Jul 212019

IF you are a CAGOP Insider, you get the delegate only emails. The most recent one contained a fascinating sentence:

While fundraising numbers are preliminary, I am proud and excited to share that Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblywoman Marie Waldron and I have received millions of dollars in commitments. At HQ, staff has begun implementing a state-of-the-art grassroots engagement system and has substantially augmented our communications capabilities.

Let the two sentences sink in. The second sentence explains why I have received about triple the number of spam phone calls in the last month.

It is anticipated that the CAGOP’s Federal Election Commission filing will be appearing on the FEC website within the next few hours. It still shows the $26,000 net cash on hand as of 5-31. When I received the email on Thursday, it was clear that the results on this report were going to be poor and the email was sent as reassurance.

Who committed what to whom? How much has Jessica Patterson raised? How much have the two leaders raised? Are they doing the one-ask (aka splitting the money in thirds between Assembly, Senate and the CAGOP)?

Having worked on countless campaigns, I know when I hear the word Commitments I know that means at best $.25 on the Dollar, usually you collect about 10% of the commitments.

We were told that Travis Allen could not raise a thing. Now we are being told commitments are just as good as money in the bank. I’ve got whiplash. I sure hope I have to correct this blog later to show that those Commitments were more real than any past campaign or effort I’ve ever worked on. Otherwise, the key argument against Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair (or Steve Frank for that matter) was irrelevant at best or at worst was a bald-faced lie.

There was a Conservative Convention in Fresno that just concluded yesterday 7-20-2019. It was well attended. The focus appeared to be grassroots organizing. I will be waiting to see how many people that were in attendance are willing to actually man phone banks and walk precincts – or will they continue facebook and standing on overpasses?

David Carney was in attendance, we’ve written about him. Insiders have challenged my assertion that he was brought to CA by the Trump people. I am now of the belief that his presence in CA was more due to the failed efforts of the CAGOP Caucuses in the past and less due to anything Trump. Carney, to his credit is attempting to meet with every group of people he can in an effort to bring peace and unity. Now, this nexus is what caused me to misread his primary purpose as attempting to deal with the infestation of “Never Trumpers” in the ranks of CAGOP insiders. That appears to be secondary and related to election and campaign activity.

The Conservative Convention was seeking to recruit and motivate people to run for local Party Central Committee. It remains to be seen if Luis Buhler is going to be able to marshal any resources in 2020, or if any of the other consultants / staffers will be able to in order to try and control local party committees. Again, it remains to be seen how many of the attenders to the Conservative Convention are willing to put in the work required to get on the ballot and win election to Party Committee – let alone accomplish anything once in place.

It is clear that CAGOP leaders are trying to stay clear of as many fights as possible. These include most party leaders not commenting on the latest media attempt to smear the President over his tweets related to the extremists congressmen in the Democrat Party. Some Trump-Hating Consultants willingly allowed themselves to be used by the media and the deranged Kristen Olsen also used her shrinking platform to vent her spleen – but for as desperately as these people want to restore their own relevance at Trump’s expense, the party leaders did not validate them by joining them.

At the same time, Party leaders have been remiss to talk about the burgeoning Duncan Hunter Jr. Scandal or the exploding Bill Brough Scandal. Based on insider sources requesting confidentiality Jessica Patterson, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP has deferred to the local party committees to deal with those situations. I am not sure I agree with this approach.

I do not envy Jessica Patterson’s position at all. I also think David Carney would be a fool not to have buyer’s remorse over taking the job he took. Both of them have a difficult road to tow trying to fight against the trends in California. For the record, I want them both to succeed and I write this expecting nothing in return for the goodwill. If the CAGOP succeeds we all win. I sell plenty of insurance to pay my bills and will have a few campaigns to help eventually.

As an aside, President Trump is doing well in 45 out of the 50 states and is not the albatross the trump-haters that have decimated the CAGOP over the last 20 years think he is. It is also clear Carney’s presence has muted the Trump-Haters that are close enough to the CAGOP apparatus to cause issues.

