Mar 222018
A couple weeks ago, we informed our readers about the status of missing sex offenders and Sniff’s failure in Riverside County. We have a follow up for your enlightenment.
Since Stan Sniff seems to like to align himself with the ACLU over common sense, it is no surprise to find out according to the California Department of Justice, Megan’s Law database, Sniff is
currently allowing over 300 sex offenders to run around the county unsupervised! He has no idea where they are or what they are doing!
See for yourself at
Sniff has yet to make any public statement about the unknown whereabouts of the 300+Riverside County sex offenders. Sniff has failed to inform Riverside residents of his failure to account for these dangerous child-molesting felons.
Maybe he will blame the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.
Here’s what Sniff HASN’T DONE regarding undisclosed Riverside sex offenders:
Sniff hasn’t increased staffing to locate these sex offenders.
Sniff hasn’t redirected top-heavy administrative staff that spend their days performing campaign-related work to find these sex offenders.
Sniff hasn’t asked for more funding to track these sex offenders down.
Well, as we have recently discovered with a number of his criminal supporters, and supporters with active, ongoing legal issues, Stan Sniff doesn’t care what laws you break as long as your campaign check clears the bank.
But why is Sniff so unconcerned about sex offenders? The answer will shock you.
Sniff has paid over $10,000 to a convicted & registered child sex offender to help Sniff deceive voters into supporting his re-election
As we wait for Sniff and his army of lock-step trolls to call us liars, consider a couple quotes from our good friend Harry Callahan before you launch your uninformed attacks:
Now, to those same trolls who have ignored our advice and the introspection urged by Dirty Harry himself and recklessly decide to attack us for telling the truth, please consider our response below:

  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff #EPICFAIL, Supporting Sex Offenders?”

  1. Crickets. Is that what we’re hearing? Even Sniff’ supporters are expecting this post about sex offenders to be true! This is hilarious! The sheriff of Riverside County for the last ten years and even his most die hard supporters are too scared to defend him. They must know whatever you haven’t shared with us yet about Sniff and his sex offending campaign colleague?

    Sniff’s goons know his campaign is a sinking ship.

    You may as well start taunting Sniff with more of his misdeeds.

    The silence from the Sniff Squad is deafening!!!!

    Vote Bianco!!!!!!

  2. Sniffles, you’re going to be exposed again. Better get the horseshoes out. I understand that’s a popular game for wannabe cowpokes when they retire or, better yet, are ousted from public office in shame.

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