Apr 232020

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This is really simple. CA-25 is the Katie Hill seat. Hill was forced to resign due to her out of control lifestyle. Hill, typical of the breed of politician that has infested the body politic these days is running around like she is the victim. The democrats are enraged by the resignation of one of their “Millenial Rising Stars”. They want blood.

For reasons I am still unsure of Former Congressman Steve Knight decided to jump in the race and forced Garcia to have to spend a ton of money despite the lead he had of endorsements and fundraising. Now Congressman Kevin McCarthy who was responsible for Knight’s entry in to the Congressional Race is supporting Garcia.

This is the bottom line for your intrepid blogger – Christy Smith is a marionette of Democrat Leadership. She is not independent and is 100% dependent on the democrat machine. Mike Garcia has a record of his own and life accomplishments with which to make a case on merits independent of political machines for why he is qualified.

If you care about the recovery from COVID-19, dealing with China and the national media – Mike Garcia is your man. Christy Smith will do whatever Nancy Pelosi tells her to do. It is also obvious that the democrats have lost their swagger now that they can’t harvest ballots with COVID-19 ruling the day.

Read more about Mike Garcia Here. He is ex-military flying jets and currently works for Raytheon a gigantic defense contractor. He also dabbles in real estate on the side buying, fixing and selling houses.

In order to vote for Mike Garcia – please see the below information from his website:

Voter Registration

Check your voter registration HERE.

  • All voters will be receiving vote-by-mail ballots, so make sure your mailing address is correct on your registration

Not registered?

Deadline to register for May 12 Special Election online or by mail is April 27

Register to vote HERE.

Receiving Your Ballot

With COVID Stay-at-Home order in place, all registered CA-25 voters will receive a ballot by mail

  • Ballots began shipping April 13

Ballot Tracking

To track your ballot, use the links below:

Ventura County 

Los Angeles County

Marking Your Ballot

  • Make sure to use only blue or black ink
  • Fill the oval matching your vote choice
  • U.S. Representative for the 25th Congressional District is the only race on the ballot

Returning Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

By Mail:

  1. Remove ballot stub from Official Ballot Card. (This is your receipt).
  2. Place Official Ballot Card in the Ballot Secrecy Sleeve.
  3. You can return your ballot by mail, there is no postage necessary.
  4. Sign the back of the Ballot Return Envelope.
    – If you don’t sign it, it doesn’t count.
    – Signature must match voter registration record.

Mail delivery may be delayed. Be sure to mail your ballot early.

  • Ballots must be postmarked on or before May 12th

By Dropbox:

  • All ballots must be returned by 8pm on Election Day (May 12th)

Ventura County (Simi Valley)

Ballots dropped off in person must be received no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Voted ballots may be dropped off at a 24/7, outside, secured drop box at the following locations:

  • Simi Valley City Clerk, 2929 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley
  • Ventura County Government Center, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura 
    • Ballot Drop Boxes available in front of the Hall of Administration and Hall of Justice buildings

Los Angeles County

Beginning April 13, any voter may drop off their completed ballot at any of the drop-off locations throughout Congressional District 25.

For dropbox locations, click HERE.

In-Person Voting:

Ventura County


Los Angeles County

Beginning May 2, any voter may visit any Vote Center throughout Congressional District 25 and cast their ballot.

L.A. County is encouraging voters to stay at home and vote. Although, in this election we will offer in-person voting in a limited capacity and will strictly follow the public health and safety guidelines to ensure we provide a safe voting environment.

COVID-19 Information for Voting In-Person:

  1. Social distancing will be enforced at the check-in and voting process
  2. The Ballot Marking Devices will be sanitized after every voter
  3. Gloves will be provided to voters upon request
  4. Election Workers will be wearing glove

For a list of Vote Centers, click HERE.

Vote Centers Open:

May 2 – May 11: 8 AM – 5 PM

Election Day, May 12: 7 AM – 8 PM


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