Lastly, speaking of David Carney and Jessica Patterson – the CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee meets on 7-27. Deborah Wilder, a liberal Republican with personal ambition is the chair of said committee. She is also known to be close to Luis Buhler and David Reade (who was her paid consultant for her Secretary Race) will Wilder preside over a left-wing fantasy-land of watered down democrat values with a Republican label? Or will the drafting committee (comprised of liberals, consultants and staffers mostly) produce a document that is only slightly different than the current platform? Carney and Patterson most certainly do not want an all-out war over the platform.

This said, both are being careful about public comments leaving considerable doubt as to where they stand on much of anything. The moments of truth are coming shortly. Bill Brough’s meltdown could affect 2-3 Congressional and one State Senate election race. Duncan Hunter could cause problems for his 6 remaining colleagues in California – in fact, if the national media does what they are famous for, they could use Hunter to cover up for all kinds of dems. Eventually, Patterson, Carney and others are going to be forced out in to the open on these things Brough, Hunter and the ultimate resolution of the Platform. Eventually, commitments are going to dissolve or turn in to real money.

Eventually, the Conservative Convention is going to have to demonstrate that they are more than a political rally. Can they organize? Produce any real volunteers? Raise anything other than token amounts of money? Get anyone elected? Help the CAGOP win something?

These are just some of the things your intrepid blogger is tracking.

Jul 102019

I’ve waited a while to write a follow up blog to what I believe is an impending gutting of the CAGOP Platform. The reason is that several other issues have manifest (Bill Brough being among them).

First – your intrepid blogger has learned that there is a “Blacklist” and still is a blacklist that is held within the highest ranks of CAGOP leadership. I am not sure what residency on said list means (since selling insurance is my primary income), but your intrepid blogger is on said list.

The existence of such a list means that it is business as usual within the CAGOP.

Second – Research indicated that the “California Republican Leadership Fund” is still alive and well. As a historical note, the CRLF was created during the failed tenure of Tom Del Becarro because Republican Leaders could not fund-raise for the CAGOP due to the instability of the Del Becarro Chairmanship. The CRLF was a work-around.

Third – on the subject of Fundraising, the CAGOP showed a paltry $26K in their Federal Account. The CAGOP appears to have raised about $500k in the last State Reporting Period. The problem is that a proportional amount of money has to come from the Federal Account to Pay expenses. People need to watch the ratio between the two accounts as the Federal Account needs to have about 1/3 of what the State Account has in order for the Party to operate properly. That said, I am not sure how $500k raised in a quarter is sufficient to survive long term.

Fourth – the turnover of staff continues. The cutting off of consultants continues. It is the opinion of this blogger that this is beyond the “planned cutbacks” that were put in place for the transition from Jim Brulte to Jessica Patterson. I’ve been told specific stories of consulting firms losing long-standing contracts/arrangements with the CAGOP. I’ve also been told of others having their retainers slashed. These stories are continuing and are too plentiful to be dismissed as isolated rumors.

Fifth – There are also multiple conflicting stories about the role of David Carney. Carney is the new Assembly/Senate political director. He is being paid (his firm) an alleged $25,000 a month retainer. What is clear is that the grassroots / Trump people believe that Carney was brought in by the Trump national team to deal with all the Trump-Haters within the highest ranks of the CAGOP. I agree with that opinion and do not agree with the cover story.

Sixth – there is a persistent rumor that Jessica Patterson (speaking of alleged #Nevertrumpers) is looking to replace the remaining existing staff with her own people. This would be consistent with the 1990’s era culture of control everything at all levels style of political consulting. One particular rumor centers around Andy Garakhani. (another Nevertrumper)

Seventh – the #nevertrumper consultants are still actively at work with their plan to shred the CAGOP Platform as their stubborn arrogance will not allow them to admit that Trump is the biggest asset, not liability the GOP has in 2020. They are attempting to sandbag and sew confusion by submitting several competing draft platforms in order to try and rule by division.

