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It looks like Darrell Issa and Carl DeMaio hate each other. While I have a very low opinion of Carl DeMaio – his attack website against Kevin Faulconer is a winner. Faulconer is being foisted upon the California Republican Party by the consultants, swamp dwellers and other mollusks that hide under cover of darkness. A main theme of the Steve Frank for CRP Chair Campaign was highlighting how Jessica Patterson, Tom Ross and others had mortgatged the CRP to Faulconer.

I also remember well when Carl DeMaio showed up to the CAGOP Convention to vent his rage on Travis Allen on behalf of the failed establishment puppet chair of the CAGOP Jessica Millan Patterson. (Remember we are to include the maiden name to pander, and refer to her as the Chairwoman even though she has said NOTHING about the rampage of Bill Brough) As a conservative there is never an excuse to support a pro-abort moral relativist over a conservative (or a sorta conservative like Issa), as we say in AA Principles over Personalities. In the case of Harkey and DeMaio principles be dammed.

The same Carl DeMaio that raged on the conservative Travis Allen in favor of Jessica Patterson is now on a rampage against Jessica Patterson’s main benefactor Kevin Faulconer. It is giving me whiplash and Diane Harkey attaching herself to this should be a red-flag. BTW – I 100% agree with DeMaio on Faulconer.

Diane Harkey thought it was a good idea to engage in Carl DeMaio style hyperbole. Her letter launching a base character attack on Darrell Issa based on her view of the world has a few claims I know I can disprove easily, but more importantly the theme of the letter is disturbing at best and shows a side of Harkey that is completely opposite of what her most ardent supporters think of her.

I was told by people that know Harkey well about how kind and generous she is. There has to be something to that, because she has loyal support that is beyond, say the unexplanable fealty to an ascerbic, aloof John Moorlach. Having met Harkey once back at a CRA Convention in 2013 pre-BOE run, she can be charming.

Then I juxtapose that with operatives I know on the ground in the San Diego area that told me multiple stories about Harkey drinking and raging on people on the campaign trail. I know that Harkey is a slightly built woman who is known to run / walk 3-5 miles daily. Knowing a lot about alcohol in my past life that combination means someone can get sloshed on two drinks. Harkey is known to drink at public events and has had staff looking after her for years with that regard. However, all health organizations indicate that 3 or more drinks in a day is a binge – Harkey was not known to do that frequently until the congressional campaign.

By comparison, I am over twice as large as Harkey (and at one point nearly 3 times her size) – and it took a 6-pack for me to feel any effect of alcohol at all back when I drank. (Sometimes it was a lot more, but this is why I am 18 years sober and have lived to Age 50)

So it is possible that her anger over perceived slights in her Congressional campaign – coupled with people seeing her drink caused people to assume she was getting wasted every day. The optics are terrible however, and the fact that more than a few people observed this is a problem is an undeniable fact. What is also undeniable are the dozens of people that had a front row seat to her temper – a temper backed up with dozens of articles in the public record documenting it in spades. This includes a disasterous and combative interview with the SDUT in 2018. It was one of the worst I’ve ever seen a candidate for major office do. This issue has to be dealt with before people should feel comfortable electing her to another office. She also needs to answer why she has been chaperoned by staffers for years when going to public events as well.

What I also know is that Kevin McCarthy strung Diane Harkey out to dry. I can not prove, and I attempted to prove Diane Harkey’s assertion that Darrell Issa was screwing with her fundraising and her assertions that Issa was undermining her. I believe both of these accusations by Harkey against Darrell Issa are false and are borne out of frustration that Mike Levin got the jump on her and she could not recover enough to keep the national groups engaged. This is called projection and/or transferrence. These are also recurring themes in the life of Diane Harkey in multiple areas based on my research.

This does not however, exempt Kevin McCarthy from culpability. McCarthy abandoned Bryan Maryott in CA49 in 2020, and his election result was far better than Harkey’s despite being discarded. Diane Harkey should have raged on Kevin McCarthy – he appears to be the one that deserved it. Since McCarthy has hosed several people it is an easy to discern pattern and candidates running for Congress in the future should trust but verify anything Kevin McCarthy tells them.

Then there is also the possibility that McCarthy and crew bailed based on the merits of a campaign they saw going nowhere. Even Kevin McCarthy is not always wrong.

As best I can tell – Darrell Issa and others recruited Diane Harkey to run for Congress in lieu of her second term in the troubled California Board of Equlization (those scandals are coming soon to this blog). She bit. As I wrote in the first part of this, it appears that scum-sucking consultants and operatives knew of Harkey’s past history of self-funding and saw dollar signs. Issa and crew handed over their donor and contact lists that it appears Harkey used them to some effect. If I was Harkey, I’d be irritated knowing that a lot of the people attracted to my campaign were attempting to sponge off of me. Given that her financial situation was in a way different place in 2018 (I will get in to that later), even if she wanted to pay off the sponges she could not.

Despite McCarthy setting fire to her, she still raised $1.6 million. When Harkey’s own personal money did not come, the plug was pulled by the nationals. (Again, there could have been more factors in that decision as well) Harkey’s claim in the attack on Issa is deceptive as a lot of the money that was raised was from Issa’s donors. It is not honest to accuse someone of abandoning you while you are cashiering their donors at the very least.

Having spoken to several operatives, including people with Washington DC Ties, no one can substantiate that Darrell Issa did a thing to Harkey. The only thing provable is that the main national GOP Groups withdrew from CA-49 in 2018, that was not done at the behest of Darrell Issa.

The conclusion I can draw from the research I have indicates that Diane Harkey behaved poorly on the campaign trail in 2018. When things did not go her way she started acting out and looking for people to blame. While she was wronged in a couple of ways, this does not offset what she did in 2018 and later in 2020. This is a red flag for me and should be for you.

To be continued.

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