Aug 062019

A lot of people have been seizing upon the latest mass shootings to attack President Trump directly or indirectly by railing on White Supremacy. The fact is that white supremacy has been on the decline for years – as have shooting deaths.

In fact, Black Males account for 7% of the population and 50% of the shooting murders in the USA (source: Larry Elder who is Black). Those taking potshots at White Supremacy (which is rooted in racism, a sin and morally wrong) appear to be remiss to discuss groups like Antifa or the disproportionate violence within Black America. The President is and he is getting assailed for being racist for doing so (see also Baltimore).

In his tweet, Chad Mayes equates “Nationalism” to xenophobia, racism and mass murder. This is and has been a dog whistle for the left to attack Trump supporters with. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mayes will use his proposed resolution coming to the ensuing CAGOP Convention as a platform to attack Trump supporters with by inference or directly.

Mayes has been outspoken in his criticism of the President and since being ousted as Assembly Permanent Minority leader has been on a rampage to assuage his bruised ego.

I am going to roast some marshmallows at the upcoming CAGOP Convention as I could care less (really, I don’t) about Chad Mayes’ resolution – I am more interested in the pain and chaos it is going to cause the oligarchy of controlled failure. The old adage is change or die, it appears they are preferring to die.

Chad Mayes’ tweets make several fallacious comparisons and assertions – but these will be for the weak leadership and consultant-controlled CAGOP committees to hash out. Given that most of the top GOP consulting firms are #NEVERTRUMPERS and most staff of GOP members are lukewarm at best to the President, I can hardly wait to see what they do. There are three possibilities – the Resolution gets aborted in committee, the Resolution gets watered down in committee or it passes as is. My money is on it passing as is, as many of the same people celebrating (privately) the passage of the “Tax Return Bill”, are now in total control of the CAGOP apparatus.

Update: the CAGOP is reputed to have well over $1MM in the bank as of last weekend. Once again, good Job – please keep it up. To those in CAGOP leadership – remember, when you show leadership and do good it will be reported on just as fast as the criticism comes out. 

I’ve consistently railed on the CAGOP leadership for refusing to take public stands on a variety of issues – The Party Platform, the President, William “Bill” Brough’s scandals, Duncan Hunter’s Scandals, Crazy Carl DiMaio, and Omar Navarro’s Scandals amongst them. Remember, Chad Mayes was held accountable for his moral failures under the previous CAGOP Chairman. The current CAGOP Chair has several campaign and financial ties to Mr. Mayes and his former Girlfriend – the disgraced Kristen Olsen. It is not an unfair question to ask about the consultants public record of disdain for the President and madam chairman’s actions (or lack thereof) and past financial connections / campaign work.

Lastly, and most importantly, If the leadership of the CAGOP was perceived to be strong, someone like Mr. Mayes would not have felt empowered to do what he is doing. To be continued…

Aug 042019

Chad Mayes was right about the leadership vacuum. He led in the wrong direction but he led in a direction. He continues to rail on the vacuum as justification for going off the left end of the cliff and for ceaseless attacks against the right to assuage his ego. However, I encourage anyone to go back and read Mayes’ comments at the beginning of the cap and trade saga. They were spot on.

However, those in CAGOP leadership now appear to be even more MIA than those we’ve criticized in the past. Chad Mayes as Assembly Leader had a good grip on the members of his caucus until the cap and trade fiasco shattered it. According to accounts there is no discipline left in the Assembly GOP Caucus.

It appears to be the same in the Senate.

While the CAGOP appears to have some (limited) resources with which to operate ($1MM or so in total) – there has been deafening silence from the top.

Where were the leaders when the bill targeting President Trump was actually in committee or on the floor? Unless I missed something, it looks like they showed up after the thing was sent to Gavin Newsom’s desk.

While CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson has been using Gavin Newsom as a rag doll (good job on that by the way) she and her crew have been oddly silent on a variety of things.

