Feb 202021

We’ve been pretty clear on Right on Daily that we believe that the stuff we have been dealing with on the inside goes beyond incompetence.

This includes the fact that they called the FBI on me.

It started with sending appointers their info on 12-23-2020 right before the Christmas weekend.

It continued with several people not getting links and credentials.

They rejected a request to use mail ballots, opting instead for the disaster of an electronic voting system whose operators admit can be abused to violate the CAGOP’s By-Laws limiting people to 3 votes by allowing multiple links to be used by the same operator.

The CRP’s staff stonewalled several requests for information, before calling the FBI on me when my irritation level boiled over. (BTW, CRP Staff, when I explained the circumstances to the FBI agents that was the end of it. They indicated to me that it was nice to finish a week with an easy call)

It was also put to me by mail vendors that it appeared that the CAGOP staff sent Jessica Patterson’s campaign information days before we received it.

I have also seen circumstantial evidence that the staff was also forwarding communication we (the Steve Frank) were sending them as well.

Now, they are playing games with the nomination speeches:

As you said on the call the winning of the coin toss will decide their place on the ballot and nominators speakers.  Steve, who represented Jessica said he wanted first position.  At no time did Steve says he wanted her first on the ballot and second for nominations.
This should not be an issue–he represented her, he made the decision, it can be changed later.
What needs to be done to adhere to the Thursday coin toss decision?
It looks like the CAGOP Staff can’t help themselves – as they are trying to control every detail of the convention. But – they called the FBI on me, Steve Frank’s Campaign manager.
The convention has been a disaster so far, internally I have seen the multiple emails. The CAGOP’s staff are ignoring most of them. My candidate has to email multiple times to get requests complied with. And they called the FBI on me for getting upset with them!
It is about 9AM, many of the regional caucus meetings are starting and many people STILL have not received their links to attend / participate in said meetings.
In the background – at 5PM the Proxies and Credentials meeting, freshly loaded with political consultants and people with personal animus against my client Steve Frank will empanel a kangaroo court to whitewash violations of by-laws and state election law. I already know some of the vacuous logic they will use. I have seen the CAGOP violate its’ own by-laws for years as most of these people would rather get tortured by ISIS than engage in conflict resolution.
At the same time the Staff admitted they provide no oversight on dubious claims from County Parties for bonus delegates… the system is indeed rigged. County Parties have been given carte blanche to lie in order to inflate their numbers.
Watch it play out today as the consultants and staffers reap the rewards of trying to control everything.
P.S. did I mention that the election system will allow one person to vote 20-30 times as there is no prohibition on forwarding your credentials to someone else?
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  3 Responses to “Day 2 of CAGOP Staff Game Playing, and Consultants Rigging the Convention”

  1. If a link is used does it mean the link is spent? Or if I shared my link to other people does it mean other people can vote and it could be like Georgia or Arizona?

  2. I asked Jessica at the NorthWest meeting why she put someone that wanted Trump convicted by the Senate on the Proxies and Credentials Committee (a never Trumper) and she said she had made committees fair and balance (What a crock!!!) Its a crooked Convention!

  3. Keep pressing mate!

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