Eighth – Kevin Faulconer, the top #Nevertrumper in California was appointed by Jessica Patterson to be Chairman of Cal-Plan. This means that the highest ranking critic of President Trump in California is now in charge of fundraising for the CAGOP. Is anyone wondering why David Carney and others have been brought in from out of state to run races and mind the store?

Ninth – there has been a concerted effort to throttle information coming out of the insides of the CAGOP. This has had the effect of enhancing the accuracy of what does leak of out the insides.

Tenth – As it relates to the Bill Brough and Duncan Hunter Scandals, the CAGOP Leadership have deferred to local parties. Since Fred Whitaker is weak and can’t see past Bill Brough’s donations to the OCGOP (again my read on the situation), Whitaker is running interference for the Scandal-Riddled Bill Brough. Brough, for his part is on an ego-fueled rampage to “fight” the allegations against him. Duncan Hunter, inexplicably is attempting to run for re-election despite a federal indictment for using his campaign money to sustain his double-life. As Right On Daily rolls on, we will go in to greater detail about AD73 Assemblyman Bill Brough’s double-life.

On one hand, I understand Jessica Patterson’s desire to see bottom-up leadership in allowing the local parties to deal with problems. However, partisan political office is a step above a local party and the State Party is failing by not engaging more. BTW – I’ve been told that the Riverside GOP has already called on Duncan Hunter to Resign. Not sure where the SDGOP is on that yet.

Despite my criticisms of the CAGOP leadership, I want them to succeed. However, what I am seeing suggests that they prefer to execute the 1990’s style political consultant plan of shrinking organizations in order to make them easier to control.

In a future post, we are going to start looking at what the leadership of the CAGOP have been and have not been doing since the 2019 election. It is not pretty and you will see my rationale for the conclusions I have been drawing. The good news? All of this is fixable with effective leadership.

Jun 262019

I want to preface this by saying I know most of the people involved. They are not bad people at all. Most all of them are good people.

My issue is that the Stanislaus GOP was involved in the California Republican Leadership Fund as an aside to the day-to-day operations of the committee without the advice and consent of the committee. Worse, upon further examination, you can see clearly that the exclusion was willful and deliberate. This is the issue.

Embedded is an email from the current leadership of the Stanislaus GOP where they are considering a Censure brought forward by a Whistleblower Micah Rapier. Joseph Grcar made a public records request related to FPPC Proceedings against the California Republican Leadership Fund for documents and communications. The censure and the issues in Stanislaus County Revolve around hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been run through their political accounts without the rank and file members knowing a thing about it. This has happened in other counties as well. I am aware of another complaint in Alameda County.

The 35 page document related to the 2012 CRLF Complaints is full of arguments between the CAGOP Lawyers and the witch-hunters at the FPPC. The FPPC in the opinion of this blogger, is politically biased and looks for opportunities to fine Republicans. It is reputed they are currently on a rampage against anyone Dem or Rep that has ties to the Charter School People. (Retribution for the Charters spending huge on Antonio against the maniac governor)

The 10th page of the document is my focus and the reasons why I am interested in the whole thing may be different than those that sent them to me.

If you click the image and read it, you will see a reference to Tea Party Groups in 2011 trying to take over Central Committees. In 2011, I had first hand experience when Staffers of Doug LaMalfa, Jim Nielsen and others teamed up with Karen England and Tea Partiers to run the real conservatives out of the Placer GOP.

While I have no abiding love for the Tea Party in general – the issue here is that you can extrapolate this letter to mean CRA Group, CIR Group, Grassroots Group, not just the Tea Party. In writing the CAGOP’s Lawyer Charles Bell confirms what we all knew. The leadership of the State GOP has made and has contingency plans in case the real grassroots in whatever form take over a county party.

Now you have perspective for the all-out statewide drill to pick delegates to control an outcome for the CAGOP officer elections.

Now you have a perspective for the insider-driven drill to shred the CAGOP Platform.

