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Blogger’s Note: This post was originally written as a comparison between Don Wagner and John Moorlach. Wagner got screwed over in 2016 by a whole bunch of people he had previously helped elect because Moorlach was the incumbent. I wonder how many of the people that scuttled Wagner’s attempted second run at Moorlach wish they had that stupid mistake back. I learned in subsequent years that Wagner was basically threatened with political destruction (implied was personal destruction) if he filed against Moorlach. This is the kind of behavior I refer to when I deride fealty to the status quo. Many people in the inner circles of politics will support corrupt, inept, morally bankrput incumbents to protect the status quo. I’ve seen it for years. Also take note of the warnings I wrote about the OCGOP’s slipping share of the vote in 2016. Moorlach’s moral failures and refusal to be a part of a team are a key part in the collapse of the OCGOP. 

Egocentric Narcissism. Ideological Harlotry. Use whatever words you want – John Moorlach has evolved in the last 22 years he has infested office.

Libertarian Icon Steven Greenhut wrote of Big Government John, “Moorlach’s not even recognizable as a conservative anymore.

While we are just getting started telling the Big Government John Story – let’s recap what we have learned thus far:

Now Senator Moorlach supported letting a water district in Humboldt County rip land off via eminent domain without safeguards to prevent resale of that land to other 3rd parties!

Now Senator Moorlach supports adding $200 million to the state’s budget to service a bloated state bureaucracy and the issuance of $1.8 Billion in Bonds that will accrue $130 million in interest. I think he flunked CPA school.

Now Senator Moorlach supports counting non-citizens in the census so that democrat districts get disproportionate weighting in redistricting.

The above three actions show that Moorlach’s detractors that have attacked him as a fraud in the past were right. He has continued his pattern in the State Senate.

It also makes sense that a man who favors screwing over citizens in the reapportionment process would also do absolutely nothing to help any republican candidates anywhere. When I say nothing – I mean nothing at all. But that has not stopped many of the lemmings within the crumbling OC GOP Establishment from ramming down meaningless endorsements for Moorlcah as they attempt to protect their own incumbency whilst arranging the deck chairs on the OC Titanic.

The OC GOP is in a tailspin. Their share of the vote has deteriorated from 68% in 1992 (for HW Bush) to 56% in 2012 (For Romney). Big Government John has been in office during most of that slide and he has done NOTHING to help stem the tide. He has actually made it worse:

He proposed an insane Illegal Alien Tax. Raising Taxes and enraging minorities at the same time – only Big Government John could pull that off.

In 2006 – Big Government John endorsed Measure N, a local measure intended to lengthen Term Limits for County Supervisors. He also worked to pass it. The voters rejected it. Late in his second term, he floated another proposal that his fellow supervisors torpedoed.

John Moorloch opposed a plan by Rossmoor to contract Police Services from the OC Sheriff’s Department. Did he prefer instead to force the residents in to a small un-viable city or worse, was he trying to force their annexation in to a neighboring Big Government?

Unfortunately, many of the lemmings in the OC GOP establishment are still living in 1992 and have not awaken to a generation of term limit babies whose lives are centered around maneuvering for the next office. John Moorlach is the poster child of said generation, having held office since I was in the military and attempting to eliminate term limits while in office.

Don Wagner gave $2000 to Donnelly for Governor. Yes, THAT Tim Donnelly. Don Wagner was anti-establishment before the establishment endorsed the Big Government John.

Leaders help others, often times at their own expense. Don Wagner has given over $300k to other Republican Candidates for office in the last two cycles. Wouldn’t he like to have that money in the bank right about now? Andy Vidak, Young Kim, Janet Nguyen, $15,000 to the OC GOP!!!

Team Moorlach derides these Republican Candidates as “Lackluster” in an attempt to minimize Moorlach’s selfish laziness to help the GOP. Their Fealty to their master is taking them to scary places

When the candidates Wagner helped elect stop bad bills, thank people like Don Wagner for doing his part to help us all.

Wagner is still trying to build the GOP – even while some of the candidates in local government who voted to endorse Moorlach against Wagner list Wagner as a donor on their own campaign reports! Perhaps they agreed with Moorlach’s attempts to gut term limits? Perhaps they are feeling nervous about their own re-elections and were afraid to set a precedent by doing the right thing versus the expedient thing?

The SD37 Race in 2016 is a defining moment for the Orange County GOP. You have a clear choice:

Today vs Yesterday

Consistent Record vs Conservative Fraud

Team Player vs Lone Wolf

Activist vs Statist

Wagner vs Moorlach. Choose wisely.

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