Jun 072010

I tried to hold back on Michael Babich – because he is a nice guy and while misguided – didn’t think he deserved ridicule for running for office.

I just wish it would have been School Board or City Council…

Babich wrote a column in the Auburn Journal – no suprise there, the Auburn Journal never supported John Doolittle and will never support Tom McClintock.

His entire article said little about policy – but was a constitutional lesson about Career Politicians. Babich’ Facebook message follows:

An article that I wrote that is being picked up by the local media online. They used my cruddy photo, but oh, well.  The article is rather a-political, but goes well with the following survey results:

There is little name recognition (not surprising), but potential voters are coming over by a 2-to-1 margin once they meet this candidate and/or learn more.  So no matter the results tomorrow, this strongly supports my convictions and reasons to run for CA-04th District…2010 and 2012!

Please feel free to forward the link below to all voters who are serious about our choices for representation:

I find it difficult to believe that voters are coming over to another candidate by a 2-1 margin VS a Congressman with approval numbers in the 70% range.

Secondly – why write something A-Political two days before the election? A-political writing does not motivate people to vote for you.

What do I know? I am just a blogger…

  2 Responses to “CA-04 Update: Bizarre Facebook Message From Michael Babich”

  1. “I find it difficult to believe that voters are coming over to another candidate by a 2-1 margin VS a Congressman with approval numbers in the 70% range”

    Don’t talk about what you don’t know about Aaron. I respect your blogging, and your criticism across the board, but I don’t appreciate you negatively writing about a topic that you are clearly ignorant about. Babich won over the majority of the people he met on the campaign trail, and most committed to voting for/supporting him. I don’t think the statement of a 2 to 1 margin is far off from reality as you seem to believe. The only reason the campaign recieved 22% of the vote vs McClintocks 78% is due to the fact Babich didn’t have the name recognition, due to the Republican party’s attempt to block any publicity in regards to his campaign. Also, the Auburn Journal may have given him some coverage, but there were a lot of local media outlets who would not even give us the chance to get in their papers or on the air for their programs. I can state that as a fact, since I was the member of the campaign going out and contacting media outlets to try to get Mike’s campaign some coverage.
    Also, in the first paragraph, you state “…because he is a nice guy and while misguided…”. Do you care to expand on why you state his is misguided, or is this just a negative attack by Right On Daily with no backing to support it?

    Editor’s Note – I emailed you.

  2. Aaron,
    Are you someone of importance? Or do you just blog about your own personal views?
    I did a search on Michael Babich and your link came up first. I’m wondering if you report facts or just a distorted point of view that you hold.
    Anyway, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and you have the same rights as anyone else.

    Editor’s Note – the given email address was [email protected]. Bogus is spelled with one G, but one or two G’s still summarizes the above comment.

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