May 302016

IMG_4238_2 (2)I have written before that I think young Mr. Kiley has potential. That time is not now as his youthful lack of discipline and campaign integrity are overshadowing his talent.

There are several reasons why Kevin Kiley’s seemingly bizarre campaign is making more sense now. All he has is Pete Wilson, who barely polls anymore.

Kevin Kiley is not a Deputy District Attorney, he is a former Deputy District Attorney. He is no longer on the state Payroll. This is deceptive. He is unemployed and his job is running for office, this is not a good place for a candidate to be in.

Kevin Kiley is 31 and 4 years removed from law school. This suggests that he is inexperienced in life, let alone business.

Kevin Kiley left the AD04/AD06 area for 12 years. He returned on or around May 14th 2015, and declared his candidacy on or about May 27, 2015. This suggests he moved back from the Bay Area specifically to run. In fact, he is renting the house he lives in.

Kevin Kiley has been overheard saying conflicting things depending on the group he is in. This is a classic case of either dishonesty or an undisciplined candidate. (A common failing of a first time candidate)

Kevin Kiley is a social liberal. He is anti-prop 8 and has criticized its’ author for writing and defending it

Kevin Kiley said in a Sacramento Bee Interview that the issues of Legalizing Weed, the Delta Tunnels and High Speed Rail are very unimportant to him. This suggests the influence of his Bay Area donors, where the Tunnels are a non issue, but legalizing Weed and HSR are popular. This is called trying to split the baby.

Kevin Kiley is funded by Bay Area Liberals. His donors include a who’s who of Obama bundlers and donors to the Democrat Party.

Kevin Kiley has little, if any support from inside #AD06. His mail has implied an endorsement of former Sheriff John McGuinness who has given quotes and photo opportunities to at least 3 of his opponents.

Kevin Kiley claims that more than half his donors are from inside #AD06. This is deceptive again as 77% of his money has come from outside the district, with the overwhelming majority of that from the above-mentioned Bay Area Liberals.

Because Mr. Kiley is young and inexperienced, when exposed to scrutiny, experienced political people understand he is not ready for the Assembly.

Kiley’s major endorsement, Pete Wilson, appears to have come as a result of his hiring the Son of Wilson’s long time legal counsel to be his campaign manager. The youngster was falling asleep in trailblazer training sessions.

Kiley’s other major endorsement has been revealed to be a fraud.

I have seen other evidence that his campaign is a classic “Potemkin Village Drill”. This is a term us old grizzled warriors use. He has been able to get away with this because of the crowded 11 person field.

True to form in a Republican election, all the candidates are fighting like hell to be unique. The pity is that several good people are wasting their money in a fruitless effort.

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