Jun 172017

RESIST! It says!

She has taken up the cause of RESISTING the Placer County Impact Republicans. We are honored.

Apparently, this snowflake got melted in the 2016 election when Joe Patterson finished first on the ballot.

Since then, she has become a regular contributor to this blog. You can even see some of her comments where she is wishing us well.

Everyone should make sure Connie feels welcome. I think every Republican elected should give her a hug and tell her how they are going to make Placer County Great Again.

Connie left a “review” of the California Impact Republicans on Facebook. We appreciate her endorsement.

In the comment, in true marxist fashion, she refers to the California Impact Republicans as “Zealots”. Why Thank You, Connie. We hope you see us in your dreams, because CIR will be around long after you’ve been committed to hospice for cognitive impairment.

A little note to other groups out there – A great way to measure how well you are doing is when the left goes psycho over your activity and success. Connie is an example of the effectiveness of the Placer CIR, she is triggered beyond imagination and will continue on an obsessive rampage to get even with CIR for our perceived offenses against the socialist utopia she is fighting for.

We sincerely hope McLennan leaves her vagina costume and facemask at home, law enforcement in Placer County actually deal with rioters.

Apr 122016

So, while Dennis Revell and others are playing games with Republican Supervisors… let’s have a look at just the numbers.

Previous Placer GOP Chairman Jeff Atteberry was called a failure by Congressman Tom McClintock because he raised $39k and the registration numbers slid from 48-47% in his two years.

Dennis Revell’s record (when not entertaining non-Republican candidates at events and trying to screw over Republican electeds)?

A 2% slide in GOP Registration. 47-45%.

Revell also has raised basically the same $39k in four years. Yes, folks, the same amount of money in twice as long.

Someone ought to leave a message for Revell’s handlers that he blew chunks. This is certainly not the record of someone you want in Senior GOP leadership at the state party level let alone running a local party in to the ground.

I do know that local activists are unhappy with Mr. Revell as they have rightly figured out that Revell is a liberal Republican as well. Ironic that he was originally appointed by our conservative hero congressman Tom McClintock.

The Placer County Impact Republicans and the California Impact Republicans have been founded 100% because we need to create a home for Republicans that want to win elections and develop the party. It is that simple.

Perhaps it is that contrast that is the nexus fueling the opposition to it by Revell and his handlers.

The Placer County IR and the CIR itself will exist whether or not the State Party or Local Party apparatus wants it to. Think of it in similar terms to the rise of Donald Trump – his candidacy has always represented a commentary on feckless, conflict avoiding, compromising GOP leadership that is tone deaf to the people. The CIR and PCIR were born basically to try to save parts of the GOP from itself and to elect Republicans to office – with or without the support of the establishment.