May 182020

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Remember the term. First – have a look at what appeared on the California Political Review Today:


The Big Story

We are about 170 days from the November election.

Yet, on Thursday the long term, highly professional Executive Director of the California Republican Party “resigned”.  Cynthia Bryant has been with the Party as ED for seven years.  Well respected in California and Washington, she built a Team getting ready for the November election.  She tried to unite all parts of the Party, for victory.

Does anyone believe that a consummate professional like Cynthia Bryant would leave so close to the election?  Yes, she “said” she was tired—but professionals do not quit this close to an election.  Think about it.  Oh, they made her a “Senior Advisor”, she will continue to get paid, along with the new Executive Director, and the $250,000 a year to the Chair.

In her place Sarah Nelson was hired.  The one campaign she worked in California was as a political director for Meg Whitman in 2010—who in 2016 was a National Co-Finance chair for Hillary Clinton.  In 2012 she worked for Romney—need I tell anyone who much Romney has sided with the Democrats to harm the GOP and the President.

(Disclosure: in 2007-8 I worked for a more moderate candidate for President, Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  As we all know he has been a major DEFENDER of President Trump—unlike Whitman and Romney)

Remember it was on March 2, 2020 in the Los Angeles Times the Chair made the sophomoric advice to GOP candidates NOT to mention President Trump.  It is a good thing that Mike Garcia did not listen.  From the earliest days in his campaign he made clear he supported President Trump and his policies.  Also note the numerous tweets from the President in support of Garcia.  In 2018 a Democrat won the seat by 7 points, in 2020 Garcia won it by 12 points—plus the Dems had 17,000 more registrants than GOP’ers in the intervening 18 months.

I presume our other candidates see the lesson here.  Trump is a winner.  Ignore him and the volunteers will go elsewhere.  Think I am wrong?  Remember Catherine Baker, Steve Knight, David Hadley—they did not endorse Trump are now FORMER Legislators.

When I wrote about the purge of CAGOP Staff Last week, I did not mention the new ED by Name. The connection to the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is clear. Hers is a pedigree that is the same as the current control agents of the CAGOP: Whitman, Romney and Marco Rubio. With all due respect to the new Executive Director of the CAGOP it is clear that she is an acolyte of Jeff Randle, Cynthia Bryant was not.

It is the opinion of this blogger based on off-the-record conversations that Randle and crew have completed a purge of the CAGOP’s Staff. It is also clear that Never-Trumpers are in charge now (labeled as such because of their heritage, not their current rhetoric).

The last time Mr. Randle and crew had significant influence in things GOP – they rigged a CRA endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2008 with a string of fake clubs. This was replicated in other organizations and only hastened all of their decline. It is the 1990’s era consultant model – Control it, it you can’t control it, destroy it. Do not forget that Jeff Randle and crew were responsible for recruiting primary opponents to conservative republican opponents of Pete Wilson’s then unprecedented tax increases. (I’ve found little evidence of a similar effort directed against democrats)

Why do I mention the CRA and other organization’s issues from 2008? It is my opinion based on years of observations that the people in charge of the CAGOP neither want participation nor input from people they don’t pay and/or control. Some of us long time observers point out the deleterious effects of decisions on the grassroots and they appear to not care. (unless it is showing up on national TV to take credit for Mike Garcia’s victory that they actually opposed pre-primary by ignoring the CRP ByLaws and the will of the local GOP committees)

Kevin McCarthy – to co-leader of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure was actually arguing against Proxy Voting on the floor of Congress – yet his CAGOP Chairman was elected with 44% proxy votes. Real GOP Activists resent proxy voting – yet Deborah Wilder (rumored to be a successor to the current CAGOP Chair), Luis Buhler, Jeff Randle and others run proxy drills funded by Kevin McCarthy and others to control the CAGOP.

The CAGOP Committees (like initiatives, rules, etc) have next to no one on them that did not support the current CAGOP Chair.

The CAGOP’s staff has been completely turned over since the current CAGOP Chair got elected.

The CAGOP ignored the will of the local GOP in AD-72 and CA-25 at the behest of politician leaders refusing to endorse Mike Garcia and ignoring the opposition to Tyler Diep. On more than one occasion people like Deborah Wilder and other acolytes of Jeff Randle tried to rally votes against the will of the local parties to thwart party endorsements.