I tried asking Senate Permanent Minority Leader Shannon Grove a couple questions on facebook and succeeded in getting a canned answer about how the GOP is a minority and how I should stop having an opinion (labeled as attacking people). So, I am going to ask some questions of anyone in CAGOP Leadership that wish to reach out to me directly. (You can remain confidential if you like) The embedded screenshot was related to some documents Shannon Grove Published yesterday relating to the Donald Trump Tax Return bill. She responded somewhere between 2AM and 3AM as my reply was at about 8AM today 8-4-2019.

Where has the CAGOP been on the Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough scandals? (AD-73) (4 documented victims with complaints dating back to 2011, several documented incidences of financial corruption with his campaign account) What about CA-45 and CA-49, two key congressional districts we need in order to restore a GOP majority in the house? Both are affected by Brough’s maladies.

Where has the CAGOP been on the Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. scandals? (CA-50) (Federal Indictments, several documented incidences of financial corruption with his campaign account, and several alleged and documented affairs) What about Assemblyman Randy Vopel whose district is completely encased in the boundaries of CA-50? Where does he factor in the inaction related to CA-50?

Where is the CAGOP on the recently exploding Scandal Related to Omar Navarro? (CA-43) (The Woman he cheated on his wife with got a restraining order against him after his now ex-wife did as well)

I’ve been told several things privately about who is calling who, but we have all been treated to a vacuum publicly. It appears that the CAGOP leadership have deferred to the local parties, most of which have been damaged and/or devastated by the rampage of Luis Buhler in 2016 when some $3MM was dumped in to local party committee races targeting a lot of the leaders with tenure.

I’ve been waiting for public moves related to Bill Brough for two months, we’ve all been waiting for public moves on Duncan Hunter Jr for much longer than that. (The RivCo GOP has called on Hunter to resign, but the SD GOP appears to be unwilling to follow suit)

Why have the CAGOP leadership been silent, and if they have not what have they done to show leadership in the face of these scandals?

Where is the CAGOP with regard to President Trump? We’ve seen cagey quotes and media avoidance. We’ve seen several prominent Consultants with a lot of past work for the party publicly trashing the President. We’ve seen staffers of GOP legislators trashing the President. Is the CAGOP ok with this? Are the consultants pulling the strings in the background still of the belief that President Trump is toxic? What have the CAGOP leadership done with the consultants that were celebrating the tax return bill’s signing?

What is the position of the CAGOP leadership and paid consultants with regard to Trump supporters? What message were they sending when they filled party steering committees with staffers, consultants and known #nevertrumpers… with few if any early trump supporters making or conservatives regardless of 2016 preference making the lists? What message are they sending when they have paid vendors who are blanket labeling trump supporters as white supremacists and racists in other campaigns? What message are they sending when they refuse to stand up for rank-and-file Republicans in the state media when the race card is abused?

What message is the CAGOP and their leadership sending with the party platform drill and the secretive way it was handled? Was the resolution of the platform drafting a political calculation or was it done out of core ideological conviction? Why was leadership silent on the platform before the draft was created and why are they still silent now?

Regarding the SD05 fiasco: Should I have just not said anything about Jesus Andrade? Does the fact that Andrade is a former Barack Hussein Obama Staffer who re-registered Republican just before running for his current city council seat an issue? Was Andrade vetted before Bob Elliott was called and coerced in to dropping out of the SD-05 race? If Andrade was vetted, were you guys ok with his personal history and financial maladies? If Andrade was not vetted, why not? Since Bob Elliott was pushed in to the CA-10 Race, does this mean CAGOP leadership thinks CA-10 is a lost cause?

Now – in the interest of accuracy, I’ve corrected some previous assertions as I am concerned to report accurate facts. However, let’s summarize them again:

David Carney was brought in to California by Shannon Grove, who is reputed to have gotten Assembly leader Marie Waldron on board with his hiring as well. Carney’s connections to President Trump appear to be part of his resume’ but not part of the nexus for his presence.

