop-killers. Just stupid or deliberate.

  10 Responses to “Stan Sniff Special Update: Facebook Post Brags About Evening With Cop-Killer’s Defense Attorney!”

  1. @Aaron F. Park, why wouldn’t Stanley hang out with this guy. Here’s your description of Dolan, “He is fond of challenging deputies, is abrasive and arrogant.” Are you sure you are not talking about Stanley? It sounds like they’re cut from the same cloth. Like minded people like each other. Why would it bother Stanley to hang out with a cop killers attorney? We all know Stanley is a killer too. In a different way. He’s killed more cops’ careers than he could count. B

    I wonder if he was carrying his brief case with him. The one that allegedly has an automatic pistol inside, with a trigger on the handle. Since he’s so paranoid when he’s off his throne on the second floor.

    Stanley is like a bad rash. He’ll be gone soon enough.

  2. Someone told me that Stanley ordered three Tech-9’s or something similar and he carries one with him. My understanding is that this is a #YUGE no-no.

  3. @ Aaron F. Park, the Desert Sun just posted a further look into the cheating scandal and into Brooks Pitchess Motion. Check it out.

  4. Stan has an H&K M.P. 5 9mm that he shoots on the range on Fridays that he had the Department order for his use. Something every elected official should have on hand,”just in case.”

  5. An MP5 was used by German Special forces for years. It is a good weapon, but don’t you have to have clearance to pack it?

  6. @FLY – typical of my years of blogging, no attribution, but they did respond to me with some BS about “incomplete” reports. They obviously do not know the RSO at all.

  7. @Aaron F. Park, Keep up the heat on these ants. The Press Enterprise also did a piece on Stanley. Check it out too. Keep the pressure on these people to let the truth out.

  8. I honestly don’t get this. How could he have anything to do with the attorney representing a cop killer? I am floored that Stan would tag him on Facebook, something is not right with this man. Stan associates with very bad, unethical people. Scary to think he’s our counties top cop and has no loyalty to his department.

    Let’s make things right for all of us, get out and vote for Chad!!

  9. The funnest fun fact about the unauthorized weapon and weapons at the Training Center is when Sniff goes to the range, Ali meets him there on occasion and they shoot. Great liabilityy having that fat turd on the range shooting fully automatic weapons and the Departmemts tax payer paid ammunition.

  10. Actually, Stanley has two MP5 fully automatic machine guns paid for by tax payers. What’s curious about his choice of machine guns is the MP5 is not an authorized weapon for the Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

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