Mar 252020

As of the writing of this blog, I have now spoken to / emailed with 15 people from the Placer County DA’s Office. The stories are alarming, emotional, terrifying and I experience a full range of emotions hearing them.

I am not going to cut and paste any of the recent emails I have gotten as there is (in my opinion) solid evidence that Jennifer Miszkewycz may well be communicating with Jeff Wilson as “undesirables” are still getting attacked, monitored and virtually stalked. In a couple of the past posts people that have sent me emails that I pasted appear to have been targeted (even more than they already were).

In aggregating the latest bits of info, it appears that there are 7 claims of harassment, retaliation, and/or targeting that have been filed in the last two weeks. These are in addition to the claims that appear to have led to the disturbed Jeff Wilson being placed on Administrative leave. (for laypeople – admin leave is a predecessor to termination)

Three women that I have talked to most recently have all told me almost the same story. I am of the opinion that they are all victims of narcissistic abuse. All have had their personal reputations destroyed. All of the victims beyond the most recent three are suffering from PTSD-like symptoms. These symptoms include sudden fits of crying while I was on the phone with victims, others had to pause many times to compose themselves, all talked about how their personalities changed from being worn down by the abuse. It was disturbing and every time felt very personal.

Dave Tellman may not understand why I am skeptical of his candidacy for DA. He was once one of Jeff Wilson’s people before suffering the fate that people that do not accede to the wishes of a narcissistic tyrant 100% of the time suffer. Mr. Tellman, the offer still stands [email protected] if you want to tell your side of the story.

Listening to these stories from several current employees still working, out on stress leave or who have fled the department make me view anyone in the current department’s management with skepticism.

This gets me to Jennifer Miszkewycz the acting DA. It has been put to me by a few of the people I have communicated with that she is an ambitious ladder climber who appears to be mimicking Jeff Wilson’s savagery towards undesirable employees. It is clear that she has slipped through any oversight from people outside the office. It would be one thing if just one disgruntled retired employee told me something, but employees who have retired due to mental health issues, others that have escaped and still others with current ongoing issues have all volunteered stories about Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz.

It is clear that the Placer County DA’s office is a mess. Regardless of individual stories about Dave Tellman, he was part of the management team under whose watch the mess metastasized.

Jeff Wilson, Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz all appear to have been well versed in the process to circumvent public employee protections. Interestingly enough, I am familiar with things like “Scully Hearings”, “Write-Ups” and the like after having spent over a year writing about the maladies of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. It appears that the trio had a list of employees that they wanted to take out.

The methods included overloading people with work, then micromanaging their finished product. One employee was written up for being 45 seconds late, others were having their breaks timed to the second, others had family vacation requests denied at the last minute after hotel reservations were made, others would get transferred suddenly, others were mocked and ridiculed by the three senior managers aided and abetted by other ass-kissing ambitious accomplices. Still others were stuffed in the 100 year old Auburn Courthouse 20+ miles away from the main Roseville Justice Center. (This is known as freeway therapy)

Time and time again, I was told complaints were discarded and the union rep was useless. (It has been alleged that Jeff Wilson had friends in the county whistleblower office and that the union rep may also have been compromised – yet no one has been able to produce any proof of said allegations) It is common with a tyrant ruling by fear to create the false impression among his victims that he has more tentacles of power than he actually has.

Regardless of how many spies Jeff Wilson may have had in Placer County Government, where was DA Scott Owens? One person I interviewed shed some light when they indicated that in a “Scully Hearing” Owens had to take his cues from Wilson regarding the employee. More than one employee I spoke to had stellar scores and evaluations before Wilson was promoted to the number two slot and post Wilson were routinely trashed.

It is simply not possible for Karin Bjork who was proven to have been mistreated ($2.9 Million Dollars Later) and a host of other victims of Wilson’s Rampage to ALL have been bad employees. In order for everyone targeted for elimination post Wilson’s Promotion in 2015 to have been a bad employee (or in the case of Bjork, she was smeared as incompetent), it would have meant literally half the employees in the DA’s office 2015 and before fit that description.

I think everyone hired post Jeff Wilson needs to be reevaluated. There is no way given what I know now that I could trust anyone who was hired under the reign of terror by Wilson. A new DA needs to scrutinize anyone that served as a manager under Wilson as well.

