Jul 272020

We’ve written about David Stafford Reade for years. Reade has been making millions (no exaggeration) off of manipulating insider games and elections. Until 2020, I had not detected David Reade working for a democrat. (I probably need to do more research)

I’ve been told by several people in the North State that somethings seems off about Karm Bains (other than the fact that he looks like a villian in a James Bond Movie)

It did not take long to find out that Karm Bains is yet another political insider:

Karmdeep Bains, 44, of Yuba City, has been reappointed to the 13th District Agricultural Association, Yuba-Sutter Fair Board of Directors, where he has served since 2012. Bains has been co-owner at Coldwell Banker Commercial Valley Brokers since 2010 and owner and operator at Karm S. Bains Farms since 2006. He was farm manager at Didar Singh Bains Farms from 1992 to 2006. Bains is a board member of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation, California Cling Peach Association, Prune Bargaining Association, Walnut Bargaining Association and Sutter County Board of Education. This position does not require Senate confirmation and there is no compensation. Bains is a Democrat.

In the article where we learn that Karm Bains is a liberal democrat Jerry Brown appointee, we also see that the wife (or relation) of another David Stafford Reade client (ally) former Sutter Supervisor Larry Munger is on the list as well.

My research indicates that Karm Bains may well have re-registered NPP before filing for supervisor, which is a typical move that liberals make before running for office in a Conservative area. Note that Bains also holds an endorsement from Congressman John Garamendi who famously threatened to kick Donald Trump Jr.’s ass.

You’re going to find that mayhem and trouble seems to follow Karm Bains as we investigate the latest creation of the Reade Republican mafia in Northern California.

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