May 142020

Did you know that the CAGOP’s Staff have almost completely turned over? Just Yesterday Cynthia B resigned. It is alleged that Jessica and others were making her life hell as she was about the last person standing from the previous administrations.

We’ve already made it clear that Jeff Randle, the man behind the curtain has a long established pattern of command and control. If you are not on the “Good” list you are shunned. I am proudly on the “Blacklist” that people deny the existence of that everyone knows exists.

We detailed how the CAGOP ignored the will of the local party in AD72 keeping an endorsement of the corrupt, flawed Tyler Diep in force despite the OCGOP which represents 100% of the population of AD72 withdrawing the endorsement of Diep and asking the OCGOP to do so as well. Diep lost the primary and will be out of office in December, but he served his purpose by betraying his political father Travis Allen on behalf of Jessica Patterson.

IN #CA25 – the local parties endorsed Mike Garcia. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you realize that Garcia HAMMERED Christy Smith by at least 10% (he leads by 12% right now before Dean Logan and crew “count” the outstanding ballots). DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CAGOP also ignored the will of the local parties and ignored endorsing in #CA25?

Insiders have been clear with me that Kevin McCarthy put his finger on the scale because of his inexplicable recruiting and supporting of the feckless retread Steve Knight in the primary. It is well-known that Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson are products of the Bill Thomas/Pete Wilson now Kevin McCarthy machine. So, the rest of the party be dammed.

In mid-late March with no fanfare the CAGOP finally acceded to the will of the local parties and endorsed Mike Garcia only after he was the last Rep standing. Note: I supported and was paid a few dollars by one of Garcia’s primary opponents, but the point about Jessica Patterson et. al. ignoring the will of the local GOP in violation of state By-Laws stands.

In that same meeting they also finally endorsed PRESIDENT Trump as well. Remember the LA Times interview with Jessica Patterson where she was explicit about how part of the strategy for the GOP was to attempt to ignore the “T” word?

Interspersed in all of this is the sudden replacement of Cynthia B. with an acolyte of the Mitt Romney / Meg Whitman team for Executive Director of the CAGOP. That’s correct, the new ED of the CAGOP is one of Randle’s crew. She also worked for Marco Rubio in 2016 as did most all of them. Weather or not she is a Never-Trumper is debatable, but you can rest assured that she will do what she is told by the rest of the team that are remiss to mention the “T” word.

The “T-Word” was front and center in the #CA25 Race.

Now Jessica Patterson is on national TV taking credit for Mike Garcia’s win. This is disingenuous at best. She did Kevin McCarthy’s bidding – showing the local GOP the back of her hand and then after the Special Primary made some token efforts but delivered next to nothing in the way of material support for Mr. Garcia.

If you are a CAGOP delegate – you can count on Jessica taking credit for Garcia’s win in her attempt to get re-elected. All of you who have been shut out of anything CAGOP by team Jessica should also be prepared for her to take credit for your actions on PRESIDENT Trump’s behalf as well.

Don’t worry though, your intrepid blogger is watching – including reporting on the completion of the purge of CAGOP staff and the tightening of the grip by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

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  2 Responses to “#CA25 and CAGOP Update: Taking Credit for a Win They Opposed Then Did Little or Nothing For? Bonus: Staff Purge Continues”

  1. Very informative Aaron. Did not know about the turnover issues.

  2. That was surprising to find out that Cynthia B is gone.
    Was it suppose to be a secret?

    Blogger’s Note: I don’t think I was supposed to find out about it as quickly as I did. Much less knowing the circumstances behind it.

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