In today’s Coronafreakout world where the national media are on a psychotic rampage to smear PRESIDENT Trump with everything, (calling him a racist, incompetent, etc etc etc) take a step back and look at what Jeff Wilson is reputed to have done to so many employees in the Placer DA’s office. They were abused, scapegoated (aka gaslighted) and discarded. The patterns are disturbingly similar – except that Wilson’s targets are not President Trump who has the ability to defend himself. They are vulnerable employees that the union rep could not help and the county whistleblower refused to help.

I was driving around to stores in my neighborhood trying to find Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, etc… as a gag for my Wife’s Radio Show while I was talking to a victim of Wilson’s for an hour. Several times, I had to stop and ask the victim to repeat themself as I struggled to absorb all of what I was getting told.

Let it sink in a bit, I have written about some of the worst of human behavior on this blog. Politics and Government attract the scum of the earth who see it as a way to feed themselves with power, control, money, sex, narcotics, etc. Right here in Placer County, I am being told stories firsthand by victims in my own county DA’s office that are as disturbing as any I have been told over the 22+ years I have been in the political game. It’s personal, It’s my own backyard.

I hope the five supervisors are reading and I sincerely hope they take a long look at the mess that is a the Placer DA’s office and make a wise choice. To be continued.

P.S. Dear Supervisors, if you think Jeff Wilson is going to withdraw his application for DA, you have another thing coming. He is going to tell you he is the victim and that he is the best thing that ever happened to Placer County. Wait for it.

Mar 182020

The employees who filed the grievances are carrying the weight and taking the risk.   The great majority of the employees are afraid they will lose their jobs, or be demoted, or harassed, or ostracized, etc., if they breathe a word that it is not enthusiastically supportive of Wilson and co.

As of right now, we have 6 Candidates for Placer County DA. As of right now, I’ve spoken to 10 current/former employees whose lives/careers have been adversely affected by the rampage of Jeff Wilson. I’ve received several more emails.

I was told that there was an emergency closed-door (called Closed Session) meeting of the Placer County Board of Supervisors on 3-9-2020 the day before the disturbed Jeff Wilson was “walked out”. Being “Walked Out” means you’ve screwed up so bad that even in the culture of covering up malfeasance by public servants your conduct is so bad that the bureaucracy is going to fire you. (90% of people “walked out” get terminated)

Wilson’s application for DA is still pending as of this time. He has not withdrawn it, but he has no support on the Placer County Board of Supervisors to take over as DA.

Jeff Wilson appears to have run a reign of terror. His two henchmen were reputedly Doug Van Breemen and Jennifer Miszkewycz. The sad irony is with the devastating revelations about Wilson, the County Administrator placed Miszkewycz in charge until the appointment is complete.

This is why I pasted the above comment at the beginning of the blog. Even though Jeff Wilson is in trouble – Jennifer Miszkewycz who I refer to as Drucilla is in charge and the whistle-blowers who have been strung out to dry repeatedly fear loss of their careers all over again.

I’ve basically heard it all. Employees were being cyber-stalked on social media, followed, people were put in cubicles near undesirables to monitor them, employees were written up for being 45 seconds late for work (while people like Misckewycz were able to show up as much as an hour late with no repercussions according to two sources). Wilson had mastered the procedures for circumventing civil service protections in order to make life hell for anyone that was not part of his crew – typical Narcissistic Control. Wilson of course, promoted friends – but discarded Dave Tellman in December of 2018 when he chose Van Breemen and Misckewycz over him for the #3 slots.

I am aware that there may be several re-submitted HR complaints that were blown off in the past. Most people that complained suffered almost immediate retribution. The Karin Bjork case lays bare that Wilson berated people, used profanity and bullied people regularly. It is likely that Doug Van Breemen and Miszkewycz did it as well and were complicit in the cover up of any repercussions from it. I’ve been told that “County Whistleblower” could not be bothered actually investigating cases and that the Union Rep was useless in assisting union members that were getting hammered by Wilson and crew.

It has all come out in public now. Note – no local news source has covered this mess. They are fixated on ginning Coronavirus in to a national panic in order to tank the economy because the Russia-did-it-lie and impeachment did not work. The Sacramento Bee, a joke of a newspaper and a shell of its’ former self has had dozens of articles about Coronavirus but nothing about the rampant abuses in the Placer County DA’s office despite multiple contacts from multiple people.

This is why Right on Daily exists, because someone has to report the news. I used to think highly of Scott Owens, but I no longer do. His legacy is in smoldering embers as Jeff Wilson’s reign of terror was created and enabled by Owens’ laziness and benign neglect of his duties as Placer County District Attorney. I am aware there may be underlying personal issues as well, since I have no proof and only my opinion I will stop there.

