Nov 292020

They lied again. Did you know that John Moorlach got 57% of the vote in Sup D2 while losing his race for State Senate? At least this is a key claim he is making as he attempts to jam down endorsements despite the exploding scandal in his political operation relating to the cover up of the rape of one of his former Senate Staff.

Dear OC Lincoln Club and New Majority – this endorsement is not going to end well. Haste makes waste.

So, let’s take a look at the statement of the vote in Orange County. It is linked here, but the focus is on page 236.

You will note that John Moorlach took 93,519 votes in OC Sup D2. There were 175,211 votes cast. This is 53.37%. This is not 57%. Whoops.

Secondly, the release fails to mention that about large portion (it looks like half at least) of OC Sup D2 is OUTSIDE SD37 that Moorlach lost. This makes this assertion deceptive and an outright lie on two levels. The truth is he had a slim win in about half the district he is running for. This is far from the hyperbolic lie that is presented in the release.

Sadly, this is the Tim Clark I know. (Tim Clark was John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff when the victim was raped in 2015, who is alleged to have covered up the rape and Clark has been Moorlach’s campaign manager for many years and many campaigns) Fast and loose with the truth, sloppy and when challenged blames other people. Soon Clark will be answering for what he has done to the rape victim he is smearing (whose rape he attempted to cover up).

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Now back to today’s unethical behavior episode. There are several possibilities to explain this deceptive lie:

  1. Tim Clark was distracted by his non-stop smearing of the rape victim and did not do his homework.
  2. Tim Clark can’t do Algebra.
  3. Tim Clark lied once or twice in the release.
  4. All of the above
    Extra Credit: John Moorlach was asleep at the switch once again and has provided no oversight of his staff (as demonstrated by the cover up of the alleged rape in 2015 as well).

I see that the OC Supervisor Special Election is already off to a felonious start. Lovely. I see that Moorlach is asleep at the switch, yet his crew in the OC political establishment are covering for him. OC Voters deserve better than this sort of unchecked behavior from Moorlach and his staff (as well as the enabling from others).

P.S. for reference I took a screenshot of Page 236 of the OC Statement of the Vote to save those of you on slow computers or cell phones the trouble of looking for the money page:


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