Jul 102020

It is consistent with the elected class. Take a lousy position, get nuked for it and then watch them triple down on the position. Barack Hussein Obama perfected it. The American Media is an embodiment of it.

Marie Waldron – who routinely re-tweets leftist icon Van Jones is a sold-out maven of open Prison Doors. Today, she abused her official email account to beat her chest over her wrong-headed get out of jail free stance. (Think: Reframing the message)

Meantime, the CAGOP wants you to buy their SWAG so that way the $250K a year salary Jessica Patterson is making (in part to screw over everyone that did not vote for her Ted Howze, Greg Raths, Ignoring the OCGOP in favor of sell-out Tyler Diep, Ignoring Kelly Seyarto, taking credit for Mike Garcia after stiffing him in the primary, etc…)

You, yes you can wear the attire of controlled failure:

The attire of controlled failure. Soon to be on Going out of Business Blowout Prices. (aka Limited Edition)

Note: in two month’s worth of forwarded emails NOT ONE MENTION OF PRESIDENT TRUMP. Not. One. This is the 1990’s era consultant strategy, ignore conservatives and assault anyone you can’t control. 

And now for a word from the Permanent Minority Leader on how she want to release felons in to your neighborhood in the name of COVID. Note: Matt Fleming is the contact – he has been highlighted on this blog in the past for his role in the Tyler Diep caper.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          CONTACT: Matt Fleming
July 10, 2020                                                         (916) 319-2075
Assembly Republican Leader Waldron Statement on COVID-19 Prison Crisis

SACRAMENTO: Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron issued the following statement in response to media reports today outlining attempts by Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to address the COVID-19 crisis in California correctional facilities:

“Today the CDCR took a major step to address the seriousness of the pandemic crisis in our correctional facilities by allowing alternative confinement or release with full re-entry plans and federal grants for housing of high-risk medical inmates and non-violent offenders who would be released anyway within 180 days. Much more remains to be addressed.

“The coronavirus brings into focus the serious threat that a pandemic and other disasters can inflict on the incarcerated population, staff and criminal justice operations in our state. Recent media reports have exposed many problems in California’s prisons, including a lack of space, access to physical and mental healthcare, safety equipment and sanitary supplies, as well as shutdowns of services, building deficiencies, increased trauma due to disruptions in communication with loved ones, and of course a general lack of preparedness by the state.

“As we warned, and are now seeing manifested, the virus will not stay within prison walls; the threat to all our communities remains high. There’s still more work to be done, as plans must be upgraded and put into place to address disasters and pandemics going forward that protect the health, safety and dignity of inmates and staff.

“For example, my bill, AB-2876, would immediately create a task force requiring the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, governor and Legislature to take recommendations from stakeholders in developing and implementing emergency preparedness plans for correctional facilities.

“Nationwide, eight of the top ten COVID hotspots are prisons. Worse yet, experts agree that prison cases have been severely undercounted. My hope is that the Governor and my colleagues in the Legislature have finally recognized the seriousness of the situation and will commit to working on improving conditions and safety in our correctional facilities.”

Got all that? use democrat COVID talking points and celebrate overreactions and prisoner releases. (which she was promoting pre-COVID mind you) Your Minority Leader is an open prisons liberal. “Much more remains to be addressed” – I support releasing at least 20 convicted felons to Marie Waldron’s neighborhood and the neighborhoods of all of the democrats that are pushing this too. We will see how much they support crime and no punishment.

What’s next for Waldron? Defund the police? Trust me, if Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson saw some sort of political advantage in supporting Felon Free Cards or Defunding the Police they’d jump on the bandwagon. This sort of unprincipled focus group politics is what is in charge of the CAGOP now.

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