Jessica Patterson, Shannon Grove and Marie Waldron have been working as a team on fundraising (the “one-ask” program where funds are split in thirds between the two caucuses and the party). The caucuses appear to be out of debt, but appear to have small amounts cash at this time. The CAGOP has about $1MM total.

The platform that emerged from the secretive and controlled process is largely the 2015 platform with minor modifications to update it to 2019.

I hope I can make more such modifications to previous assertions based on continued success of the party leadership.

Here is the bottom line – I reserve the right to continue to scrutinize the actions of the leadership of my party. Having been in this game since 1998, I’ve seen a set in pattern of control and failure presided over by a shrinking group of insiders. This is the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” I refer to.

If you want to shut up this intrepid blogger, start winning and stop controlling people, places and things. In essence practice the principles of transformational leadership:

  1. Inspirational Motivation

    Leaders should inspire those they manage with an emphasis on mission, values, and vision to create meaning. This is where leaders help workers to understand that the work they engage in is useful and means something to the company.

  2. Intellectual Stimulation

    Transformational leaders specialize in shaking up the status quo. If an old idea is not practical and no longer serves a purpose, then a leader should have no problem discarding it. They set employees up for success and encourage them to be innovative and creative in how they approach problems and produce solutions.

  3. Idealized Influence

    This is the “practice what you preach” stage of transformational leadership. Employees are more likely also to adopt the ethical principles set forth by transformational leadership if leaders become role models concerning the principles. Leaders should treat every interaction with employees as a chance to inspire transformational leadership.

  4. Individualized Consideration

    Leaders then work to recognize the individual talents and skills of each person they work with. They do what they can to encourage their success and create opportunities for them to create, innovate, and make their own decisions that lead to success.

Credit: This link on

Are the current leaders of the CAGOP willing to risk losing control? Are they willing to put in the effort to create a new generation of leaders? Where is the vision? Where are the values? Where is the individualized consideration?

I’ve seen next to none of this in almost any of the situations I’ve been a part of. To be continued…

Jul 272019

Get to know David Stafford Reade he is the man behind the curtain. Based on 6 leaks of information from 6 sources inside the leadership of the CAGOP we can give you some updates.

The California Republican Party has $1,000,000 in its’ State Account. Before Celebrating too much, about half of that is new money. The Democrats have about $12 Million. One of the top issues used against Travis Allen and Steve Frank was fundraising, it appears that Jessica is doing about as good as Travis Allen would have done. To her credit, she has had dozens of meetings – at least 15 of which I have been briefed on in detail.

The CAGOP has only 98K in net cash in its’ Federal Account. The CADEMS have a ton and more coming in daily. The Fall Convention will be used (completely legally and ethically by the way) as a vehicle to boost the terrible Federal number. Remember, the CAGOP needs about 1 federal dollar per 2-3 state dollars spent with which to operate.

Grade: C- with room for improvement – Jessica Patterson has raised money. (She has had a lot of help doing so, but the only metric to judge by are the results) The people helping Jessica were also committed to making sure Steve Frank or Travis Allen failed should one of them have upset Jessica for Chair of the CAGOP. They may yet fail even though they imposed their will on the Feb 2019 elections of CAGOP officers. (I was told by three people “Leadership” was texting people to elect Peter Kuo over Corrin Rankin on the convention floor)

Platform Drafting Committee: It is clear that David Stafford Reade was in total control of the process. He attempted to choke off the flow of information, but your intrepid blogger knew about three weeks ago that the outcome was being orchestrated and how it was being orchestrated. David Reade is phenomenal at creating proxies, fake groups or controlled groups within micro-universes in order to produce an outcome. I’ve seen him control county parties, volunteer groups and the like for years. He applied this skill to near perfection in the platform drill.

