Jun 192019

With the detonation of AD73 Assemblymember Bill Brough, at least two more alleged victims have come forward to your intrepid blogger regarding their stories. This brings us to a total of three women that your intrepid blogger is aware of. I have yet to meet the person that filed the claim with the assembly rule committee that appears to have been stuffed.

Two Women I know well will be talking to me shortly on condition of confidentiality because of the well known culture of retaliation against whistleblowers.

That said, at least two more people aside from the victims have confirmed seeing Brough publicly intoxicated and more than once acting rather “loose”. It appears that Brough has an alcohol problem.

Now, we are developing a pattern suggesting there are more women with equally as disturbing stories as it relates to the conduct of Bill Brough.


SD23 the Mike Morrell Seat. As reported by Steve Frank weeks ago, Lloyd White was told to his face by a Senate Leader (perhaps Mrs. Grove herself) that he was the wrong demographic to run for SD23. This is a Beaumont Councilmember that actually was not indicted or investigated while a dozen people around him we to prison for various felonies.

Lloyd White sounds like the prototypical law and order clean candidate. But, he’s white don’t you know.

SD05 – we’ve written about the train wreck known as Jesus Andrade. It appears he has easy to find financial issues, he may well have civil and criminal issues as well in his jacket. It appears that the lure of having a regional president of the Hispanic Chamber as a candidate caused campaign operatives to forget vetting while bullying Bob Elliot out of the race. Elliot is a white male. Bob Elliot actually had something like $250K raised for senate until Shannon Grove twisted him out.

SD15 – that mess appears to have a REP-Turned DTS – Now Returned Rep as the choice of the establishment. The candidate is a trump-hater, so former Assemblymen Catherine Baker should have a kindred spirit to assist out there.

CA45 – Retired Colonel Greg Raths is a Councilmen and Mayor in Mission Viejo. Well, he is not the chosen one. Someone with far less life experience, a resume as thin as a soda cracker, but she appears to have met the very short list of desired qualities. Mr. Raths, similar to Bob Elliott and Lloyd White were all told they do not fit the demographic. This is a PC way of saying Whitey go home. It is alleged that Shannon Grove told Mr. White this herself and Elliott is on public record stating his conversation with Grove.

Before the Orange County GOP endorse more losers, they probably should investigate their vaunted Rainbow Coalition of candidates for simple things like fraud, lawsuits, business failures, driving records, employment history, former relationships, divorces, bankruptcies, delinquencies, past blog posts, social media, etc.

New Way California: Today, 6/19/2020 – Two Republican Assemblymembers, James Gallagher and Chad Mayes refused to vote as SB27 passed out of their committee. This is the Tax Return bill to keep President Trump off the California Ballot. Remember, the consultant class (those that David Carney has not purged yet) think Trump is an albatross. Could they have influenced Gallagher and Mayes to string the GOP base out to dry?

Look at the websites of the preferred candidates of the CAGOP Establishment, they will downplay or not even have the party affiliation on them. The issues page will have no mention of Abortion, This is the #NEWWAYCA campaigning. It really takes little logical energy to extend the $250K rigged focus group disaster in to group think strategy to lose the next round of target elections.

AS you readers know, Steve Frank and I are not the best of pals. I will give him full credit for never playing his own race card in his race for Chair. He’d have been the first Jewish Chair of the CRP had he made it. What are we reminded of constantly with our current chair?

What am I reminded of as a 48 year old 22 year veteran of party politics? – I can’t run for office anymore because I am a white male. (BTW – don’t you dare think I am going to run for office, ever)

Is this the #NEWWAYCA? Or is this evidence of a different kind of bankruptcy within the ranks of CAGOP leadership?

In summary:

AD73 Candidate Bill Brough’s skeletons are coming out

Republican Assemblymembers are acquiescing and not voting on legislation aimed at depressing Republican turnout (by forcing Trump off the ballot). Is it because GOP leadership in California want to see trump off the ballot here?

White Males told all over the state to stay home.

The Trainwreck Continues…

Jun 182019

Typical of when your intrepid blogger writes and incendiary post related to internal CAGOP Politics, there are multiple responses. People whose opinion I trust and who I consider friends posited a lot of information confirming most all facts as presented, however offering a different conclusion about what they mean. They all asked to not be identified, but I had multiple conversations today with multiple people.

Confirmed: It appears that the donors donating to the CAGOP are giving less.

Confirmed: It appears that there are fewer donors to the CAGOP than previously.

No one is arguing that.

Confirmed: Over half the CAGOP staff is gone.