These same people belittle us all for supporting President Trump.

Now we have perspective for the $100K spent in Placer and the $20K spent in Stanislaus County in 2012 to influence elections (Research shows money was spent in San Bernardino County in 2012 as well). These expenditures could well have been coordinated at the highest levels of CAGOP Leadership.

Was the $3MM spent on 44 Central Committee Elections in 2016 more of a play to maintain the circumstances for the California Republican Leadership Fund (which was still in operation in 2018 despite the $30,000 in fines the previous complaint generated)? Anyone with heritage in CAGOP operations remembers the “We Are the GOP” mailers and all of the slate mail cards bought with Charles Munger’s money in 2016 – directed by Luis Buhler and David Reade (amongst others). You will see those and other names time and time again in all of the insider machinations.

I’d encourage Joe Day, Jim De Martini and others to take a step back from their arguments with Micah Rapier and Mylinda Mason and look at the big picture. The Stanislaus GOP is and has been just a cog in a bigger wheel of control. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

Were they made aware of what their role is? It is clear most of the Committee had no idea that their account was part of a statewide web. Weather or not someone deserves Censure is actually a subset of the bigger ethical issues uncovered by these documents and complaints.

I’d submit that 90-95% of the rank-and-file Central Committee Members have no idea of how small the group of control agents are or what they have been doing.

I will tie this all in better and in more detail, but this is my first hot-take from the Stanislaus GOP Drama. I do not think it is isolated at all. I think it relates to a lot of what I’ve been seeing for the last decade… if these people were winning elections I don’t think it would be as big of an issue.

Jun 242019

The AD-73 Race has a personal angle. I went after Anna Bryson and to a lesser extent Jesse Petrilla in that primary. The beneficiary was the beleaguered and now scandal-riddled Bill Brough. Contrary to popular belief I did not work for anyone when I ran that drill.

The AD-73 Race in 2014 was also a personal first. My Wife was attacked publicly by Art Sanchez on the OC Politics Blog and the post was live for about a day before someone called my wife to tell her that her photo was on a blog site from Southern California about some political stuff her husband was doing. Art Sanchez attempted to run over my wife to get to me, as he was a big time Anna Bryson supporter. Art Pedroza (who runs OC Politics) pulled the post and later expelled me from his website.

My Wife has been attacked two more times since then. Once was in 2017 after the 2016 AD06 Primary by people friendly to the winner Kevin Kiley. Kiley’s brother is on staff in a local church we were basically run out of in retaliation for my role in helping one of Kiley’s opponents. The most recent incident was in 2018, by former Chief Deputy Ray Wood, a Chief for the former Sheriff of Riverside County who I helped defeat. They created memes of my wife to troll her ministry page and social media, sent her IM’s and had people call her employer and an attempt to get her fired.

In addition to the attacks on my wife, I’ve received 27 legal demand letters since 2011, been attacked front page above the fold in the Sacramento Bee, and have been banned for life from two blogs and the CRA.

Anyone that thinks I sit in my office lobbing bombs and that it is all fun and games should think again. The political world is full of scum, slime, cowards, backstabbers, hypocrites, charlatans, dirtbags and other forms of parasitical amoeba. If it was not for the fact that I feel called to be in this game, there is no amount of money I could make from anyone that is just compensation. As such, I feel little restraint in how I approach the political blood-sport.

When Art Sanchez did what he did, he signed Anna Bryson’s death warrant. At the time, $400K worth of independent money was pouring in to her assistance. She lost and Brough made the runoff with the democrat. At the time, the battering that Bryson took on the OC Politics Blog was viewed as devastating. In a sense I avenged my wife. I was told later that Anna Bryson’s husband was talking about and researching legal action against me. (As if Sanchez attacking my wife was not enough)

I coined the term “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” as a moniker for the folks in charge of and profiting off of the CAGOP for the last 20 years. It is the opinion of this blogger they could care less how many seats the GOP has left, if they are one of them. They could care less about the results of the election as long as the checks cash. They could care less if the CAGOP is a carcass as long as they are in control.