It is clear that Reade (who is Jessica Patterson’s political and campaign manager) directed Patterson to steer clear of taking a public position on the outcome of the platform as the would-be platform destroyers clearly outnumbered the conservatives on the committee. At the end of the day, fealty to their paychecks kept the platform committee from making anything other than minor changes to the CAGOP Platform. (See also consultants and staffers – a subset of the oligarchy of controlled failure)

I Give David Stafford Reade a Grade of A on the Platform Drill – from a pure operative / paid political hack paradigm, he did exactly what he needed to do. He controlled an outcome, kept his client out of the line of fire and helped prevent an all-out war at the coming convention. While I know David Reade to be a Conservative at his core, I am not so naive to believe his intervention in keeping people like Deborah Wilder from pulling the Pro-Life and Pro-Family planks from the platform was rooted in anything other than the political calculation of keeping the peace. He still gets credit for doing the right thing ideologically even if for political, not moral reasons.

I give Jessica Patterson an D on the Platform Drill. She failed to take a public stand. We deserve leadership and similar to her avoiding the AD-73 and CA-50 Issues, she missed the boat on the platform drill. She gets a D instead of an F because she hired David Stafford Reade who made sure a war was avoided over the disposition of the platform.

Jessica Patterson announced her committee appointments. I will post the list at a time that suits me if challenged, and may yet do a full expose’ on the lists. 90% of the people on the lists are not conservative activists. A Conservative Activist is defined by your intrepid blogger as an ideological conservative whose opinions and stances on things CAGOP are not controlled or influenced by a paycheck. Over half the committee members are outright moderate-liberal GOP-ers and an additional 35ish % are staffers/consultants. An additional 10% are people I know to be conservative but are under the sway or influence of the oligarchy of controlled failure.

One of the sharpest criticisms I leveled at Mrs. Patterson pre-CAGOP Chair election was that she’d hand over total control of the CAGOP to the shrinking coven of consultants and electeds. She has done just that, and it appears when these people controlled who the delegates to the party were this was the expected outcome. Travis Allen was right, Steve Frank was right, period.

It has been made clear to me repeatedly that David Stafford Reade was involved heavily in the outcome of the committee assignments. This is consistent with a paradigm of control and use only your own people. This is a classic 1990’s era consultant move. It also ensures more of the same outcomes as new blood is shunned in favor of familiar names and faces.

David Stafford Reade: Grade A – from the pure Consultant’s Paradigm, again he did his job and the bidding of those paying him. For that he deserves credit.

Jessica Patterson: Grade F – The composition of the committees is homogeneously dominated by moderates/consultants. This is not healthy for any organization at all, but this is what “leadership” wanted because they are incapable of pivoting off of failure. Patterson is a by-product of them. It is what it is.

The results of the last two days of the CAGOP’s meetings is the definition of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. You can expect more of the same in 2020. I wish I was having to walk back more than my previous criticism of the fundraising, and was making more positive comments about the direction and leadership – but I can’t at this time.

I can’t even celebrate that the 2019 Platform is going to be a good platform. It really means nothing as those in charge appear to have doubled down on failure.

Your intrepid blogger will continue getting leaks and will continue filtering them to protect the brave people talking to me despite fears of retaliation. The goal here is to keep the Travis Allen and Steve Frank supporters informed as we get attacked in the media by people like Mike Murphy and Mike Madrid and then shunned by David Reade and Jessica Patterson.

The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is in complete control and there are no conservative straw men left (they ran them all out) to blame for what’s coming in 2020.

Jul 222019

Blogger’s Note – some people ask me why I think Arthur Schaper is a righteous dude. Here is why, he is a true believer and is one of the few you can count on to show up repeatedly and be counted. He is the kind of guy that makes a difference regardless what you think of him. I have a lot more respect for that than I do many others who make only token efforts. Take a look at what Arthur and Mass Resistance have been tracking:

SB 145: Pedophile Amnesty (Sen. Scott Weiner, D-San Francisco)

  1. This bill protects pedophiles and would allow them to reoffend.
  2. This endangers children’s lives. Example: A 21-year-old who sleeps with a 13-year-old will face no requirement to register. REALLY!
  3. Ironically, this bill proves that LGBT lifestyles are fraught with sexual deviance and perversion. We need to stop promoting these destructive behaviors.

