Aug 052020

#1 As of the writing of this blog, the CAGOP has not mentioned AD67 nominee Kelly Seyarto once in any emails. Kelly Seyarto is using Dave Gilliard as his consultant and Dave Gilliard is blacklisted by CAGOP leadership… and the presence of Gilliard was a nexus in…

#2 SD23. Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (formerly just Bogh) is the only Senate Candidate considered viable that has more money than her Dem opponent. Remember, Matt Klemin and the CAGOP Leadership brain trust bankrupted themselves picking the primary winner (Lloyd White was polling in First Place so they had to drop $1.5 Million in that race to dispatch Lloyd White and teach Dave Gilliard a lesson about who’s boss).

UPDATE – I was emailed by Scott Wilk.

The numbers you printed from Steve Frank are wrong.
I have COH of $542K in report (as of yesterday $607K) and my opponent $141K.
Ling and Moorlach have COH leads as well.
Below were numbers sent to me. It appears Steve Frank’s numbers were before the current reports were released.


a.Scott Wilk   Kipp Mueller     279,819   369,511

The Democrat has $90,000 MORE than the Republican

b. Ling Ling Chang  Josh Newman  346,973  875,950

Democrat has $529,000 more than the Republican

c.  John Moorlach  Dave Min  425,216  507,796

Democrat has $82,000 more than the Republican

d.  Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh  Abigail Medina  376,078  168,788

The GOP has a $192,000 money lead

Credit: Steve Frank.

2a. Note that Once Jesus Andrade got humiliated in SD05 (despite Klemin and Leadership pouring $200K in to him), Jim Ridenour the SD05 nominee has been ignored. White males need not apply.

3. It also appears from information presented in Steve Frank’s blog that the “Leadership” have given up on top Target AD74 (Diane Dixon) and have ceded AD76 and AD77 forever. Apparently, they are content to be a super-minority.

3a. Consistent with his life-long pattern, puppet-master Jeff Randle can’t help himself. Seeing an R vs R runoff in AD38 they can’t stay away from while the party is at risk of losing a slew of other seats. I am being told that party insiders are attempting to meddle in AD38 despite the fact that a Republican will win. Let that sink in then look at…

4. AD42 Andrew Kotyuk. Have you heard a thing about him from CAGOP Leadership? How many of you can readily identify his opponent? This is by design in my opinion. These same people that pushed Chad Mayes to run Cap and Trade, then abandoned him when the firestorm ensued were really going to deliver anything for Andrew Kotyuk? (But, they did demand Kotyuk not hire Nathan Miller)

5. When Jessica Patterson was not done retaliating against Nathan Miller for supporting and helping Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair, she participated in lynching two CAGOP nominees #CA10 Ted Howze and #CA35 Mike Cargile. Both had dealings with Jessica Patterson’s buddy Scott Winn and both are Travis Allen supporters – they had to die. Well, allow your intrepid blogger to lay out a hitlist of targets as presented by Forbes. It just so happens that the Q anon thing is being used as cover for lynching undesirables by party leadership because the Q anon supporters recognize Jessica Patterson as a tool of the #nevertrump GOP.

The 14 candidates Forbes confirmed citing QAnon include one candidate for the U.S. Senate, Jo Rae Perkins, the Republican candidate in Oregon; KW Miller, an independent House candidate in Florida; and 12 Republican House candidates: Joyce Bentley, Nev.; Mike Cargile, Calif.;  Erin Cruz, Calif.; Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ga; Alison Hayden, Calif; Buzz Patterson, Calif.; Nikka Piterman, Calif; Bill Prempeh, N.J.; Theresa Raborn, Ill.; Angela Stanton-King, Ga.; Rob Weber ,Philanise White, Ill.

Nikka is running for CA-13. Erin Cruz is running for CA-36 (However, she is alleged to have turned on Travis Allen in a secret deal with Patterson the night before the Chairman’s election.) Alison Hayden is CA-15. Buzz Patterson is CA-07. He was mentioned as a target previously. (Source article)

The “leadership” of the CAGOP may back off now that their attempted lynching of SD25 Candidate Kathleen Hazelton failed.

6. Has anyone heard about Refunds of their $1200 delegate fees to the RNC convention yet? 6A. Has anyone heard about any sort of transparency and/or audit of the money spent on “deposits” as a pretense to refund less than the full $1200?

7. The Biden supporting delegates (again quoting Steve Frank)

Up date on the continuing saga of Pro Biden, Anti-GOP Senators Lincoln Project organizers using their status as California Republican Party delegates—giving them “credibility in their fight against the Republican Party—from the inside, openly and proudly.

Complaints were filed against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado—soon a compliant will be filed against Ben Avey.  All are part of the Lincoln Project effort to defeat President Trump and SEVEN Republican U.S. Senators, including folks like Susan Collins –the protect just spent one million on TV ads in Maine against her.

Madrid and Alvarado have been sent by certified mail letters informing them of the charges.  They have thirty days to reply.  At that point the Chair, Jessica Patterson has to appoint a three person panel to investigate.  If she wanted to, she could delay any vote on this till after the November election—or have the vote no later than September 15.  By waiting and stalling, she allows her supporters—all three collected proxies for her in February, 2019—to harm the national Republican Party still using the title CRP delegate.

Please let the CRP Board of Directors know you want this quickly resolved.  The Chair can appoint a Committee today.  They can investigate over the next three weeks.  Then, when the 30 days are up, hold the hearings needed to make a decision.  The Republican Party and President Trump deserve fast action, not slow walking.

We are keeping score. The CAGOP leadership need to understand we are watching them get rich off of controlled failure. We are done with it. Make sure they know you are too.

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