The CAGOP had long since given up on running voter registration programs, bounty programs or any of the natural things you do to rally grassroots.

What’s the endgame of Trump denial syndrome, shutting grassroots out of the party organization, shunning volunteers, controlling the party with proxy votes, ignoring local GOP’s creating apathy, purging the CAGOP Staff and publicly taking credit for the efforts of the same people?

It is the 1990’s era consultant playbook of setting up a monopolized political machine. It is the opinion of this blogger that these folks are lining up the pieces to promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor in 2022 and then a Presidential Candidate in 2024 (Marco Rubio 2.0?). The pattern is recognizable, purge staff that are not your people, isolate enemies, stack the internal organizations only with acolytes, foster apathy and division among those on the outside and then monetize the operation.

The problem is that the CAGOP is already dead. They finished it off. They are in control of a shell with empty pacs and volunteer activists that are going elsewhere with their efforts.

May 012020

If the leader of the California Republican Party had her way, GOP candidates in this state would never mention President Trump’s name.

Yes, it was the LA Times on 3-2-2020 quoting Jessica Patterson which may as well have been 10 years ago.

“Our focus in California is on keeping it local,” Patterson told me when asked how Republican candidates should handle Trump. “We’re going to be talking about things happening here and affecting voters’ lives — focused on what’s happening in Sacramento. Democrats have given us a lot to work with.”

Where is the Re-Open California Plan? Speaking of things happening here and affecting voter’s lives?

Recently, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP signed onto a Ballot Harvesting Lawsuit claiming that Ballot Harvesting should be shut down in the COVID 19 era while thousands of members of the California GOP are out protesting the shutdown. See how that works? Seems incompatible to me.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Leaders of the embattled California Republican Party are reversing course during the Covid-19 pandemic to demand Gov. Gavin Newsom ban a voting practice they until recently endorsed.

The Republican leaders vowed to boost their “ballot harvesting” efforts — to allow people to pick up and deliver absentee ballots that others have cast — after a Democratic thumping in the 2018 midterms. But they’re now arguing that it’s “an intolerable risk to public health and safety.”

Did CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson just admit that the CAGOP is giving up on the CA25 Special Election of Mike Garcia? Do they have polling showing him losing? Why throw a Hail Mary pass 18 days after Ballots hit the mail?

California Republicans cried foul. But Patterson acknowledged Democrats had out-organized her party on “ballot harvesting,” and announced that the GOP would ramp up its own efforts in 2020. She told the Los Angeles Times in February that state party officials had lined up 17,000 volunteers for a fall harvesting drive.

“We certainly need to do better,” Patterson told a local radio station, as RealClearPolitics reported. “We’re getting beat at [ballot harvesting], so the argument that we did it well, I mean, we just can’t make that argument.”

At a campaign event in January at a Simi Valley cafe, Garcia, the CA-25 candidate, spoke specifically about “ballot harvesting.” He told supporters his campaign was exploring the technique, according to a video of the event obtained by POLITICO.

If the CAGOP has 17,000 volunteers why aren’t they on the phone? Why can’t I see any evidence of activity? Why idle them 2 weeks from election day?

I guess this means Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado are supporting the democrat now.

Let’s bring in our favorite Mike Madrid – he of the Lincoln Grifter Project aka the Benedict Arnold Project:

(former) Republican strategist Mike Madrid says the California GOP may be trying to set the stage for arguing in advance that “this is an illegitimate election.’ But that, he suggests, that would be another head-scratching strategy, which has already withered to third party status in California — now representing barely 24 percent of the electorate, compared to 45 percent for Democrats and 25 percent for No Party Preference voters.

Madrid says that in the Covid-19 pandemic, “the best way, the healthiest, safest and securest way to maintain integrity and elections is to do an all-mail ballot election.’’

“You can’t ask people to go stand and wait in line to vote,’’ a move that forced hundreds in Los Angeles to do just that in the March primary, he said. California can’t afford a repeat of that scenario, which is “far more dangerous than ballot harvesting,’’ he said.

Mike Madrid has replaced Tony Quinn as the go to for the leftist media to get a former Republican quote from. Note that Madrid is publicly advocating for the defeat of Republicans at all levels of government, and as such he is advocating for mail ballot elections which are much easier to defraud than traditional elections. I’d also point out that 400,000 people voted in person in Wisconsin, only 52 ended up with COVID-19 and none died from it.

