Apr 102019

Ouch. This is one group that was regarded as being in the bag. Roseville is the largest city in AD-06 and directs a lot of policy in South Placer. While Roseville is not in SD-01, it’s decisions have tremendous sway as Roseville has nearly 40% of the population of Placer County.

This is known as a bad beat when you lose something this significant in your own backyard. Perhaps the Roseville Chamber of Commerce understands Kevin Kiley’s Cattle Company is a fraud engineered for a ballot title or background embellishment. Being an Ivy League Lawyer with more years in school than in the workforce is a tough product to sell.


Roseville Area Business PAC Endorses Brian Dahle for State Senate

ROSEVILLE – The Roseville Area Business Political Action Committee has unanimously endorsed Assemblyman Brian Dahle for California State Senate in the June special election to fill a vacancy created by former Sen. Ted Gaines’s election to the State Board of Equalization.

Assemblyman Dahle currently represents Assembly District 1, which extends from eastern Placer County to the Oregon border, including nine counties.

“Brian Dahle brings extensive knowledge and experience in business and government to represent Senate District 1 in Sacramento,” said Jeff Ronten, Chairman of the Roseville Business PAC. “Working along with our current Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, we believe these two leaders together bring excellent skills to best represent our members and our area.”

‘The PAC is an independent but affiliated entity of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. Senate District 1 includes 11 counties from El Dorado County to the Oregon border, including most of Placer County.

Nothing to see here move along now…

A third-generation farmer operating his own small business, Assemblyman Dahle has served in the Assembly for more than six years and previously served 16 years as a County Supervisor. He served from 2017 to 2018 as the Assembly Republican Leader and is a past chairman of the Rural County Representatives of California. Brian and his wife, Megan, live in the rural community of Bieber and have three children – Chase, Reagan, and Roslyn.

Kevin is not having a good time these days.

Apr 062019

Kevin Kiley is sweating. A fake Cattle Company, running as a deputy attorney general then getting hammered for working for Kamala Harris, having less work history than years in college… take your pick. He is not doing so hot.

Below is the text of an email he sent:

I am winning!

Following our weak second place finish in the March 26 primary, the Kiley for Senate campaign announced a series of new endorsements from elected officials and Republican leaders:

  • Congressman John Doolittle (ret.)
  • Senator Tim Leslie (ret.)
  • Assemblyman Roger Niello (ret.)
  • Folsom Mayor Kerri Howell 
  • Folsom Vice Mayor Sarah Aquino
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Sandy Smoley (ret.)
  • Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan (ret.)
  • Placer County Auditor-Controller Andrew Sisk
  • Placer County Supervisor Jim Williams (ret.)
  • El Dorado County Supervisor John Knight (ret.)
  • Lincoln Councilmember Alyssa Silhi
  • Loomis Mayor Pro Tempore Jan Clark-Crets
  • Rocklin Mayor Scott Yuill (ret.)
  • Auburn Councilmember Bridget Powers
  • Auburn Mayor Mike Holmes (ret.)
  • El Dorado Irrigation District Director Pat Dwyer
  • El Dorado Irrigation District Director George Osborne
  • Rocklin Unified School District Trustee Wendy Lang (ret.)
  • Eureka Union School District Trustee Renee Nash
  • El Dorado County Board of Education Trustee Georgianne Knight

Half the people on the list are former electeds. Oh and “Republican” Folsom Mayor Kerri Howell? I think the American River Democrats missed the memo. I don’t think current supervisor Sue Frost is going to be too thrilled to see one of her former opponents featured as a Republican.

Similar to claiming victory before the final count (and with 27% of the vote no less), the second Epic Fail since Primary Election Night. Looks like we have a trend.

P.S. Special Bonus – the RainbowPAC endorsement of Howell is linked here

Apr 052019
We are winning! If current trends continue we will finish in first by several hundred votes!

Then along came Shasta County.

Click here to see the results for yourself.

There is a reason why your intrepid blogger mocked Kevin Kiley for claiming victory – not only because he did not finish first, but 27.9% of the vote is nothing to crow about in any election at any time. It just makes Kevin look like Baghdad Bob.

It is going to be a long two months.

Mar 272019

Kevin Kiley hoarded $480,000 in his campaign account, while Brian Dahle raised and spent $1 Million trying to help his colleagues survive the 2018 election. Kiley had $200,000 more in the bank as recently as 6 weeks ago, yet at best managed a tie with Brian Dahle.

Brian Dahle is married with Children and has thousands of acres of ranch land. Kevin Kiley is single, never married and started a fake Cattle Company with Doug Ose (IMO), specifically to fabricate a background.

Brian Dahle owns a Gun. Kiley does not. Dahle owns a Home, Kiley does not. But Kiley stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

STOP STOP STOP Everyone!, I won. I am invincible.

