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The top achievement of Faulconer – Shipped the Chargers to Los Angeles

Ladies and Gentlemen – we have a Carl DiMaio sighting. Yes, his PAC decided to take up a worthy cause, and that is bloodying up the darling of the small coven of consultants that have wrecked the CAGOP.

We give you Faulconer Failures. https://faulconerfailures.org/

This is a timely project especially since the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are lining up all the resources of the CAGOP behind Faulconer. And – of course there is the small matter of the recall of newsolini hitting near critical mass. It forced the hands of Kevin Faulconer’s crew and he was forced to publicly support the recall effort.

On this website you can read all about Kevin Faulconer:

Kevin Faulconer: A Pattern of Corrupt “Pay-to-Play” Kickbacks

Kevin Fauloncer Supports Amnesty and Sanctuary Policies

Kevin Faulconer: Filthy Streets Filled with Homelessness

Kevin Faulconer:  A Turncoat Republican — California’s Version of Mitt Romney

What a great look for the California Republican Party!

Faulconer even took the extreme step of instructing San Diego police officers to issue citations to any individuals that were not complying with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Covid-19 orders. As evidenced mounted that the lockdowns were unconstitutional and counter-productive, Faulconer retreated into silence and failed to help struggling small businesses as Covid-19 restrictions pushed them out of business permanently.

When riots broke out in San Diego county organized by Black Lives Matters and Antifa, Faulconer refused calls to impose a curfew – saying it was his way of “sending a message of support” to the protesters. During the protests, Faulconer was quick to impose restrictions on his police department and took important tools away from them for dealing with unruly individuals.

Faulconer repeatedly buys into the cancel culture rhetoric of the Left. In 2016, Faulconer even backed a plan by Democrats justifying redistribution of wealth through discriminatory government mandates in the name of “social equity.”

“Faulconer supports California’s gun laws which are the most liberal in the country.”
–Faulconer Spokesman Tony Manolatos to KPBS November 4, 2013

This guy is Meg Whitman without the money. Good Lord.

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