Madrid’s participation in an article attacking CA25 Candidate Mike Garcia and the CAGOP from the extremely biased Politico – that has had to retract multiple stories about President Trump  – gets better perspective when a tweet that your intrepid blogger saw online is aired:

Did Mike Madrid just expose an internal plot within the ranks of GOP Legislative Staff against 2018 Governor Nominee John Cox on behalf of Antonio Villariagosa? Or, perhaps he is indicating they are currently helping undermine President Trump? Or Both? I seem to recall when John Cox was attacked for not voting for Trump in 2016? What changed?

These insiders hiding in the shadows should all extremely nervous as Madrid’s hubiris is clearly putting their clandestine operations in lights. Madrid just threw a target on them all.

Worse – Madrid’s tweet appears to confirm what many of us believe, that the CAGOP Party Insiders and Legislative crew are determined to wreck the CAGOP and intend to blame President Trump for what they are doing. The collateral damage will include anti-Trump Republicans too.

Back to the CAGOP:

Politico ran a story that shows the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrats in California.  The Chair of the California Republican Party, Jessica Patterson, announced that Republicans will NOT do ballot harvesting for the May 12 Special election to elect Mike Garcia to Congress nor Melissa Melendez for State Senate in the 28 SD.  The Democrats announced they will continue to do ballot harvesting and even explained how they will do it.

Kevin McCarthy sent a letter. Jessica Patterson sent a letter. Now Patterson signed onto a lawsuit regarding Ballot Harvesting.

  • It is clear that the CAGOP lacks the resources to do anything.
  • It is clear that the CAGOP has not harvested a single ballot
  • If the lawsuit succeeds does it stop independent groups from harvesting?
  • Why wasn’t the lawsuit filed 30 days ago?

Regardless, two weeks before an election is not the time to tell your opponents you are refusing to use all your ammunition.  But, if that is your policy—why tell the Dems your plan?  Just don’t do it. This makes Mike Madrid look like an even bigger idiot – his input is not needed in California, those in charge of things Republican are losing just fine on their own. #FACEPALM

Apr 282020

From a political satire piece that has way too much basis in reality:

The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide.” The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability.

Marie Waldron wrote a piece in the local patch, apparently at the same time as I was roasting her for her love of get out of jail free cards for felons.

Governor Newsom recently created the California Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery to get the economy growing again as quickly and safely as possible. As Assembly Minority Leader and a small business owner, I was honored to be selected as a member of this critical team.

In between her tweets about “Criminal Justice Reform” – Ms. Waldron tweeted about how honored she was to be a part of Gavin Newsom’s wreck the economy the rest of the way team. It features Tom Steyer as the chairman – which is like asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

Let me offer the feckless Permanent Minority Leader a suggestion. Leadership means coming up with your own plan to re-open California and demonstrating to the democrats there is a better way. It appears that re framing the message is not just a consultant-driven pipe dream, it is a suicide pact that the entire crew bought in to (save a few exceptions). Waldron’s recent social media efforts indicate that she is attempting to take democrat issues and remake them in some sort of Republican image.

I’ve seen 22 years of failure from party leaders and it appears our current batch have not learned a thing. Rather, they are doubling down on the become democrats to appeal to democrats approach:

While health and safety will come first, the 80-member Task Force will work toward quickly re-opening California’s economy. To accomplish this, the Governor has tapped a broad and experienced group that covers all geographic, business and non-profit sectors. Prominent leaders in business, labor, healthcare, academia and philanthropy are included. The task force Chair is Tom Steyer and includes ex-officio members of former governors Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger and Brown, other government officials, and prominent business leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger. For the complete list, please visit:

The Task Force will develop solutions that reflect the diverse communities that make up California. The recovery must be inclusive so every community, including rural and underserved areas, shares fully in the benefits. Our process will be robust, and we’ll be seeking insightful and practical solutions. Recommendations for reopening will be based on the Governor’s six criteria, available here:

Do laypeople reading this piece by Marie Waldron know what an Ex-Officio Member of a Committee is?

