Oct 122020

Doorhangers. Easy stuff right?

Nope. Not when you have a party leadership that is not committed to grassroots.

Note the lack of perforation to hang on a doorknob. This was true of all of the doorhangers I learned about

Something piqued my interest. Where’s President Trump? Congressman Mike Garcia is on these as are Nominees Mark Reed and Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy. Of further interest was the complete slate of CAGOP Endorsements for Ballot Measures.

It seemed to me that it was another in a long list of Party Leadership Types dissing President Trump or trying to avoid the “T” Word.

Then I started reaching out.

Placer County got their Doorhangers and specifically had to request President Trump be included on theirs (in the form of adding him to their list) and got roughly half of what they ordered.

Madera County had to specifically request President Trump be included and again they got half their order. They were told President Trump could not be included because of a “federal money” issue. Was it a smokescreen or was it because the CAGOP was broke?

In Santa Clara County – a stunning harbinger of what I learned after getting this email several days ago:

Door hanger sample in mail to you.  Not only is there no cut out for door hanging, but CAGOP only printed 40K of the 70K order because “they ran out of money”. 

I guess we need to THANK YOU because the door hanger says PAID FOR BY THE VENTURA COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY

Santa Clara County has a chairman that is hostile to President Trump and who is the Chief of Staff for failed SD15 Candidate Johnny Khamis (who left the GOP over Trump). Naturally, President Trump is not on the Santa Clara Doorhanger. (The Doorhanger is to large to post – so a snippet is provided)

Again, note no perforation to hang the thing on a doorknob

That email was sent on 10-5-2020. Had the CAGOP run out of money days before I learned about it? 10-8-2020 we broke the news that the CAGOP was out of Candidate Dollars.

Tuolumne – as of the date I wrote this blog had not received any literature despite ordering it.

Santa Barbara – apparently the county committee decided to have President Trump added to their doorhangers. They also got less than they ordered, not specified how much less.

Other counties, such as Contra Costa and Alameda do not have President Trump on their websites (but I can’t speak to their doorhangers, if they got any). You’d have to wonder if there was some sort of consensus in the Bay Area Counties against displaying President Trump on any of their communications. Note that other federal candidates are present.

The Conclusion – the Doorhanger drill was beset with a complete lack of regard, attention to detail or organization. Why do you do doorhangers without perforation? Was it to save money because the party was/is broke? We were told about multiple typos and formatting errors as if the operation was being run haphazard.

Some counties were told they could not include the president, others were. Some counties excluded the President. One County got no literature and all the others got roughly half of what they ordered.

Two counties were told, “They ran out of money”.

But in all cases the doorahangers we’ve seen all thanked “Chairwoman Jessica Patterson” for the effort. Yikes. I am not sure I’d want to take credit for this.

What a dumpster fire. We were told that Jessica Patterson could raise the money and “take the fight to the democrats. Right now I’d settle for her proving she could take out a Hamburger from the drive-thru.

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  3 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Nothing Sums Up the Disaster Better Than This. The Doorhanger Dumpster Fire.”

  1. Thanks to the Placer County Central Committee, all candidates were listed from President on down. They took us awhile to get (due to CAGOP) but the Republicans in Sun City Roseville were quite appreciative thanks to the delivering done on time by the Tea Party Roseville.

  2. Mark Reed?
    Mark Reed…The same raving lunitic anti-Semite (No just plain Jew Hating) life long “Paulestinian” Mark Reed?


  3. Aaron, can we now agree that Steve Frank should be the Party Chair? You need to remember Jessica was an alternative choice when Brulte’s first choice was ‘outed’ as a never Trumper.

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