I’ve been around the CAGOP for 22 years and have watched the CAGOP lose repeatedly. I’ve seen people get rich off of losing. In 2012, when Luis Buhler directed $100,000 in to the Placer GOP Central Committee race to target myself and three others, I am sure a consultant pocketed several thousand dollars off of that operation. What a waste. Buhler wasn’t done – $3,000,000 plus was dumped in to Central Committee Races in 2016, including Orange County. The goal was to elect liberals and country clubbers over conservatives. These same people engineered the staff infection that is the delegate universe at the state party in order to ensure that Travis Allen was not elected Chair of the State Party. In all, consultants wasted $45 Million of Charles Munger’s money with a ton of it spent picking winners in Republican races.

It appears now that the people that control the CAGOP are obsessed with trying to recruit anyone that is not a white male to run for office. In addition to the stories from SD-05, SD-23 and CA-45 where white males were told not to apply, it appears the same has happened in AD-74. There were apparently several suitors and in particular, two guys that had access to money, had connections and were young and photogenic. They were told not to bother. The establishment decided on Diane Dixon, and rolled off of her onto an unknown trial lawyer by the name of Kelly Ernby. Ernby appears to have some issues of her own, appears to be controlled by some old familiar names in OCGOP politics and is working in the consumer fraud division of the OC DA’s office (the equivalent of being a traffic cop or a meter maid).

I am currently writing about the incumbent protection plan. In particular, I am being made aware on an almost daily basis of the machinations being made to protect Bill Brough (AD-73) and the Scandal-Riddled Duncan Hunter Jr. (who may yet be exonerated) Time and time again I’ve watched and talked to people that knew the incumbent was a feckless, ineffective loser, yet they still endorsed and/or donated to the incumbent. We get what we deserve.

I am currently writing about the CAGOP being broke/bankrupt/cash challenged. The CAGOP had $330K in their State Account as of the 5/18 cutoff. I’ve seen about $150K raised since. The Dems have over $11 Million. The CAGOP has a net $26,500 in their federal account, the dems have $1,500,000. If that ain’t broke/bankrupt, I don’t know what is. It’s wrong and we were told that Travis Allen would cause exactly this if he was elected chairman of the CAGOP.

The inserted photo from Facebook shows that people were attempting to suppress one of the blogs I wrote about the financial condition of the CAGOP by running a spam complaint drill on facebook. Once again, the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure at work.

What I also know is a whole bunch of good people are on the outside looking in. Documents obtained from a FOIA related to a campaign finance caper show that CAGOP leadership were making contingency plans as far back as 2011 in case Central Committees fell in to the hands of “The Tea Party”. (More on that shortly) This solidifies the evidence of contempt for the “little people” by the power brokers. This is also evidence they are willfully attempting to shrink the opportunities for participation in order to control things.

The consultants and staff that control the CAGOP are currently in the process of re-writing the CAGOP Platform seeking to shred the social issues out of it. It is the 1,000 year old argument of how to win elections, compromise or distinguish yourself from your opponents. They choose compromise. This is a subset of how they picked the CAGOP delegates to ensure an outcome from the 2019 Chairman’s election. They have the ability now to realize a long-held dream of shredding the CAGOP Platform and the real grassroots have been marginalized out of the process as the party leadership at all levels marginalize the party statewide.

I am watching the same people doing the same things over and over again. I have a choice, leave the GOP and do something else – or use the platform (Right On Daily) I’ve earned over the last 22 years to hold them accountable in an attempt to change the situation.

Bill Brough’s situation is a microcosm of everything I’ve seen in 22+ years of politics. It is important to get this one right as our numbers are in freefall, and irrelevancy is upon us. Will we acquiesce in the name of expediency or will the weak leadership of this party finally assert themselves? 22 years of experience tells me that we will have to drag Brough out of office in a political bodybag with our own side in the way the whole time.