Your DA Candidates:

Jeff Wilson. Get lost.

Dave Tellman: It appears most in the department like him. Tellman needs to answer for his years as one of Jeff Wilson’s management crew. Why was his name on the Karin Bjork items leading to the $2.9 Million loss to the county? Why is his name all over the Brady Listing of two innocent officers? Why didn’t he speak up? What did he do to deal with Wilson’s reign of terror? What could we expect of him as Placer County DA? I know nothing of Tellman’s political leanings – two Law Enforcement Unions have now endorsed him.

David Broady: He was shoved in the cooler in Auburn several years ago by Jeff Wilson. People that know him like him, but he has been largely isolated from the DA’s office because of the “freeway therapy” foisted upon him by Wilson. Broady is also a social liberal near as I can tell, I am not sure how that would affect him on law enforcement issues. Sources tell me that Broady may well have connected me to a few of my sources – if true, Broady deserves a medal for initiating the process that nailed Jeff Wilson.

Scott Triplett: Does he even get the right time of day from the Board of Supervisors? He was a rumored opponent to Scott Owens in a past election. I know Triplett to be a Conservative Republican.

Morgan Gire. His family are all conservative through and through. He was endorsed by the Placer GOP. He is in the #3 Slot in Sacramento County’s DA office. Gire and Tellman reportedly told the Placer County DSA and the Roseville POA (unions) that if appointed the other would become the #2. I am not sure I am comfortable with that until I can understand what, if anything Tellman’s role in the Wilson rampage was. By all indications, Gire is completely qualified for the job.

The last candidate I only know by the name Nina. She is also a current employee of the Placer County DA’s office. The one report I heard about her was glowing.

I am going to continue until I confirm Jeff Wilson has been removed from the Gene Pool and I can get answers about Mr. Tellman.

Mar 102020

But, there’s a catch. One of his (Jeff Wilson’s) top Lieutenants Jennifer Miszkewycz is running the show now.

We have received an outpouring of information related to the conduct of Jeff Wilson once he was rumored to be a leading candidate for the Placer County District Attorney’s appointment to fill the vacancy of Scott Owens. It appears that the complaints have reached critical mass. Admin leave is the prelude to firing a public employee.

This email was sent to me by so many people, I now feel comfortable publishing it. I have also been alerted that the local media are finally taking an interest in this story.

This important message is sent on behalf of Todd Leopold, Placer County Executive Officer:

Good morning,

I appreciate your ongoing commitment to service and professionalism as the Board of Supervisors continues the selection process to identify a District Attorney appointee to complete the remaining term.  Pending appointment of a District Attorney, Jeff Wilson has been placed on paid administrative leave.  Jennifer Miszkewycz has agreed to lead the office in a temporary work-out-of-class assignment as the Chief Assistant Deputy District Attorney.  Jennifer Miszkewycz, Douglas Van Breemen, and the Supervising Deputy District Attorney leadership team are committed to continuity of service and staff support during this transition period.

My office, the Human Resources Department and County Counsel are also available to support and assist during this time of change.  Although no one can comment on specific personnel matters, you are welcome to contact your leadership team, CEO, or HR with questions or concerns.  Acknowledging that each of us deals with change in different ways, you are also welcome to contact Managed Health Network to utilize your Employee Assistance Program benefits if you prefer to speak with someone outside the County.  Managed Health Network is available by calling (800) 242-6220 or via their website (registration code:  XXXXXXX).

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Placer County, the District Attorney’s Office, and the communities that we serve.


Your intrepid blogger is not in celebration mode yet. I still have a lot of questions that remain about the office, the management and the candidates for Placer County District Attorney. Please do not let off and continue to email me at [email protected], remember, you can remain anonymous.

Mar 102020

Blogger’s Note – I received this email in response to my follow up questions on Tellman. It is posted in its’ entirety:

Of all of the supervisors at the DA’s office, I definitely would not consider Dave Tellman a hatchet man (in general or for Wilson).  If that were the case he would not be so overwhelmingly liked by employees, including those that have aligned with Wilson.  However, I would say this, he like the other at will supervisors were tasked with carrying out the instructions of Owens and Wilson.  Absent an obvious illegal or unethical order, there would be no reason to question the direction given by an elected and his appointed.  That is, until the Karin case and eventual leak of the transcripts.  So many things clicked after reading the transcripts, regarding prior observations of Wilson’s behavior I either dismissed or rationalized as him having a reason for his actions.  After reading the transcripts, I felt it was wrong what had been done to Karin or, at least, the manner in which she was harassed was wrong.  I tell you this because if I was dismissing Wilson’s behavior believing he was an administrator that knew more information or knew what was best, it is not inconceivable that others were doing the same thing. 

