Dec 312020

Did the CAGOP just rip off money from the Gavin Newsom Recall?

Take a close look at the wording. This is one of the rare times the CAGOP has mentioned the Recall of Gavin Newsom. This is also the only time I can recall (there may have been one other), that they sent a link to the petition. Note that every time the mention of the recall has been accompanied by a fundraising appeal.

In this case, it is clear they are ripping off the recall of Gavin Newsom with deceptive wording by leaving out who the year end contribution is going to. (When you click the link out of the actual email, it leads to the CAGOP’s donation page)

As a side note – the Executive Director of the CAGOP is Sarah Nelson. She came up in the San Diego College Republicans (Think Kevin Faulconer’s crew), and Mr. Watkins most recently worked for Marie Waldron in the Assembly GOP Permanent Minority Caucus. It is a VERY Small world. I mention this, because I don’t believe Watkins wrote this email, but those that did had him sign it. It is also important to know why I believe and have written that the current leadership of the CAGOP have sold the party to Kevin Faulconer for Governor. (Voters be dammed)

It is time for the CAGOP’s leadership to be held accountable for these emails amongst other ghastly failures which we’ve been detailing in spades.

They don’t support the recall and they are attempting to rip people off who do. They basically told everyone working on the recall Up Yours, we want the money for ourselves. Jessica Patterson needs to be recalled just as much as Gavin Newsom does…

P.S. They sent the email at 2PM on New Year’s Eve. Who tries to rally support for anything at 2PM on New Year’s Eve???

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  4 Responses to “Jessica Patterson and CAGOP To Newsom Recall: UP YOURS. Sign the Petition, Give US the Money.”

  1. We do not support Mayor Kevin for Governor. Watch this. He made time in his busy schedule to fly to SF and 1) share in the sappy talk to promote Open Borders Inc which is not what the Rule of Law citizens want to hear 2) watch the entire Anti Trump debacle –

  2. The are trying to piggy back on the recall to raise money, no way to know if its for internal operations or to support Faulconer. With ‘Team Patterson’ everything is always about money…leadership is not even on the table. But it doesn’t matter anymore to me. I will be supporting John Cox for Governor and Steve Frank for Party Chair. Its time for Team Patterson and her consultant buddies at MP to start packing their bags (I hope).

  3. I will vote for a republican but in addition to this pathetic performance, Cox also spoke lovingly of Open Borders Inc in interviews. This, at a time we having a terrible surge across the border. We don’t have any great Gov candidates but Steve for Chair would be wonderful.

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