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I got an email forwarded to me with a link to an article from the California Political News. This stuff is re-posted raw with no editorialization.

The Status of the Republican Party in California—By the Numbers

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views  3/9/20

Sen. Jim Brulte, rate of $180,000 per year   former Assemblyman, State Senator

Democrat  Chair Rusty Hicks   $127.500 a year     Former Labor union leader

Jessica Patterson, $250,000 per year   Founder of California Trailblazers, political staffer

The first step for an addict is to admit you have a problem, if they want to recover.

On February 29 Cynthia Bryant, the CEO/ED of the California Republican Party sent an eBlast to the CRP email list.

The opening line was, “And it got me thinking about what a leap the California Republican Party has made since I arrived here 7 years ago.”  She makes a great point.  Let us see the advances made by the Republican Party in California since 2013.   following is totally objective, with all the statistics coming from the Secretary of State.  The numbers speak for themselves.  All of this is public record—both the Democrats and the media have it.  No State secrets.  You determine the “leap the Republican Party has made in seven years.


May 2012                           17,915,053

February 18, 2020           20,660,465

GOP Registration

2013                                    5,186,492

Feb. 18. 2020                     4,937,986

From close of registration for 2012 Primary till close of registration for 2020 Primary

2,745,412 MORE Voters

248,506 LESS Republicans

There are 153 Legislative seats up in each General Election:  80 Assembly, 20 State Senate and 53 Congressional.  How many November General Election seat did not have a Republican on the ballot?

2012:  Congress—8 races without a Republican

Senate       6 races without a Republican

Assembly   15 races without a Republican

2014:  Congress     8 races without a Republican

Senate         5 races without a Republican

Assembly     12 races without a Republican

2016:    Congress        9 races without a Republican

Senate          6 races without a Republican

Assembly  15 races without a Republican

2018:  Congress     7 races without a Republican

Senate         6 races without a Republican

Assembly     19 races without a Republican

2020:      Congress 8 races without a Republican

Senate      9 races without a Republican

Assembly  18 races without a Republican

Office Holders

2013       Congress      12 GOP members

Senate          14  GOP members

Assembly      28 GOP members

2015       Congress        11 GOP members

Senate            12 GOP members

Assembly        25 GOP members

2017        Congress                12 GOP members

Senate                      12 GOP members

Assembly                24 GOP members

2019         Congress                 6  GOP members (Hunter vacancy)

Senate                     10  GOP members (Plus one GOP vacancy)

Assembly                 18 GOP members

Note that in 2016 and 2018 the United States Senate race had TWO Democrats on the November ballot, NO Republican.

It should be noted that except for September, 2019, the California Republican Party has not had a voter registration project since March, 2013.  During that time the Democrats, the unions, Tom Steyer all had major voter registration efforts.

All the information listed above came from the California Secretary of State’s web site

After reading the real numbers do they represent the “leap” you wanted from the past seven years?  Before we can recover, we have to admit we have a problem.

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  4 Responses to “The CAGOP by the Numbers.”

  1. California, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

    I am not afraid to admit it.

  2. I am suggesting that we change the compensation of our state chair effective 2021 with a Merit Pay solution. She does not deserve 250,000, she needs to earn it with a merit pay formula. I know it costs money to go up and down the state and also to raise a family, but a merit pay formula would be a GREAT idea to submit for the next convention.

    Other problem we have is Turd Two needs to be rejected. We deserve statewide nominees for US Senate. If Jessica and friends waged war against Lloyd for SD 23, they should just be as vigilant to get rid of excess US Senate candidates.

  3. We as republicans need to create another movement like the “TEA PARTY” inspiration to reduce taxes to bring back freedom to the people. We need celebration for freedom,

  4. How can the CRP NOT endorse Trump in the Primary and the Chair publicly broadcast that we are not to discuss Trump in CA– and yet be put in charge of “delegate” selection and the state campaign? I suggest everyone signup to help the RNC and your regional Congressional Candidate here>>

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