Feb 132019

Yes – THAT Jack Duran.

The Jack Duran that wanted to turn Placer County in to a gigantic Pot Farm.

Apparenrtly, Mr. Duran, a Mazareti Driving Trial Lawyer got sacked by at least one tribe he was “working” for. It involed an ambulance case he took as a plaintiff’s attorney. Whoops.

As a charter review committee member, he could expand the reach of Prop47 and Prop57 soft on crime punishments and lack of jail space.

He will push for district elections that can be manipulated to keep incumbents safe and can pit neighborhoods against each other.

Duran’s fellow leftists at the Press Tribune were basically giving him a pre-employment boost on their publication.

It is clear that a 23% rejection at the polls was not enough to deter him from trying something again.

Jun 052018

Jack Duran may not remember that I remember, but I remember how he got elected in the first place. Duran was nowhere to be found in the district and the race was made a referendum on Rocky Rockholm.

There was a controversial issue related to Highway 28 in King’s Beach where staff wanted the “Three lane hybrid” versus the 4 lane highway that was there. The County Manager at the time assumed that Kirk Uhler was a vote for the 4 lane option along with Bruce Kranz. The county manager chartered a plane and flew Rocky back to Placer County so he could join Jim Holmes and Robert Weygant in support of the 3 lane hybrid.

Uhler voted for the 3 lane hybrid, making the trip from Utah to California unnecessary. Todd Stenhouse, the dem consultant that ran both of Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown’s Congressional Campaigns in the prior election cycles, recognized that the “Plane Ticket” would be a good dog whistle for an angry electorate.

This is what they sold voters and Rocky Rockholm was unseated by Jack Duran in 2010. The Plane Ticket was the only issue. Also, Jack Duran was sequestered in his home or was beached on a lawn chair somewhere and was rarely seen during the campign.

No one ran against Jack Duran in 2014.

I moved in to Sup D1 after Duran had been re-elected by acclamation. I had also told several people I’d run against Jack if no one else did in 2018.

Then Vice Mayor of Roseville, Bonnie Gore stepped up.

Two of Duran’s biggest problems are that Duran is a trial lawyer and he is described as arrogant and combative.

The personality maladies were on display when school board members and city council members were attending board meetings and Mr Duran took to yelling at some of them.

You see, Jack Duran wanted to turn placer county in to a pot farm.

Normally, Duran was the 4th vote on development, but in private circles Jack Duran talks about central planning and social justice. It was getting him on public record that was more challenging. With water rationing being implemented in California, Jack’s decision to vote to forfeit future water rights is another bad decision with long term ramifications.

Recently, the Sanctuary State has become front and center. Duran is on record in support of the State’s unconstitutional law towing the democrat party line. Duran has also attended fundraisers with Dr. Richard Pan, the godfather of forced vaccination.

Jack Duran does not represent West Roseville, right down to the Maserati he drives. (Which he attempted to hide behind another car after my first video of his house.)

His 80,000 cost new Cadillac also has custom plates on it too. Neither Car by themselves would be an issue, however when juxtaposed against his $15,000+ default on his home loan would make anyone question Jack’s priorities and fiscal management.

Duran has attempted to take credit for the work of others all throughout his campaign. These include planning decisions, businesses he had nothing to do with, Police Service Levels, passing Measure D and the like. It did not endear him to a lot of people.

His campaign was reduced to attacking the City of Roseville and trying to smear Bonnie Gore with all the problems Jack Duran’s fellow democrats have created in Sacramento and foisted upon local government. Such tactics of division are a hallmark of a leftist campaign. The last survey I saw indicated that 70% of Roseville’s residents approved of the City’s direction.

Duran’s campaign also sent out the standard “Screw Trump” mailer. With the President’s numbers improving nationally and in California, I question the wisdom of such a move.

Jack Duran simply is dead wrong on many important issues, makes poor decisions and is largely unapproachable as a person. This is why when I shot two videos at his home, he was there instead of being out on the campaign trail.

It is my opinion based on evidence that Jack Duran is in danger of losing re-election today. But, we need you to go to the polls and make it happen. Please vote for Bonnie Gore to replace the filed liberal trial lawyer Jack Duran.

Jun 032018

Jack Duran, the Maserati-Driving Trial Lawyer has some interesting friends.

Rene Aguilera is one that we’ve profiled for years.

Jack Duran is really proud of his police, fire and sheriff’s endorsements. I wonder of the police union vetted Jack’s “Team”.

Rene Aguilera has the cops out to his house 56 times between 1/1/2012 and 6/1/2016 (The last time I checked)

Aggielairuh has a nice fat $18,000 civil judgement against him for not paying his bills. I suppose this is something that Jack has in common with Rene, as Jack has a nice notice of Trustee Sale for being major late on his house payment. I wonder if he was making his Maserati payment instead?

That’s right as of 1/2013 WHILE A SUPERVISOR, Jack Duran had a notice of Trustee Sale for being $15,900 behind on his house. Visit www.jackduran.com for more info!

It is because of trial lawyer flakes like Jack Duran that think the rules don’t apply to them that people like me have to pay higher interest rates on my own loan.

You’d think Police and Fire would take a look at how one lives their life and factor that in to their decision on who to endorse. But then Jack Duran supported Prop 47, 57 and turning Placer County in to a pot farm as well…

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