Mar 052019

In the intervening two years since Kevin Kiley got elected to AD06, your intrepid blogger has learned more about Young Mr. Kiley. It is however, like a mystery novel as each question answered breeds three more.

Quite a biography Mr. Kiley had in 2016.

Take a close look at a hit piece Andy Pugno did against Kevin Kiley in 2016. Every last point on it is true. We will explain as we unpack the Kevin Kiley experience. Note that Luis Buhler (who I wrote about extensively in the just concluded CAGOP Officer Elections) directed $1 Million attacking Andy Pugno in 2016, as 9 pieces of mail went out attacking Pugno. Pugno barely missed the runoff against Kiley. The PAC that attacked Pugno was funded by a wealthy liberal billionaire that spent tens of millions electing liberal Republicans in Conservative Districts.

Kevin Kiley is a lawyer. He is also Ivy League Educated. He graduated from Granite Bay High School and kids from that School form the bulk of his campaign volunteers. Your intrepid blogger has met former classmates of Young Mr. Kiley’s who basically told me they were not surprised at all to see Mr. Kiley seek elective office. It appears that this was a life goal of his.

It appears that sometime after Mr. Kiley completed his Ivy League education, he landed in San Francisco. Several of my GOP friends from out in the Bay Area know Mr. Kiley. It also appears that he had or made some connections to wealthy donors in that area as well.

it appears that in 2015, within Two Months of gaining employment in the California Attorney General’s Office (think Kamala Harris) Mr. Kiley set his plan in motion to run for office. Mr. Kiley never prosecuted a case, but was a “Deputy District Attorney” long enough to use the title on the ballot just a year after quitting that job (which he held less than 6 months) to become a full-time candidate. Hence Pugno’s claim of long-term unemployed rang true at the time.

When Kiley ran for Assembly in 2016, he was 31, single never married and did not own a home. Worse, he had about 4 years of employment history.

Now Kiley is 33 or 34, is still single never married and still does not own a home. He does however have 6 1/2 years of employment history (bonus).

A key thing to understand about Mr. Kiley as it appears he and Rex Hime had a bit of a legal battle over ballot titles. Kiley was barred from trying to deceive the voters a second time – being forced to use the generic term “Small Businessman” as opposed to Cattle Rancher. Hime was not allowed to use Taxpayer Advocate, instead using Small Business Advocate. (An interesting term for a lobbyist!)

It is the opinion of this Blogger that the OSE-Kiley Cattle Company is a pile of bovine excrement. If they actually sell some cattle and Mr. Kiley actually gets his hands dirty on a head of cattle, I will gladly change my opinion. In the words of Brian Dahle, “I actually sold 50 head of cattle, good luck to you!”

Dave Gillard, Kevin Kiley’s Campaign manager is a zen master at creating impressive sounding biographies for candidates with swiss cheese backgrounds. Turning Kevin Kiley in to a cattle rancher, specifically to try and combat the real life history of Brian Dahle is Pulitzer Prize level. I think it may be Gilliard’s finest work this side of Bethypoo and her sudden ownership of an Insurance Agency after years of domestic living.

If I ran for office, I’d hire Dave Gilliard. He’d probably turn me in to a Pastor while characterizing my past as working in the Chemistry field.

Kevin Kiley won his election in 2016 for a variety of reasons beyond his “resume”. They matter here in 2019 and are worth repeating in context of the 2 1/2 years hence. We’re going to dive in to the 2016 election as our expose’ on Kevin Kiley continues…

The 2016 Primary was epic. We may never see a hit 3 opponent hit piece ever again
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