Feb 232021

Graham Ledger tore in to Jessica Patterson on his rumble account. I have heard of at least 40 people who were not able to vote – most of whom were registered and paid.

The electonic voting system was a disaster – not because the system was hackable, it was actuall pretty secure. It was glitchy, the communication was terrible (see also feckless, biased and dare I say corrupt CAGOP Staff again?) and the problems persisted throughout the weekend.

By the time Sunday rolled around, the game playing, rigged committee meetings and the voting system were the talk of the convention. Again, Steve Frank publicly requested mail ballots and of course the CAGOP in another secret deal that was sprung on the board last minute hired the electronic election vendor – almost to tell Trump supporters with electronic voting fresh in their memory to go to hell.

I have written about CAGOP elections and conventions for years. They have been scripted and tightly controlled for as long as I can remember. As a long time member of the conservative resistence, it is my job to help people detonate the script as much as possible. Forcing the consultant class to feel a loss of control is easy and usually yields instant results.

Leading up to the convention – we scored the first script-breaking victory. The RNC, who were most likely brought in to meddle in the convention by Kevin McCarthy announced amid much fanfare they were sending the “Chairwoman” her majesty a $200,000 check. Inside sources told us that money was never intended to benefit the recall directly, but it was to pay salaries because the CAGOP was running short on cash.

Our team sprung in to action and because the inexperienced, incompetent and dare I say corrupt CAGOP staff did not have their talking points down and we caught them admitting the truth. A media drill and campaign blitz ensued, resulting in a humiliated and embarrassed staff acquiescing to $125K of the money going to the recall. Patterson herself was furious (which seems to be her only emotion) with us for denying her the false self-aggrandizement of the moment.

That was the moment when the CAGOP’s staff communication with myself and others on the Steve Frank team took a turn for the worse. Remember, this was after the game playing that had been going on for two months. We had damaged the script for the first time.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you will know that I have written about Bill Brough, the monster of a former assemblyman I believe raped my wife’s friend Trish Todd. What many of you don’t know is that the attorney that responded to the 200+ count campaign finance complaint against Bill Brough (that was over 15 pages long) was Ashlee Titus. Ashlee is the CAGOP’s attorney.

I have a lot of negative history with Mrs. Titus dating back to 2004 when her affair with a married man of 20+ years led to her marrige to him and his divorce from his wife with whom he had children. I saw this firsthand while helping a congressional campaign in Sacramento County.

If you think for a second that this had nothing to do with Mrs. Titus being instrumental in the FBI coming to my house, think again.

The second script-destroying moment, that I also believe was part of triggering Titus and the CAGOP’s staff to the point that they tried to get me thrown in prison, was wrecking the now infamous Rule 5.

Rule 5 as it became known was a by-law amendment regarding endorsing in Recall Elections. Rule 5 would have made the CAGOP’s Board of Directors the governing body on all recall endorsements. Given that there are only 3 members of the board that consistently will vote against Jessica Patterson (who wrote down the names of two of them after the just completed convention so she could remember who to retaliate against), it was clear that Rule 5 was pivotal to jamming down an endorsement of Kevin Faulconer.

There were political consultants and activists making calls, social media posts and sending emails to trash Rule 5. While this effort was going on, Titus and the CAGOP’s staff called the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department on me 2-17-2021 that led to the FBI knocking on my door on 2-19-2021. The Rule 5 amendment was pulled on 2-18-2021 after it became clear that it was emperiling the re-election of her majesty.

If those two victories were it, the FBI visit and all the BS would have been worth it. But tearing up a script usually has a ton of benefits.

You’d also think that with momentum like this going in to the convention that Steve Frank would have been well positioned to win. It turns out that Steve’s long history in politics was his biggest liability, and I will get in to that in the next part of this series. The bottom line is that Frank has a lot of the same baggage I would bring in to a similar circumstance.

What we learned is that we had dignosed the problem correctly and that we knew how to effect change within the CRP even as they were pulling out the entire playbook. This included abusing law enforcement, cheating, rigging outcomes, backroom deals, smearing Steve as a Racist (classic liberal tactic that was also done to Bill Back in 2002), and of course the standard he can’t raise money attack. (Neither can Jessica, but I digress)

Just a couple hours before the FBI knocked on my door, I was celebrating the 26-14 Win of Lani Kane of Lake County in the County Chairman’s Association race. Since Jessica Patterson is a revenge based character, you can make bank she will be working to undermine Lani and will also be working on an opponent to her in two years. Lani Kane’s victory was the third script-shredding occurence that happened before the convention.

The FBI visit was actually the 4th. I am not sure the idiots that called the Sheriff on me expected that. I can guarantee you they were not expecting me to put it out in the public domain either.

So, as the convnetion started, it appeared that all of the momentum was with the conservative resistence

We’d humiliated the CRP in to sending 125K of the RNC’s conveniently timed $200K to the recall, and people were hounding the CRP about the remaining $75K.

We’d generated State Level Media coverage against the infamous Rule 5 Kevin Faulconer endorsement. Jessica and crew were humiliated in to withdrawing the by-law change despite having the entire process rigged to jam it and the endorsement of Faulconer down.

We’d elected a hard-core conservative to an important CAGOP Board position, Chair of County Chairs. This highlighted the sad state of county parties (which I believe Jessica and her consultant controllers want), one of Patterson’s primary weaknesses

I had gotten to these people so bad, that they called the FBI on me. And the pivot was the CAGOP’s attorney who has multiple personal axes to grind with your intrepid blogger…

But – while this was happening, Steve Frank was doomed.

To be continued…

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  5 Responses to “CAGOP Update: The Rigged Convention Part 3, How We Broke the Script and Why Steve Frank Lost Part 1”

  1. It’s one thing when the Dems screw us over. It’s another when self-serving members of your own feckless party are just as corrupt. Makes a MAGA party look better and better.

  2. Arron
    Bless you for your continued reporting and fighting for truth in our party. Thanks to your blog and others such as Steve Franks, people are waking up to the corruption.

  3. Can you say what the FBIes were investigating?

    Blogger’s Note: The Staff were unable to handle my emails.

  4. If it were not for the insatiable appetite of the Republican establishment to devour their own, the Democrats in California would not be a super majority, and Republicans would have more seats in the legislature….and state-wide offices. They can’t see beyond their minority power.

  5. Time for all conservative groups to unite with Orrin Heatlie’s California Patriot Coalition. He has built a massive 50 plus county operation. We have our army. Let’s get to work.

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