If I got 28% of the vote, I would not be claiming victory. It comes across as arrogant and an attempt to overcompensate. The correct way? Hey! We’re in the runoff against “(insert hyperbole here)”.

So why is it not surprising that the ambitious Kiley is already making calls to people just hours after election night? It is not. It is not bad strategy, but does indeed underscore the differences between the candidates – Kiley is ambitious and seeks a lifetime in office (namely Congress) and Brian Dahle is a citizen legislator with a real business and family.

While Dahle was on his ranch in 2016-2019, Kiley was out campaigning. It appears to this blogger that Mr. Kiley has chosen a political career over a family.

Perhaps the above reasons are why Rex Hime has signaled clear support for Brian Dahle?

Perhaps your intrepid blogger is not alone in disdain for the calculated scheme? If you still have doubts after our series in the Primary – take a look at his email claiming victory. Take a look at the emails he sent out of his state assembly account promoting the special election.

Again, I ask where do the voters of SD-01 or AD-06 factor in to this? Similar to Ted Gaines, who I have hammered for years, it appears that Kiley has locked in to the same pattern. Shop till you drop for another office. At least Kiley will not have to sell a house to office-shop.

Speaking of Calculating, Note that at least the Placer GOP and El Dorado GOP Central Committees were not aware that Kevin Kiley’s proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman (a Jim Nielsen staffer), making him a Jessica Patterson Supporter. Two cent com members I spoke to were quite surprised to learn that Kevin Kiley did make a choice in the Chairman’s race despite trying to be clever and not endorse. It is this sort of pattern that works in the short-term, but not long term. I was told that Dahle’s support of Patterson was a factor in those two GOP Cent Coms endorsing Kiley. It looks like they were both lied to – I worked for Travis Allen, I know who supported who. No one representing Placer County supported Travis Allen, including Congressman McClintock and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.

Three things Kiley does not own – land, a gun or a dog

Now that Kiley is in the runoff – will the fake cattle company, sending mailers about being the “endorsed candidate”, etc. resonate? Or will the brutal reality about his lack of life experience and work history – including his 2016 ballot title of “Deputy Attorney General” come in to clearer focus? It was clear that tying Kiley to Kamala Harris was devastating, a fair shot given that he centered his 2016 campaign around his work for the AG’s office.

This is why Kiley has to fake a resume. Dahle’s family and his ranch / equipment. (Three more things Mr. Kiley does not have)

As I type this, Kevin Kiley is nervously making phone calls to all of the supporters of Rex Hime. Kiley intuitively knows he is in trouble as his clear campaign strategy was to play for the runoff against the wicka-loving Silke Pfluger. Now Kiley is in the fight of his young ambitious political life.

We watched Kevin Kiley come unscrewed in the last four weeks as he was starting to buckle under the weight of the scrutiny over his background (or lack thereof). The fact that some cent com members did not know about his double-dealing on the CAGOP Chairman’s race shows there is still work to be done.

Perhaps Kiley’s donations from Yelp!, Google and Facebook should be talked about, beyond the coven of Bay Area Antoino Villariagosa supporters who also donated to Mr. Kiley?

Perhaps the fact that Rex Hime picked up almost all the local government endorsements on the natural in Placer County (instead of Kiley) needs to be discussed?

The runoff is going to be quick, brutal and intense. Kiley has to defend a record of trying to avoid the tough issues and having little or no resume. He has to defend the resume he has. He is also going to have to make the case to the establishment, most of whom disdain him, that he is their option over Brian Dahle.

Then, what does Kiley do in an attempt to woo the handful of Democrats that will vote in the runoff? He is after all the “Endorsed” Republican Candidate who enviously pointed out the Prison Guards and Realtor’s Unions helping Brian Dahle with expenditures in the primary.

The problem for Young Mr. Kiley is that he can’t get to Brian Dahle’s right. While he may be younger and prettier than Dahle, he does not have a family to post photos of. (Let alone a House or a Gun)

I’ve been 100% clear about my issues with Mr. Kiley. He made poor choices. He has not been forthright. He has been selfish. He continues to try and create a false narrative about himself. I can’t trust him to legislate and govern without self-interest. Neither can you.

Mar 262019

Please vote for Brian Dahle for State Senate today.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I DO NOT DO ANYTHING ANONYMOUSLY. Unless my name is signed to it, I did not write it.

One of the main reasons for my disdain for Ted Gaines is his history of discarding long-term relationships and his constant planning for his next run(s). Gaines had amazing luck, always seeming to jump to his next office when there were few if any viable alternatives. In addition, he was able to use his influence to install his wife in office for 5 years as a bonus. Mercifully, Gaines will be termed out in 2026 after an astounding 20 years infesting various offices.

I worked for one of Kevin Kiley’s opponents in 2016, without going in to that story again, suffice to say I hoped that Kiley would listen to good advice and be effective. The voters of AD06 had not had a representative in 12 years of Gaines.