AB 175: Codified Gender Dysphoria for Foster Children

(Asm. Mike Gipson, D-Carson)

  1. Foster children are already at risk, since they have no parents. This bill makes it worse.
  2. This bill normalizes a mental disorder. Individuals with gender identity issues are more susceptible to drug abuse, self-harm, and suicide.
  3. We need legislation to crack down on foster child abuses. This bill will not help.

AB-493: Indoctrination of LGBT Agenda to Teachers Grade 7-12

(Asm. Todd Gloria, D-San Diego)

  1. LGBT behaviors are not an identity, but a set of destructive behaviors. Teachers should help students break free of these behaviors, not enable them.
  2. This bill would allow misuse of state money to discriminate against students.
  3. Teachers need more time to teach subjects. This bill takes away teacher preparation time.

ACR 99: Resolution Pro-LGBT Denies Truth and Life (Asm. Evan Low, D-Cupertino)

  1. This resolution is a precursor to bringing back the reparative therapy ban.
  2. This resolution condemns people of faith and fact, who all recognize that LGBT behaviors are destructive.
  3. This resolution is based on lies and total fraud. It should be scrapped.

Call your legislators, and tell them:

Stop pandering and posturing for the LGBT Agenda! Parents don’t want LGBT Agenda forced on children!

Homosexuals, transgenders, etc. suffer shorter life-spans. Let’s address this health crisis properly.

Stop limiting individual freedoms in the name of this LGBT agenda!

End the discrimination against parents and law-abiding citizens, especially in lower-income communities.

Contact the California State Legislature!  Tell them to vote NO ON ALL THESE BILLS!

Toni G. Atkins

Senate President pro Tempore

Phone: (916) 651-4039

Fax: (916) 651-4939

Bill Monning

Senate Majority Leader

State Capitol, Room 4040

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4017

Fax: (916) 651-4917

Shannon Grove

Senate Minority Leader

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4016

Fax: (916) 651-4916

To find your state senator, go to this link:

Anthony Rendon

Speaker of the State Assembly

Tel: (916) 319-2063

Fax: (916) 319-2163

Ian Calderon

State Assembly Majority Leader

State Capitol

P.O. Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249-0057

Tel: (916) 319-2057

Fax: (916) 319-2157

Marie Waldron

Assembly Minority Leader

Tel: 916-319-2075

Fax: 916-319-2175

To find your state assemblyman, go to this link:


Jul 212019

IF you are a CAGOP Insider, you get the delegate only emails. The most recent one contained a fascinating sentence:

While fundraising numbers are preliminary, I am proud and excited to share that Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblywoman Marie Waldron and I have received millions of dollars in commitments. At HQ, staff has begun implementing a state-of-the-art grassroots engagement system and has substantially augmented our communications capabilities.

Let the two sentences sink in. The second sentence explains why I have received about triple the number of spam phone calls in the last month.

It is anticipated that the CAGOP’s Federal Election Commission filing will be appearing on the FEC website within the next few hours. It still shows the $26,000 net cash on hand as of 5-31. When I received the email on Thursday, it was clear that the results on this report were going to be poor and the email was sent as reassurance.

Who committed what to whom? How much has Jessica Patterson raised? How much have the two leaders raised? Are they doing the one-ask (aka splitting the money in thirds between Assembly, Senate and the CAGOP)?

Having worked on countless campaigns, I know when I hear the word Commitments I know that means at best $.25 on the Dollar, usually you collect about 10% of the commitments.

We were told that Travis Allen could not raise a thing. Now we are being told commitments are just as good as money in the bank. I’ve got whiplash. I sure hope I have to correct this blog later to show that those Commitments were more real than any past campaign or effort I’ve ever worked on. Otherwise, the key argument against Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair (or Steve Frank for that matter) was irrelevant at best or at worst was a bald-faced lie.

