Jun 072010

I tried to hold back on Michael Babich – because he is a nice guy and while misguided – didn’t think he deserved ridicule for running for office.

I just wish it would have been School Board or City Council…

Babich wrote a column in the Auburn Journal – no suprise there, the Auburn Journal never supported John Doolittle and will never support Tom McClintock.

His entire article said little about policy – but was a constitutional lesson about Career Politicians. Babich’ Facebook message follows:

An article that I wrote that is being picked up by the local media online. They used my cruddy photo, but oh, well.  The article is rather a-political, but goes well with the following survey results:

There is little name recognition (not surprising), but potential voters are coming over by a 2-to-1 margin once they meet this candidate and/or learn more.  So no matter the results tomorrow, this strongly supports my convictions and reasons to run for CA-04th District…2010 and 2012!

Please feel free to forward the link below to all voters who are serious about our choices for representation:

I find it difficult to believe that voters are coming over to another candidate by a 2-1 margin VS a Congressman with approval numbers in the 70% range.

Secondly – why write something A-Political two days before the election? A-political writing does not motivate people to vote for you.

What do I know? I am just a blogger…

Mar 162010

This blogger was told by and informed source that Michael Babich was served with an FEC complaint.

The Complaint was apparently about Babich running a campaign without following McCain-Feingold and related FEC regulations.

A while back, I noticed when I looked at Babich’ Website that it lacked the required disclosures. (You know those annoying little “Paid for by” things you’re required to do) When I looked at it just now – it looks like it has been modified to include them…

Say what you want about campaign finance laws (I can’t stand them), but breaking them is a federal offense and anytime a complaint is filed, apparently the FEC is directed to respond in a certain number of days. This is apparently why Michael Babich got served notice.

Will this go anywhere – who knows. In the 2008 primary, McClintock and Ose traded FEC Complaints, and they were rightly discharged – even as Ose probably did violate the law by re-using a characture from Dean Andal’s previous campaign without paying him for the copywright. (so what?)

I did not ask my source exactly when Babich got served notice or the details of it – as my source was adamant that Babich did nothing wrong and did not have a campaign at the time the complaint was filed.

He also asserted that Babich was raising money for a 501(C)4 cause that he believes in – using the website.

If there is a Media Circus – you heard it here first.

Feb 142010

Michael Babich – the relatively unknown Auburn resident, Physician and Scholar has been bragging recently that he has raised $60,000 for his run against Tom McClintock in the primary.

$60,000!? Ose spent $7.9MILLION to get 39% of the vote! That’s $202,564.10 per point. That projects to Babich getting .2962% of the vote.

Just trying to help out here Michael – but OUCH!