Feb 142010

Michael Babich – the relatively unknown Auburn resident, Physician and Scholar has been bragging recently that he has raised $60,000 for his run against Tom McClintock in the primary.

$60,000!? Ose spent $7.9MILLION to get 39% of the vote! That’s $202,564.10 per point. That projects to Babich getting .2962% of the vote.

Just trying to help out here Michael – but OUCH!

  4 Responses to “Tom McClintock Primary Opponent Brags About Raising $60,000”

  1. I can tell you as a member of the babichforcongress team that not only is this not true, but we don’t even have a finance committee set up yet. Where on Earth did you hear this?
    I’m just trying to snip false rumors in the bud.

    By the way, here’s Dr. Babich website if you want to check it out: http://babichforcongress.org/


  2. Please tell Mr. Babich to stop making those claims to people!

  3. He hasn’t made any claims…stop publicizing slander!!

  4. Neither Dr. Babich or anyone who is part of the Babich campaign has ever said anything about the campaign raising $60k. Why are you posting false information like this Aaron? I assume you are the same Aaron F Park who was posting comments against the Babich campaign on the Auburn Journal? If you don’t remember what I am talking about, here is the link. There is no reason to post false remarks about the campaign.

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