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I am going to start off with a personal note. I am helping Brian Dahle’s campaign. I’ve known Dahle since 2012 when I helped him beat the establishment. It is ironic that three members of the establishment (as Dahle is now part of it) are squaring off for SD01.

I have taken the time to get to know Kevin Kiley a bit since he beat my client Bill Halldin and others for his original election to AD06. That election was traumatic personally because I was attending A local Church where Brian Kiley (Kevin’s Brother) is a pastor. I was retaliated against for my role in Bill Halldin’s campaign – not by Brian or Kevin by the way – but by a Left-Wing Social Justice Warrior and a second pastor on staff there. Apparently, they felt it necessary even after I had a sit down meeting with Brian and the second pastor shortly after the June 2016 primary.

Based on what I have learned in the 2 1/2 years hence, it appears that social justice warrior pastor was too much of a coward to tell me himself, leaving another to tell me I could not lead a sobriety ministry because of my public role on politics. In dramatic irony, he is a frequent critic of the president, lobbing incendiary social media posts at the President. The other pastor there as told to me by others, apparently has a history of destroying people and erratic behavior.

I am a Christian, Sober and a Conservative Republican because of my choices and beliefs – not because of other people’s actions.

I write the above story lest any of you think the stuff I write about is either fun and games or some sort of paid blood sport. It has been 21 years in this political game and it feels more like a calling than a professional endeavor. There is no amount of money that can compensate for the personal toll at times.

I have no animus for Kevin Kiley, I am just disappointed in him. I think he is wasting his talent because he won’t be true to himself. No, I am not referring to unfounded rumors about his personal life. I am referring to him being honest about his background, who he is and what he believes. No one really knows.

I have two basic political issues with Mr. Kiley – #1 is that he had $400,000 in his campaign account in 2018 that he refused to share with his colleagues even as the Assembly GOP was losing 5 seats. Kiley could have written a few $4700 checks and called his liberal donor base in the bay area and replaced the money easily.

However, he was planning #2 which was to declare his intent to run for SD01 before the ink was even dry on the shellacking the GOP took in 2018. I am having a Ted Gaines Deja-Vu moment as the then new Assemblyman was attacking Congressman Doolittle looking for his move up shortly after assuming office. I deserve better from my local representatives than term-limit babies always lining up their next runs. Kevin Kiley is my Assemblyman, and I endured years of both of the Gaines.

Kiley appeared to be making a lot of the right moves as an Assemblyman within the district. He was showing up to events and engaging with local government. It is now my opinion that he was doing it for self-serving reasons to boost his goodwill and name ID for his next steps up the ladder. Kiley has some endorsements, but most of the key endorsements in Placer County are held by Rex Hime. It appears that many in local government in Placer had an awakening regarding Mr. Kiley in time to take Mr. Hime’s calls.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Kevin Kiley’s ultimate goal is to run for congress, which is about as high as you can go as a Republican in California. Since it is clear to this blogger that Mr. Kiley has not been honest about his ultimate agenda and has demonstrated a calculated personal pattern, I can not trust him in office.

Doug LaMalfa recently saw my wife at an Acres of Hope event, where she is on the board. It appeared that he really did not want to talk to her, so she kept her distance. At least Doug LaMalfa is consistent in his behavior and is a solid conservative vote. Were Kiley to run against LaMalfa for Congress post 2022 redistricting, I’d be choosing between LaMalfa and no endorsement. (BTW, Congressman Doug, my wife actually likes you and thought your presentation to Acres of Hope was awesome…) I’ve known Doug LaMalfa since 2000, I married my wife in 2006 and have never told her what to think of anyone in office. (She likes Beth Gaines too!)

Speaking of history, I am going to re-assemble a history on Kevin Kiley and add to it with the last few years to paint the full picture. I can tell you with certainty that the 58 year old Hime is running to serve locally. I can tell you with certainty that the 50-something Brian Dahle is running to serve locally as he is trying to protect a way of life in the North State. I can tell you with Certainty based on the pattern I have assembled, serving anything other than the 33 year old Kevin is not part of Mr. Kiley’s calculus… As your intrepid blogger develops the history of Kevin Kiley, you too will understand how I came to the conclusions I did. To be continued.

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