There was a Conservative Convention in Fresno that just concluded yesterday 7-20-2019. It was well attended. The focus appeared to be grassroots organizing. I will be waiting to see how many people that were in attendance are willing to actually man phone banks and walk precincts – or will they continue facebook and standing on overpasses?

David Carney was in attendance, we’ve written about him. Insiders have challenged my assertion that he was brought to CA by the Trump people. I am now of the belief that his presence in CA was more due to the failed efforts of the CAGOP Caucuses in the past and less due to anything Trump. Carney, to his credit is attempting to meet with every group of people he can in an effort to bring peace and unity. Now, this nexus is what caused me to misread his primary purpose as attempting to deal with the infestation of “Never Trumpers” in the ranks of CAGOP insiders. That appears to be secondary and related to election and campaign activity.

The Conservative Convention was seeking to recruit and motivate people to run for local Party Central Committee. It remains to be seen if Luis Buhler is going to be able to marshal any resources in 2020, or if any of the other consultants / staffers will be able to in order to try and control local party committees. Again, it remains to be seen how many of the attenders to the Conservative Convention are willing to put in the work required to get on the ballot and win election to Party Committee – let alone accomplish anything once in place.

It is clear that CAGOP leaders are trying to stay clear of as many fights as possible. These include most party leaders not commenting on the latest media attempt to smear the President over his tweets related to the extremists congressmen in the Democrat Party. Some Trump-Hating Consultants willingly allowed themselves to be used by the media and the deranged Kristen Olsen also used her shrinking platform to vent her spleen – but for as desperately as these people want to restore their own relevance at Trump’s expense, the party leaders did not validate them by joining them.

At the same time, Party leaders have been remiss to talk about the burgeoning Duncan Hunter Jr. Scandal or the exploding Bill Brough Scandal. Based on insider sources requesting confidentiality Jessica Patterson, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP has deferred to the local party committees to deal with those situations. I am not sure I agree with this approach.

I do not envy Jessica Patterson’s position at all. I also think David Carney would be a fool not to have buyer’s remorse over taking the job he took. Both of them have a difficult road to tow trying to fight against the trends in California. For the record, I want them both to succeed and I write this expecting nothing in return for the goodwill. If the CAGOP succeeds we all win. I sell plenty of insurance to pay my bills and will have a few campaigns to help eventually.

As an aside, President Trump is doing well in 45 out of the 50 states and is not the albatross the trump-haters that have decimated the CAGOP over the last 20 years think he is. It is also clear Carney’s presence has muted the Trump-Haters that are close enough to the CAGOP apparatus to cause issues.

Lastly, speaking of David Carney and Jessica Patterson – the CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee meets on 7-27. Deborah Wilder, a liberal Republican with personal ambition is the chair of said committee. She is also known to be close to Luis Buhler and David Reade (who was her paid consultant for her Secretary Race) will Wilder preside over a left-wing fantasy-land of watered down democrat values with a Republican label? Or will the drafting committee (comprised of liberals, consultants and staffers mostly) produce a document that is only slightly different than the current platform? Carney and Patterson most certainly do not want an all-out war over the platform.

This said, both are being careful about public comments leaving considerable doubt as to where they stand on much of anything. The moments of truth are coming shortly. Bill Brough’s meltdown could affect 2-3 Congressional and one State Senate election race. Duncan Hunter could cause problems for his 6 remaining colleagues in California – in fact, if the national media does what they are famous for, they could use Hunter to cover up for all kinds of dems. Eventually, Patterson, Carney and others are going to be forced out in to the open on these things Brough, Hunter and the ultimate resolution of the Platform. Eventually, commitments are going to dissolve or turn in to real money.

Eventually, the Conservative Convention is going to have to demonstrate that they are more than a political rally. Can they organize? Produce any real volunteers? Raise anything other than token amounts of money? Get anyone elected? Help the CAGOP win something?

These are just some of the things your intrepid blogger is tracking.

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