1.0833 Years of Kiley’s work experience was for Kamala Harris. Ouch.

One of Kamala Harris Deputy Attorney Generals. Lovely.

Despite being run out of a local church over my professional involvement in the AD06 Race, I still met with and communicated with Mr. Kiley as I knew he was not responsible for what happened. I was hoping that Kiley would be engaged and effective. He asked good questions.

Kevin Kiley is extremely intelligent as his Ivy league pedigree suggests. He is, however grossly inexperienced at life. His work resume is quite thin. I was willing to put his lack of experience behind me because Mr. Kiley was appearing to engage with local government, he was showing up at functions and doing a lot of what Tim Leslie and Rico Oller did almost two decades ago the last time we had a real Assembly member in this area.

My first point of frustration were his decisions to only endorse in races with a clear favorite or straight D vs R races. He even avoided mixed races (vote for 2 or 3) This was a huge red flag for me. While he supported Bonnie Gore actively, that was a clear cut D vs R race against a guy rumored to be a viable Democrat option post 2022 Redistricting.

AWOL – time and time again

A couple of recent examples of Mr. Kiley refusing to take stands were the Lincoln City Audit that just exploded in to the local rag. Apparently, the City of Lincoln has major issues and Mr. Kiley was remiss to stand up. Secondly, while both Hime and Dahle took the wrong stand in the CAGOP Chairman’s race, they took a stand. Kevin Kiley did not endorse, yet his proxy ended up in the hands of Kevin Eastman, a staffer of the Jim Nielsen machine. (This means he voted for Jessica Patterson as well – note, I was paid by Travis Allen and have since publicly pledged to honor the results of the CAGOP officer elections) I have more respect for Hime and Dahle making the wrong choice than Kiley, who tried to play both sides.

Quoting a Bee Article:

Three of the Republicans running for termed-out Assemblywoman Beth Gaines’ heavily Republican seat – it includes Roseville, Rocklin and Folsom – dropped by for an endorsement interview.

A lightning-round query underscored the slim pickings at the top of the GOP ticket. Asked which of the presidential contenders they supported, Cristi Nelson, endorsed by Gaines, said she was for Carly Fiorina but would probably settle for Trump. Kevin Kiley said he is a John Kasich man. Bill Halldin said he liked Marco Rubio and is undecided now. A fourth candidate, Andy Pugno, declined to participate in the interview. – Shawn Hubler @shawnhubler

Along with the horrific endorsement for President by Mr. Kiley, I’ve written about a variety of skipped votes by Mr Kiley as well. It would show a pattern by itself until the 2018 election cycle.

The Kasich endorsing Kiley had votes to skip and endorsements to dodge as it is clear now that he has a plan for living in political office only he knows about. It appears that Mr. Kiley has potomac fever. I had been warned shortly after Mr. Kiley’s initial electoral victory that he was preparing to run for Congress eventually. It may well be that he attempts to Primary Challenge either McClintock or LaMalfa. It could also be that he tries to play 3rd man in to a district drawn to envelop both McClintock and LaMalfa.

If you doubt me, consider that Mr. Kiley is still single never married. This means he can up and move wherever he needs to with a minimum of consideration. Consider that Mr. Kiley does not own a home. (He was hysterically lampooned for not owning a gun either)

If you still doubt anything, let’s get to my #1 issue with Mr. Kiley. The GOP got hammered in California in 2018. 5 of Kiley’s colleagues were run out of office and two other viable challengers against dem incumbents also lost.

In the fall of 2018 in the lead up to the disaster, Kevin Kiley made no contributions to the CAGOP or any of his Colleagues. There is a paltry $14,400 in the 2018 Primary and the obligatory $36,500 to the CAGOP in the 2018 Primary. It is the opinion of this blogger, and I am not alone in that, once Ted Gaines made it in to the runoff for Bd of Eq, Kiley set his sights on State Senate and gave nothing other than a $500 check for an event to a local GOP committee in the fall of 2018. Kiley announced his campaign for senate the day after election day while his colleagues were getting slaughtered at the ballot box.

At best, it looks like Kiley was politically clueless. At worst, it looks willful, deliberate and conniving. Kiley, being as intelligent as he is, appears to be very willful and calculated in all of his moves, including his refusals to take stands, precious few endorsements and hoarding his money in the fall of 2018.

As to his fundraising in 2018, leading to his end of year hoard of $480K, I took special note of the $4,400 from Facebook and contributions of $1000-$2500 from bay area liberals famous for censoring conservative content (Yelp, Google and others are listed).

Kiley, had he been listening to wise counsel would have written a few checks to a few of his colleagues and likely would have had little ill will. Win or lose, this decision he made in 2018 will define him.

It is sad, really, I had some high hopes for Mr. Kiley. It sure looks like all the good things I saw were just part of a long-term plan in his mind to promote himself. In 22 years in politics, it seems to be the rule and not the exception.