People are positing differing views of what that means. Most CAGOP insiders believe this was pre-planned before the exit of Jim Brulte and is not in and of itself newsworthy. It is possible a few staffers were terminated for losing or poor job performance? I have a hard time accepting that dumping 50-67% of your staff is in accordance with a plan, it appears to be anticipating cash flow issues.

Confirmed: Over half the CA GOP Assembly Caucus Staff and Senate Caucus staff are gone.

People offer differing views on that as well stipulating that to be a result of the loss of seats in the legislature and a corresponding reduction in the budget for staff. (For those of you scoring at home… that is -3 in the Senate and -8 in the Assembly since 2012) They are also telling your intrepid blogger that the Caucus carnage and the CAGOP Staff Carnage are separate issues. I am of the belief these things don’t happen in a vacuum.

Confirmed: Luis Buhler and someone who may or may not be David Reade are running a drill to eviscerate the CAGOP Platform and make it match the “Reframing the Message” agenda. Remember, both made several calls regarding Platform Committee Elections. I have been assured that Luis Buhler and crew do not have the support necessary to shred the CAGOP Platform and that they are operating independently of leadership. However, the actions of these men are draining time and resources away from other people that should be focused on the March 2020 Primary. (How many times have moderates like Buhler lectured Conservatives about intra-party warfare, yet here he is…)

Confirmed: some major consulting firms lost their contracts, (and/or exclusivity, preferential treatment for managing candidates) and still other consultants had their retainers slashed. Right on Daily can and will name names if necessary.

Confirmed: the disaster with the CAGOP Senate Caucus recruit in CA SD-05.

Confirmed: Most of the decision-makers and top paid consultants of the CAGOP (Pre David Carney) were and are Never-Trumpers. This sends one heck of a contradictory message (or perhaps a consistent message with those that want to shred the CAGOP platform) to the rank and file GOP voter in California.

Those that spoke to me were adamant that the CAGOP was not bankrupt despite the layoffs, reduced donations and smaller number of donors. While I was not offered a look at the finances of the CAGOP I was told by one person who claimed direct and detailed knowledge of the situation that the CAGOP “was in good shape”. This person is someone I have considered reliable for a long time.

As of today, no one has contested the claim that newly minted Assembly/Senate political director David Carney is being paid $25,000 a month. It is clear however that Carney is being selective in who he reaches out to or returns the contact of. While accounts of his job description differ and the accounts of the origin of his presence in California differ – since his arrival bodies have been flying and operatives are coming in from out of state. Out of State Consultants are getting key GOP races in California as well.

Does Jessica Patterson have anything to do with the apparent house cleaning? Similar to Carney, she has her list of people she communicates with. While I want her to succeed and the CAGOP to succeed, what I am seeing paints a pattern that I have laid out. My friends on the inside disagree with my conclusions.

I have obtained an additional batch of information relating to the interpersonal relations, internal arguments and the like as it relates to the leadership. None of it appears to be anything abnormal and at this time I will refrain from writing about it. I will say that just because these sorts of communicative issues and leadership issues are normal, it does not make them right. I reserve the right to write about those in the future should they become noteworthy.

Having permanent residence on several people’s enemies list, I feel little restraint in airing news on this website. That said, the questions I asked several people I communicated with was how could I draw different conclusions based on what I have observed? I have demonstrated in the past that I will retract information proven demonstrably false.

There is also a concerted effort to strangle the intelligence coming out of the insides of the CAGOP, usually this sort of effort is run in an attempt to both control an outcome as well to keep political advantage for potential news. My sources for the negative news about the operations of the CAGOP are impeccable. The traffic on this blog indicates that few, if any on the inside of the CAGOP are ignoring the information presented here.

This gets me back to the platform. The lack of leadership on this issue by Jessica Patterson, in my opinion tells me volumes. Either she wants the platform to be shredded or she is unwilling to cross swords with the crazed Luis Buhler. This when juxtaposed with the secrecy, separation, reduction in donors/donations and the surface circumstances of multiple layoffs is the body of evidence my pessimism is based on. Jim Brulte stamped out Luis Buhler’s effort to gut the platform in 2015.

I am also frustrated with the persistent cancer of #nevertrumpers in CAGOP leadership who derisively look down their nose at the #MAGA people. I worked for Ben Carson because I wanted to see Trump lose the 2016 GOP Primary, then Trump knocked Carson out of the race and the day Carson endorsed the President (March 15 2016) I did too. That seems to be too much to ask of a whole crew of hacks whose egos have never recovered from the loss of control they felt in the 2016 CAGOP primary that have made a career out of losing election races. It is the opinion of this blogger that there is a connection between this crew and the effort to gut the CAGOP Platform in to a mushy unrecognizable mess.

