Mar 162010

This blogger was told by and informed source that Michael Babich was served with an FEC complaint.

The Complaint was apparently about Babich running a campaign without following McCain-Feingold and related FEC regulations.

A while back, I noticed when I looked at Babich’ Website that it lacked the required disclosures. (You know those annoying little “Paid for by” things you’re required to do) When I looked at it just now – it looks like it has been modified to include them…

Say what you want about campaign finance laws (I can’t stand them), but breaking them is a federal offense and anytime a complaint is filed, apparently the FEC is directed to respond in a certain number of days. This is apparently why Michael Babich got served notice.

Will this go anywhere – who knows. In the 2008 primary, McClintock and Ose traded FEC Complaints, and they were rightly discharged – even as Ose probably did violate the law by re-using a characture from Dean Andal’s previous campaign without paying him for the copywright. (so what?)

I did not ask my source exactly when Babich got served notice or the details of it – as my source was adamant that Babich did nothing wrong and did not have a campaign at the time the complaint was filed.

He also asserted that Babich was raising money for a 501(C)4 cause that he believes in – using the website.

If there is a Media Circus – you heard it here first.

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  3 Responses to “BREAKING – Congressional Hopeful Michael Babich beset by FEC Complaint”

  1. Why on Earth would there be a media circus?

  2. Aaron, your obviously not using a source…you’re the one who filed the complaint. Why do you fight so hard to oppose the very democracy that our forefathers fought so hard to protect? Do you have your own political agenda you’re trying to fulfill? It’s things like this that make me agree even more with Washington’s belief in the possible oligarchical state that would ensue if political parties gained complete control of the government. You should be ashamed.


  3. I filed the complaint? What did I write in it? Good Lord dude…

    Talk about a glass jaw – I did you guys a favor by posting about this!

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