Oct 122020

What in God’s green earth is all of this?

Stay Tuned. We are going to lay out even more information on the 25 year disaster that is Karm Bains.

Sign Destruction?

A 2010 Brawl? Yup – Karm Bains.

Despite 3 DUI’s Karm Bains still drinks and gets in trouble:

#1 Mr. Bains has been seen frequently by people imbibing at public functions. One example was a chamber of commerce function and another was on a taxpayer funded trip to Washington DC for Local Government known as Cap to Cap. Mr. Bains appears to be known as a heavy drinker. I am not sure of people knew that Bains has had legal trouble multiple times due to his drinking.

I can only surmise that the DUI’s and Alcohol Related incidents were expunged from his criminal record aided by cronies in local government.

#2 Mr. Bains has apparently attempted to bully people. Tamika Hamilton, running against Congressman Garamendi has had events in the area for her campaign. We’ve now been told by a couple of people that Bains was present at one event taking pictures of people in an attempt to intimidate donors to Hamilton. Note – Bains is a frequent donor to both Congressman LaMalfa and Garamendi. This appears to be a cost of doing business.

Learn more about Karm Bains’ inside connections.

We know about this stuff:

Karm Bains re-registered NPP despite being a lifelong democrat. Why? Should the fact that Governor Brown Appointed Karm, then a democrat to a cush job in 2018 be an issue?

Karm Bains has several criminal convictions, DUI, Wet and Reckless and refusing to take a sobriety test.

The younger Bains has also been sued for not paying his bills.

There are other more recent events that suggest that Karm is always at the center of trouble that we will get in to in a bit. So, in case you missed it, here we go…

6/16/1994            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Wet reckless (reckless driving where drugs or alcohol are involved)           Misdemeanor   Guilty

7/27/2000            Breach of Contract/Warranty      Civil        Settled

3/15/2001            Small claims $0 – $1500  Civil

6/30/2001            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor    Dismiss ed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor    No contest

Sentence enhancement for over .15 BAC;              Enhancement    No contest

Driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol;         Misdemeanor    Dismissed

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

10/19/2001         Driving with suspended/revoked license for refusing chemical test            Misdemeanor   No contest

1/22/2002            Breach of Contract/Warranty      Civil        Settled

7/22/2002            Small Claims > 12 Claims Filed     Civil

Now we are going to start filling in the gaps with the above information the we have just received 74 notations of liens and judgements. To Be Continued…

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