You will also notice the poll-tested pander to diversity and inclusive language that is interspersed with mentions of prominent liberals. I can hardly wait to see our Republican leaders posing for pictures with a man (Tom Steyer) who has spent millions trying to run them (as in Republicans) out of office. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

The Coronavirus situation was a GOLDEN opportunity for Republican Leaders to distinguish themselves. Instead we get French Terror level Collaborate.

We held our first meeting last Wednesday. We will divide into 10 sub committees, including small business, technology, work-force and financial, and I am currently reviewing potential committee assignments.

Doesn’t that make you feel AWESOME! She is reviewing potential committee assignments. You can’t work. Your neighbors are getting arrested for going to the beach. You’re getting called a racist, nutjob, and are being physically assaulted over your political beliefs and your party leaders are reviewing potential committee assignments while the State of California has ground to a halt.

No solutions. Just committee assignments, liberal policy positions and loving on Tom Steyer and Gavin Newsom.

Apr 282020

Republican State Representative Darren Bailey from downstate Xenia filed a lawsuit last week challenging the governor’s authority to issue a stay-at-home order.

In a statement last week, Bailey said: “Enough is enough. I filed this lawsuit on behalf of myself and my constituents who are ready to go back to work and resume a normal life.”

Gov. Pritzker called out Bailey after a Clay County judge issued a restraining order against the governor’s stay at-home order, which has shut down businesses and caused economic hardships across the state. The judge’s temporary restraining order only covers the lawmaker individually.

The article is horribly biased and gave the governor of Illinois a ton of ink, along with taking cheap shots at President Trump. But, at least this legislator had the courage to sue JB Pritzker who has handled the crisis poorly and now has his hand stuck out for a bailout.

The legislator beat governor Pritzker in Court.

You’d think a lawsuit against Governor Newsom violating federal law giving out $75MM to illegal aliens would have drawn a sponsor? Nope. We’ve got to re-frame the message. Two Republican Assembly nominees stepped up.

You’d think a dictate telling people they can not protest at the capitol would cause a Republican legislator to stand up against it? Nope. You’d think the deliberately broken State background check system that denies eligible people Ammo purchases would draw a Republican legislator to be a plaintiff? Nope.

I guess the 1st, 14th and 2nd Amendments are subordinated to re-framing the message.

A gun shop owner (Ron Givens) and a Candidate for Congress Chris Bish whose district includes the Capitol did the heavy lifting in Givens vs Newsom.

Reading between the lines of conversations with insiders tells me that the Republican Legislators have been instructed by their consultants to stay away from anything remotely Trump. It is their opinion that these lawsuits against the State of California, Gavin Newsom, et. al. are all about Trump. More myopia from our “party leaders”. In my opinion this is a lame excuse for cowardice. 

So to those of you getting party communications asking for money – go give your money directly to Republican Candidates. Make sure you do research on the candidates to make sure they are not a Deanna Lorraine or a Joe Collins charlatan. Make sure you do the research to determine which candidates will actually sue a rogue governor or who won’t drink the Kool-Aid and put things like Prop 13 (the 2020 version) on the Ballot. Do not give to a PAC, ever (unless you are confident in the people running it). Look for the disclaimers on the emails to see who is asking for your money.

Our leadership in the California Republican Party and California Republican Legislative Caucuses may well be broken beyond repair. Yesterday, I lit up CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson for failing to defend Mike Garcia and not calling out Christy Smith for her callous and absurd attack on his military service. The best she could do was this:

Leave it to my friend Allen J Wilson to explain to Madam Chairman how to respond

In the past, I lit up Marie Waldron the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader for supporting Get Out of Jail Free Cards for Prison Inmates. (see also re-framing the message)  Here she is again pretty much agreeing with Gavin Newsom’s mass release of prisoners. Also note her twitter account is full of supportive comments towards the governor and is offering nothing as an alternative to the one-party (now one-man) rule in the State of California. None of the Republican Leadership in the legislature are speaking out about the onerous “shelter at home” orders, the arrests of protesters, sting operations on business owners trying to pay their bills and the grotesque abuses of constitutional rights.

Free “our brothers and sisters” that are in jail – Marie Waldron

Remember, this is the same Marie Waldron that ran interference for both William “Bill” Brough and Tyler Diep. Both lost their primaries in clouds of scandal – including multiple credible issues related to sexual misconduct by Brough.