Further evidence to support my conclusion is presented if you’ve seen the new brochures made for voter registration. On the brochure, the issues they present in order to “Motivate” someone to register Republican are watered down failed experiments of a rigged focus group. The content of the Brochure was so uninspiring and “safe” that it was difficult to read – it was clearly guided by the reframing the message blather.

While I respect those that reached out to discuss facts and my read on them with me, I disagree with their conclusions (But will still report on what they tell me in confidence) and will continue to have a negative opinion (the reasons why I have stated clearly) until facts and occurrences prove otherwise. Anyone is welcome to reach out and have a dialogue and present facts, evidence and their opinion on things political. You can remain anonymous.

P.S. I am not being paid to write about anything CAGOP post Feb Convention, this is all activist blogging.

Jun 172019

Update: Since the original posting of this blog, other insiders with knowledge of the finances have been candid with your intrepid blogger about the financial situation. There will be a follow up blog posted tomorrow. They also confirmed that our accounts of the Platform Committee Drama and attempts to eviscerate the CAGOP platform are 100% accurate. 

I wrote about the CAGOP Platform and how the liberals / consultants / staff have a majority of the delegates to achieve the lifelong goal of most all the liberal GOP’ers I’ve met. This goal is to get rid of social issues from the CAGOP platform and compromise.

They are so strident in this belief that they have spent millions fighting conservatives instead of democrats and worse when elections spiral – they are the first to blame conservatives despite their consistent financial advantage in elections.

Back in 1998, I was warned that Liberal GOP-ers believed Conservatives were the enemy and that once they had control of the party, they would destroy it. I’ve seen the contempt. I’ve seen the manipulations, back-stabbing, double-dealing and the control games.

I believe that were it not for Jim Brulte, the moderates would have bankrupt the CAGOP 6 years ago.

The CAGOP is bankrupt now. A close knit oligarchy within the oligarchy are discussing this fact – away from the CAGOP’s board of directors. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure has met the reckoning. There is no more Jim Brulte to keep the lights on. They are trying to figure out how to borrow money or they could be shuttering the K St Headquarters shortly. They are also reputed to be discussing Bankruptcy proceedings.

We were told that Travis Allen would bankrupt the CAGOP, donors would not donate. So, the liberal GOP-ers. the consultants and the staffers rallied and selected party delegates that would vote for the desired candidates. We had to elect the ex-staffer ally of the establishment Chair of the CAGOP because She could raise money and keep the party going!

Now –

The CAGOP is Bankrupt

Major Consultants have lost their CAGOP Contracts

CAGOP Staff has been cut dramatically and more layoffs are coming

Caucus Staff has been cut significantly

Others have had their retainers slashed

GOP Recruits are failing background checks leaving beleaguered leaders to try and find replacements, still other target races are languishing without candidates because no quality people will run

Many GOP incumbents lack the resources to defend themselves from the coming dem onslaught in 2020.

Kevin McCarthy and his crew’s bid to control everything has detonated in his face.

A major CAGOP player resigned as executive director of the Southern California New Majority largely because the New Majority is broke.

The Chair of the LAGOP Richard Sherman is reputedly resigning any day now. I’ve also been told at least three other county chairs are talking openly about resigning.

Disgraced former Assembly Minority leader Kristen Olsen has made a reputed $70k a month as a lobbyist against CAGOP values in 2019.

Despite getting run out as Assembly Minority Leader, Chad Mayes was a larger donor to CAGOP causes than every GOP elected not named Brian Dahle.

This is vindication for all the conservatives that have been subject to withering attacks from the establishment. The establishment has had control of the CAGOP for at least a decade and the numbers have deteriorated severely. Look at the meme of Kevin McCarthy. That’s a net loss of 11 legislative seats (plus Maineschein for an even dozen) and 8 seats in Congress.

We are sifting through the ashes of Hiroshima. I am actually glad now in retrospect that Travis Allen was not elected Chairman. There is no Conservative to blame, the establishment owns all the failure. There is no Jim Brulte to mask the failure. What we have is the legacy of the oligarchy of controlled failure – some of whom are now getting quoted in statewide news outlets trashing the GOP they once made millions off of.

As I write this – Luis Buhler, David Reade, and other consultants are presiding over a re-write of the CAGOP Platform. Deborah Wilder, the NorCal Vice Chair who is a leftist Republican Bay Area transplant to Nevada County is one of the prime movers. Undaunted by years of failure, they are coming for the rest of what’s left. In their wisdom, losing a dozen legislative seats in 8 years in not enough. It is time to alienate those pesky Conservatives in the GOP base. They are the last straw man to blame the abject failure on.