I strongly believe that if you review the transcripts with a focus on Tellman’s involvement and statements, you will see he was a supervisor being given direction by an elected and appointed.  If Tellman was a hatchet man for Wilson then his testimony in 2014 should reflect a defense of Wilson’s actions.  You’d think his testimony would also reflect him disparaging Karin and the other complaining witnesses, when given the opportunity to do so.  Quite the contrary, his testimony comes across as a supervisor that was tasked with drafting the notice of discipline simply because Karin was assigned under him (not because he initiated and/or encouraged it).  In fact, he specifically says that he had never completed such notice and had to look to Wilson for guidance and direction.  Also, he states his original draft was changed several times by Wilson.  
Regarding the number of people that are defending and trashing Tellman, I could definitely answer that question if I knew who those people were.  I’m not suggesting you tell me that and I definitely do not want you to.  My point is, I am confident that I could identify a motive, regardless of side, if I knew who was saying it because I have worked with everybody involved and know of specific incidents that have occurred that would lead to motive.  For those that have applied for the position, other than Wilson and now Tellman, their motivations are clear.  Their attacks started with Wilson and those attacks were definitely warranted.  We are now at a point that they realize Wilson is likely no longer a viable candidate and the chatter is that Tellman is a viable candidate.  I could provide you with many examples of why each of the other internal candidates are not viable options, but the reason nobody is doing that is because the majority does not actually believe they have a chance.  Two of the other candidates have no supervisory experience at all and do not present as though they would be good leaders.  One of those two has also been passed up for promotion and has been disgruntled for years.  My point:  Those that are an internal candidate or who support one of the other internal candidates have shifted their focus to Tellman because they know he is viable, especially after receiving the endorsements from the two largest cop unions in the county this past week.  Do you really think the cops in this county would support a man they believe is responsible for or capable of “lynching” cops?  The boards of these unions specifically vetted the Alford and Brady issues and had copies of the Brady letters before making the decision to support Tellman.  I implore you to take a step back and look at the big picture here as it relates to this issue and the attempt at associating Tellman with it.  That attempt alone should give you pause to the credibility of the person giving it and, therefore, should cause you to question (and investigate further) anything else disparaging that they are attempting to associate with Tellman.
Regarding the complaint that Tellman was one of Wilson’s hatchet men or bureaucrats, I’m not Tellman (I promise I’m not, lol), I’m not in his head, I wasn’t present for decisions he made as a supervisor or in meetings where he was receiving direction from Wilson; only he can defend his position and role in the DA’s office as it relates to his association with Wilson.  If I were to defend him and his actions blindly to you then I would/should lose credibility with you.  Tellman will have the opportunity to discuss all of this with the BOS and that’s on him to explain if he feels it necessary.  
To your last question, Owens was virtually absent.  To the contrary, Tellman’s career demonstrates that he has been nothing but present as a mentor for the attorneys in his unit and the new attorneys, as well as for the cops in this county.  Additionally, he teaches regularly for POST and at Sierra College on legal issues.  He is, by far, the attorney that is consulted with the most for direction on complex legal issues and for review of search warrants on significant cases.  Please google ‘David Tellman Bracamontes’ to see the stories associated with his role in prosecuting the death penalty case of the killing of two deputies (Danny Oliver and Michael Davis).  He is the ONLY attorney in our office that has any real experience in death penalty cases and has by far handled the most complex of cases in our office.  This level of experience will benefit our office in many ways.  In contrast, Owens and Wilson had nowhere near this level of experience, which contributed to the issues in our office.  Also, those two had very little to no supervisory experience when elected and appointed, which also contributed to the issues, to include the way Karin was treated and the way her discipline was handled.   
I do encourage the supervisors to ask Tellman about his role in the Alford and Bjork case. It will be interesting to learn what the score was as these are huge red flags. To be continued…
Mar 102020

Malignant Narcissist is the term that comes to mind. This is the personality profile I believe fits Jeff Wilson.