Instead, what I am treated to are insiders mocking the efforts of those suing the state for the abuse. I am becoming convinced that the impending destruction of the California Republican Party (beyond what has happened) is willful and deliberate.

We want to go back to work. The insiders mock our efforts.

We want honest leadership. The insiders try to defend incumbents at all costs.

We want criminals locked up. The insiders negotiate criminal punishment away.

We want to protest. The insiders mock our efforts.

We want clear values. The insiders “Re-frame the Message”

We want strong leadership. Instead what we got are leaders that refuse to call out the bad guys.

We love our President (96% National approval rating in the GOP). The insiders are convinced all their electoral troubles are his fault.

I am proud of my spot on the leadership blacklist. Someone has to call these people out. In addition to future posts detailing the disaster that is a volunteer training program, I am also going to offer solutions that someone serious about replacing Jessica Patterson should look at.

Apr 132020

Federal Elections are pretty much islands unto themselves. While the CAGOP has a Federal Election account, the money there is typically used for Party Support operations and member communications. Thus, you typically don’t see stunts like putting $150K in to a D+20 District for a 4th place finisher.

There is actually some very good news coming out of these:

Despite having a well-funded challenger, Tom McClintock looks poised for a 58-60% margin in the fall. In CA-01 Doug LaMalfa’s opponent has more money but the result looks about the same. I am not a fan of either congressman, but voting for someone that will Rubber-Stamp #INPEACH and Nancy Pelosi is so objectionable that I’d vote for pretty much any Republican. Get a viable Republican challenge to either of these guys, then we can talk.

This is CA-10. #CA10 Josh Harder did not do well. When you add the dems together, it is basically a tie with the lesser known Republican Challenger Ted Howze. Note that the political bosses in the area ramroded an endorsement of the 5th Place Finisher and it remains to be seen if they will help Harder out of spite. CA-10 was down the list and suddenly became a top-tier race due to this result.

This is CA-21. #CA21 The Scandal-Riddled TJ Cox managed to catch lightening in a bottle when the rage-spending of Bloomberg and Steyer put thousands of operative on the ground harvesting ballots. Also note the presence of the “De La Fuente” people – they are a pair of nutbags that are serial candidates. They decided to muck up this race, good riddance.

Cox has a problem as the total Dem vote is 47.9%. Ouch. This is your #1 Race in California. David Valadao is a former Congressman and is an aggressive campaigner.

I am holding off on writing about #CA25 as there is a special election on May 14th that will be considered a harbinger of the fall.

This is CA-39. #CA39 This is another seat that was harvested out of Republican Hands in the 2018 Bloomberg-Steyer Rampage. This is going to be competitive for sure as Gil “Lotto Boy” Cisneros either was lazy or did not spend enough of his lottery winnings on trying to shore up his support.

This is CA-48. #CA48. This is the second most likely seat to return to the GOP after CA-21. The question will be to see if Michelle Steel has the killer instinct to bring this home. The former GOP Congressman had been in office for a lifetime and was taken down by bogus Russia-did-it charges. This District is also nominally Republican in registration so there is that.

Harley Rouda is a back-bencher rubber stamp with nothing significant to campaign on.

There are a couple of other seats worth mentioning:

CA-45 Greg Raths vs Katie Porter. I think people are writing this one off prematurely. I am aware that the NRCC is attempting to impose their will on that race why would they care if that race is out of reach?

CA-03 Tamika Hamilton vs John Garamendi. A lot has to go right, but in a wave election you could see the 75 year old fossil have some problems.

CA-07 Buzz Patterson vs the Fraud Doctor Ami Bera. Again, a lot has to go right.

CA-09 Tony Amador vs Jerry McDonkey. This might be a reach, given that Amador has rung four times before and never had a pot to piss in money-wise.

CA-49 Bryan Maryott vs Mike Levin. Similar to CA-03, A lot has to go right. With Bill Brough losing, the world down there has been turned on its’ ear.

In the case of the above five races, it is all about money. Can any of the R challengers raise any? (or will they even try?)

I left out CA-08 and CA-50 because they are Safe R seats and they will transition just fine. Anyone that thinks Devin Nunes is going to lose in CA-23 is smoking crack.

This is good news considering what a wasteland California is, however, if we do flip any of these seats – it will be because of National Republicans including President Trump who many consultants and members of State Leadership are trying to run away from.