Luis Buhler and his crew should be proud of themselves. They are finally in position to realize their dream of detonating the CAGOP platform, but are doing so just as the party breathes out its’ last gasps of life. David Carney may well be too little too late and I do not see how the leadership of the CAGOP can pay his $25,000 a month retainer for long (given the layoffs, slashed salaries and withdrawn contracts to others). Luis directed some $3 Million in expenditures to take control of 44 GOP County Parties and almost all of them are a shambles with tons of vacancies, infighting and listless, feckless leadership. These people manipulated by-law amendments to strip people of delegates, consolidate power and the like. Now they have an unmitigated disaster they can blame on no one else.

It is infuriating to write this and at the same time It is vindicating for all of the little people that have been derided and pushed out of the process by the people that have brought us this disaster. They got it their way and they have wrecked everything.

Travis Allen is vindicated, the late Mike Spence is vindicated as are other conservative leaders that were once active in the fight. What they predicted has happened with lightening speed.

Ask yourselves, who is going to go to the CAGOP convention in September? A bunch of staffers? Consultants? For what? There’s nothing left.

To be continued…

Jun 162019

Sometimes, people will call me to tell me I am reading the tea leaves wrong. However, I am rarely challenged on the facts I lay out. I find that interesting. I fully well expect to field more calls after this post is seen by my usual regular readers.

I’ve had the list of CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee Members sent to me three times by three separate people. It is a disaster. There are a handful of conservatives, but none I see that are going to stand in front of the train. At least 30 of the members are known liberal/moderate Republicans.

What I do see is Deborah Wilder, the newly installed Northern Region Vice Chair (who I would argue is to the left of all the delegates in that region) is positioned to drive the boat on that committee. She has been an aggressive form of liberal cancer on the floor of the CAGOP – including fighting for money controlled proxy voting.

She has close ties to some of the paid consultants that were recruiting staffers to fill assembly district slots on the platform committee.

My prediction is that the platform is going to come out featuring a ton of the language from the Chad Mayes funded re-shaping the message memo. CRP – Reframing the Message <<< have a look. Watch anything related to traditional values disappear, defending religious freedom will get a platitude and the like. I’d expect abortion to be eviscerated along with Gun Rights.

The Oligarchy of Controlled failure spent the money and picked the delegates in order to get a desired result of the CAGOP Chariman’s election and now the spoils go to them with the numbers they need to rip the feckless GOP to the left. Just sit back and watch for the draft platform abortions they draw up.


Your intrepid blogger had written about how there were machinations in SD05, where a candidate Bob Elliott said on Video that Shannon Grove asked him to leave the SD05 race. He then did so, joining Marla Livengood who has to move to CA10 and Tedd Howze who is now in $600K of his own money committed to the CA10 race.

Well, Bob Elliott was ousted to make room for Jesus Andrade in SD05. It appears Andrade has some major-league baggage. It looks like the star recruit was picked for his surface traits before a vulnerability study was run.

Bob Elliott has a good resume and had money. Will they come get him back in to SD05? Or will they let the CA10 Primary turn in to a three-way bloodbath.

ON the Subject of Chad Mayes, he and Brian Dahle were by far the two biggest donors to GOP Candidates at the state level in 2018. This should be humiliating for self-styled conservatives that love to blast Mayes. Party-building is not something you can criticize Mayes on, but most of his critics are remiss to help anyone other than themselves.

Mass Layoffs and Terminations?

Your intrepid blogger has been made aware of several layoffs within the CAGOP Caucuses. In addition, the CRP has dropped over half its’ staff as the cash flow is down significantly. David Carney is reputed to be cleaning house. At least one major consulting firm with years of business with the CAGOP has been told they will have to compete to get their next contracts. Yet another fundraiser, who I have never met, but who is known to many got her retainers slashed. I’ve not confirmed rumors that a second major consulting firm has received a similar ultimatum regarding loss of exclusivity and preferential treatment for CAGOP Contracts – but when you see the list of outside consultants nabbing California races, there is a sea change.

Slashing Staff

Slashing contracts

Slashing the CAGOP Platform.

Then getting buyer’s remorse over a beneficiary of slash and burn in a State Senate race. lovely.

