Mar 262020

It is obvious that our political leaders in California are tone deaf and completely out of touch.

During the run up to the CAGOP Chairman’s Race we talked about the scarlet memo called “Reframing the Message“. This document was allegedly created by $350,000 worth of Chad Mayes’ money. (Mayes is no longer a Republican, and Mainschein who is featured all over the document is also no longer a Republican)

The goal of the project was to figure out how to sell sentencing reform, global warming and other leftist pillars to a Republican Audience. The paper claims that it is how to sell Republican ideas to non-Republicans.

It is clear that the leadership of the legislature and to a lesser extent the leadership of the state party are on a suicide mission to implement the “Reframing the Message” plan. The voter registration materials I saw from the state party were so watered down and uninspiring that they were hard to read – but lines were pulled out of this disaster verbatim.

So why would I not be surprised to see Pardoned Murderer Esteban Nunez and Far-Left Wackjob Van Jones (nominated by Obama and torpedoed when video of him calling all Republicans “assholes” surfaced) as part of an inmates’ rights group? Remember, Esteban Nunez’ sentence commutation was done late in Governor Arnold’s tenure as governor and Nunez’ father is none other than former Dem Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. (Who happened to be a business partner of Arnold’s post office) Based on what I read, Nunez murdered someone in cold blood and law enforcement objected to the commutation given by Arnold. Worse, the victim’s family learned about it from a reporter because Arnold was too much of a coward to notify them himself!


Cut50 is a group that advocates for sentencing reform – aka go soft on criminals. #dayofempathy is their signature event where they tell sob stories about convicts to make people forget about the crime victims.

Here is Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron participating in undermining law enforcement.

There is no discussion of fatherlessness. There is no discussion of the correlation of the social welfare system to crime. There is no discussion of any of the societal trends that are leading to higher crime – just typical feel-good pablum about the poor criminals.

If you want to know why the GOP in California is teetering on extinction – it is because leaders like Marie Waldron are attempting to adopt the same policies that have turned California in to a disaster in many ways, and…

Leave us not forget she was a huge impediment to getting rid of the scandal-marred William “Bill” Brough in AD73 as well as defending the corrupt, liberal Tyler Diep in AD72.

We deserve better as a party and we deserve better as Californians.

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  1. This reflects badly on Marie Waldron, who is supposed to know better. I know she needs to get along with Democrats but she can do that without co-opting their destructive policies.

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