Jun 192019

With the detonation of AD73 Assemblymember Bill Brough, at least two more alleged victims have come forward to your intrepid blogger regarding their stories. This brings us to a total of three women that your intrepid blogger is aware of. I have yet to meet the person that filed the claim with the assembly rule committee that appears to have been stuffed.

Two Women I know well will be talking to me shortly on condition of confidentiality because of the well known culture of retaliation against whistleblowers.

That said, at least two more people aside from the victims have confirmed seeing Brough publicly intoxicated and more than once acting rather “loose”. It appears that Brough has an alcohol problem.

Now, we are developing a pattern suggesting there are more women with equally as disturbing stories as it relates to the conduct of Bill Brough.


SD23 the Mike Morrell Seat. As reported by Steve Frank weeks ago, Lloyd White was told to his face by a Senate Leader (perhaps Mrs. Grove herself) that he was the wrong demographic to run for SD23. This is a Beaumont Councilmember that actually was not indicted or investigated while a dozen people around him we to prison for various felonies.

Lloyd White sounds like the prototypical law and order clean candidate. But, he’s white don’t you know.

SD05 – we’ve written about the train wreck known as Jesus Andrade. It appears he has easy to find financial issues, he may well have civil and criminal issues as well in his jacket. It appears that the lure of having a regional president of the Hispanic Chamber as a candidate caused campaign operatives to forget vetting while bullying Bob Elliot out of the race. Elliot is a white male. Bob Elliot actually had something like $250K raised for senate until Shannon Grove twisted him out.

SD15 – that mess appears to have a REP-Turned DTS – Now Returned Rep as the choice of the establishment. The candidate is a trump-hater, so former Assemblymen Catherine Baker should have a kindred spirit to assist out there.

CA45 – Retired Colonel Greg Raths is a Councilmen and Mayor in Mission Viejo. Well, he is not the chosen one. Someone with far less life experience, a resume as thin as a soda cracker, but she appears to have met the very short list of desired qualities. Mr. Raths, similar to Bob Elliott and Lloyd White were all told they do not fit the demographic. This is a PC way of saying Whitey go home. It is alleged that Shannon Grove told Mr. White this herself and Elliott is on public record stating his conversation with Grove.

Before the Orange County GOP endorse more losers, they probably should investigate their vaunted Rainbow Coalition of candidates for simple things like fraud, lawsuits, business failures, driving records, employment history, former relationships, divorces, bankruptcies, delinquencies, past blog posts, social media, etc.

New Way California: Today, 6/19/2020 – Two Republican Assemblymembers, James Gallagher and Chad Mayes refused to vote as SB27 passed out of their committee. This is the Tax Return bill to keep President Trump off the California Ballot. Remember, the consultant class (those that David Carney has not purged yet) think Trump is an albatross. Could they have influenced Gallagher and Mayes to string the GOP base out to dry?

Look at the websites of the preferred candidates of the CAGOP Establishment, they will downplay or not even have the party affiliation on them. The issues page will have no mention of Abortion, This is the #NEWWAYCA campaigning. It really takes little logical energy to extend the $250K rigged focus group disaster in to group think strategy to lose the next round of target elections.

AS you readers know, Steve Frank and I are not the best of pals. I will give him full credit for never playing his own race card in his race for Chair. He’d have been the first Jewish Chair of the CRP had he made it. What are we reminded of constantly with our current chair?

What am I reminded of as a 48 year old 22 year veteran of party politics? – I can’t run for office anymore because I am a white male. (BTW – don’t you dare think I am going to run for office, ever)

Is this the #NEWWAYCA? Or is this evidence of a different kind of bankruptcy within the ranks of CAGOP leadership?

In summary:

AD73 Candidate Bill Brough’s skeletons are coming out

Republican Assemblymembers are acquiescing and not voting on legislation aimed at depressing Republican turnout (by forcing Trump off the ballot). Is it because GOP leadership in California want to see trump off the ballot here?

White Males told all over the state to stay home.

The Trainwreck Continues…

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