Apr 172018

Last week the only Conservative on the Placer County Board of Supervisors, Kirk Uhler brought forth an agenda item for Placer County to take a position on the disaster known as SB54. SB54 is the Sanctuary State “law” signed by Governor Moonbeam. This unconstitutional violation of federal law is engineered to decimate attempts by ICE and the Trump Administration from enforcing federal election law.

Placer County was one of the few counties President Trump won decisively in California. Despite the #nevertrump and the blue state defeatism of a lot of so-called Republicans in CA (including an estimated 500,000 in Orange County that Bailed on Trump), President Trump won Placer County by 11%.

You could never tell it by the board of supervisors. I am not sure if Jennifer Montgomery, Jim Holmes and Robert Weygant thought they were protecting Jack Duran by stuffing Uhler’s attempt to agendize a motion related to Sanctuary State – but all four went on record in support of SB54. Uhler’s agenda item failed for lack of a second.

Jack Duran is in a hotly contested Re-Election. Your intrepid blogger lives in his district and I will be doing my part to eviscerate this leftist, trial lawyer that tried to create industrial pot farms in my backyard. Now Duran has handed his opponents another hammer by coming out of the closet as a lawless party-line democrat activist.

For reasons that elude me other than thinking Duran will give away the farm to them, law enforcement has endorsed Duran. I bet they wish they had that decision back. Even the Sacramento Bee has endorsed Bonnie Gore over the empty suit Duran.

Please click here for a copy of the resolution and letter mailed to the Placer County Government by the Placer GOP. It should be used as a template for other groups to adopt their own resolutions.

Great Job Placer GOP – Chairman Dennis Revell, 1St VC Suzanne Jones, 2nd VC Mark Wright, Treasurer Jeff Short, Secretary Laurie Wallace and the rest of the crew for their leadership.

Dear Placer D1 Supervisor Jack Duran – I’m Coming for you.

  2 Responses to “Placer GOP to Placer County Board of Supervisors: Show Some Leadership and Oppose the Sanctuary State”

  1. I sent an email three weeks ago requesting they being it up for a vote, they felled and said, they were going to all get copies of my email

  2. This issue needs to be reconsidered, it appears the Boards response is inconsistent with the majority of their constituents beliefs.

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