One hallmark of a Malignant Narcissist is to discard people once they are no longer useful. Despite being promoted, empowered and enabled by Former DA Scott Owens – acting DA Jeff Wilson has told Scott Owens to go away. Wilson as acting DA has decreed that there will be no going away party for Scott Owens.

Nice, isn’t it? Where is Dave Tellman to speak out about this abuse? This is 100% my issue with Tellman, he has been a yes man, follower for years. He filed the first salvo in the lynching of Karin Bjork. He is part of the Brady Committee that is retaliating against the two cops that testified on behalf of Brad Alford.

Even after getting passed over for a promotion (that went to Jennifer Miskowicz and Doug Van Breemen), Tellman still never spoke up about the abuses of Jeff Wilson. He laid in the weeds and then filed an application for the DA appointment.

Good morning!
As an employee of the Placer County DA’s office, I have been following your blog posts.  The information you are receiving regarding Jeff Wilson and his management ‘style,’ is for the most part pretty accurate.  I say that knowing the people who are providing information are doing so from their perspective of events that have occurred.  One commenter accurately touches on how the “at will” employees were put in a position to carry out Wilson’s instructions or be demoted/targeted.  If you or anybody else doubts that, please review the Karin Bjork transcripts in which 1) she was targeted for standing up to Wilson and demoted from her at will position and 2) the fact the county had no standing to intervene because our department head is an elected (specifically, refer to the transcripts of the HR director and Owens regarding why Wilson wasn’t punished by the county when it was determined he violated county policy).  I make this point because we (all employees, including those at will) had nowhere to turn to stop Wilson.  Owens was virtually absent for years and, for this reason, Wilson went unchecked.  In my opinion, the county is completely liable in this situation for not setting up rules/process to punish employees who violate county policy, regardless if the elected agrees with the violation.
While most information you are receiving so far is accurate, I feel compelled to correct you (and those providing you with information) on the Brady protocol.  Your most recent blogs suggest that because Dave Tellman was cc’d on a memo he was involved in the “lynching” of officers.  If true, then Jeff Wood and Mary Green are also involved.  It’s disingenuous to suggest that just because somebody is cc’d on a memo that they were involved.
As an employee that has had to refer evidence on a police officer to the Brady committee for review, let me explain how it works.  The “committee” often doesn’t become involved until an officer requests a hearing to dispute/address whatever they were sent in the letter.  In this specific case, nobody cc’d on the Rocklin officer’s letters was involved in the original decision to draft/serve the letter you post in your blog, except Wilson and the letter drafter (VanBreemen, who is absolutely Wilson’s puppet).
I respect employees who are speaking out, even if some are misinformed or misguided.  I respect you for recognizing and blogging about these issues.  Please, to maintain credibility, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by those with an agenda.  To shred Tellman because he was cc’d on a memo, with no evidence he was directly involved in the charging, prosecution, and/or serving of Brady letters of Rocklin officers, is wrong.  Common sense, based on the information coming out about Wilson and his tactics, should be all the evidence anybody needs to understand the dynamics of what was occurring and the position it put ALL employees in, including those at will.
I asked some follow up questions of the person that sent me this email: (Perhaps any of you reading would like to enlighten me if you’d like)
Questions for you – I have a lot of additional info on Tellman that suggests he is a bureaucrat with an agenda.
Was he or was he not one of Wilson’s hatchet men until late 2018 when he was passed up for a promotion?
Why do you think so many people are either defending Tellman or trashing him for separate reasons?
Why should I trust Tellman to be any different than Scott Owens was?
Then there is this:
1. The DDA’s are concerned that they will be retaliated against if they tell their experiences, even anonymously.  That may change, however, after future posts.
2. The Auditor’s whistleblower investigation of the D.A.’s office is on-going.
3. Below is an email I received from a retired employee:
I am a retired employee who worked in the Placer County District Attorney’s Office for 25+ years.  It was an honor to work there.  I was very proud to have worked with so many hard working employees.  That honor and pride were shattered when Jeff Wilson was promoted to Assistant District Attorney.  I was in a supervisory position and within days of his promotion I was stripped of my duties and humiliated by his treatment.  I personally experienced Mr. Wilson’s abuse, intimidation and harassment’s after this took place.  I was very fearful of Mr. Wilson and felt forced to retire in 2011.”
If anyone has information related to whistleblower complaints, auditor investigations, etc. Please reach out to me at [email protected]
To be continued…