To be continued…

May 292019

About a month ago, I wrote a sobering expose’ on the electoral prospects of the CAGOP. It is the opinion of this blogger that barring a miracle, that at least 5 legislative seats are gone in 2020. It is likely we hold all 7 Congressional seats even as Duncan Hunter (CA-50) is arrogantly and stubbornly holding on.

Even as the pending election looms large, the insiders within the CAGOP (who I refer to as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure) were dividing up the shrinking pie. That is until David Carney came on to the scene. While familiar names are doing familiar things, it has been put to me by three capitol insiders that Carney has to sign off on a consultant getting a “target” race. The old practice of 2 or 3 leading GOP firms getting all of the targeted races seems to have been cracked.

However, the age old practice of muscling candidates out of races is still alive and well. Click here to see County Supervisor Bob Elliott say on camera that Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove forced him out of the SD05 race in favor of Jesus Andrade. Elliott has instead rolled over to CA-10, joining a crowded field.

Carney’s injection in to the dynamic explains why a smaller national firm called Targeted Victory featuring a former California Chief of Staff (Sam Oh) is repping several also-ran candidates in Orange County Congressional Seats. If this was 2018, those races would have been controlled by member firms of the oligarchy. BTW – most of the Consultants I know are good people, they have just been losing a lot lately. I suppose I’d not care so much about the shrinking oligarchy of controlled failure if they won elections.

David Carney’s firm is being paid a staggering $25,000 a month. (Something like $12,500 from each caucus) Both the GOP Assembly and GOP Senate Caucus are bankrupt. I am not sure who or where they are getting the money from. The CAGOP fundraising thus far is also a fraction of what it was under previous CAGOP Chair Jim Brulte.

However, unlike Jim Brulte, Jessica Patterson has been aggressively and publicly criticizing the majority party and in particular the sitting governor. This is a sea change we all knew was coming, how much of this is driven by Carney?

What I can not confirm at this time is how Carney got in to the good graces of the Senate / Assembly leadership to fetch his massive retainer. I had assumed, based on previous data that Trump’s crew had something to do with it. I still believe that to be partly true.

Several of the insiders I communicated with attempted to contest the notion that Trump is not the biggest problem for CAGOP Candidates. It is clear that the bias runs deep, even as several of these people were confirming key details of my previous post.

I also look at the sudden disinterest in having a fight over the Platform of the CAGOP. This is no accident and is a lot less simple than the insiders stepping away from a fight because of a fear it validates several conservative critics on the outside looking in. Some of the players in this fight have had a life dream of shredding the platform, they don’t simply stand down from a fight without some power being brought to bear. This is part of my basis for believing team trump had something to do with this.

David Carney, as I wrote previously is a deeply connected player from New Hampshire, who also has had extensive experience in Texas. Carney is alleged to advertise himself as a grassroots expert and has programs for Church Outreach for example. It has also been put to your intrepid blogger that Carney is having problems finding help from the insiders with the Grassroots plan. Again, this buttresses my criticism of the consultants eschewing grassroots and the systematic demolition of grassroots by the same consultants.

Carney has not, as of the posting of this blog, talked to all of the Republican Members of the legislature. This is key. I had written that discipline within the caucuses is shattered and it is every man for himself.

Think it through. The guy getting paid $25K a month by the legislative caucuses has not even talked to all the members yet! I am wondering how the current leadership expect to be able to pay the bills with this sort of participation.

Remember, Stephen Choi and Kevin Kiley both sat on over $400,000 in 2018 while their colleagues were getting slaughtered at the ballot box. People like Chad Mayes and Jordan Cunningham are frequently voting with the democrats on a variety of bad bills including tax increases. Josh Newman was recalled in favor of Ling Ling Ling Chang who is about is liberal as Catherine Baker is (see also a slew of bad votes), Ling Ling is on my most likely to lose list. Oh, and there are a few term-outs too.

But if you listen to insiders, its’ all Trump’s fault. Straw men are easier to beat on, don’t you know… David Carney could be channeling Jesus himself and he is going to get the same (or worse) result than the staffers that were terminated to make way to pay has ghastly retainer.

Somehow, Carney has to get this remaining group of people to take ownership of their failure and then to believe they can win again. He is going to need a PHD in Narcissism remediation and some assistance for his known short temper and stiff, gruff communication style. It is tough stuff dealing with a generation used to losing who can’t see their part in it.

P.S. At the same time Carney was hired, Nithin Matthew was also hired. One senior legislative staffer indicated the hire of the young man by the Caucus was shrouded in mystery. Nithin is a squish, but he is a good kid. I hope he succeeds at whatever mystery job he is doing. I also hope the shroud of mystery gets lifted as well…

To be continued…

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