Mar 092020
“Dave Tellman’s actions as a  supervisor in the Placer County D.A.’s office ultimately resulted  in a  lawsuit for sexual discrimination against a former female employee of the D.A.’s office which cost Placer County almost $3,000,000. 00

The entire event of the sexual discrimination against that former female employee was unnecessary and unprofessional in the first place.  Dave Tellman wrote and signed the document which falsely accused the female employee of  certain dereliction of duty so that the DA’s Office could retaliate against her. This started a series of events which finally ended in Placer County paying the former female employee $2,000,000 in public finds and paying lawyer’s fees in the approximate amount of $850,000 totaling approximately $3,000,000 of expenses paid by the county.

Moreover, Dave Tellman was part of a management team, controlled by Jeff Wilson, which retaliated against Placer County employees, engaged in intimidation, and humiliated women with crude language.  These actions have brought on several complaints and claims.  For the sake of political advancement, and for the sake of not risking retaliation himself, Tellman did not stand up to ADA Wilson and failed in his duty to alert Scott Owens, the former absentee DA, of the sexual discrimination, retaliation and intimidation going on in his own department.
Tellman has shown by his history that he should not be appointed as the D.A. If Tellman is placed in a position of power it is quite likely that Jeff Wilson will be kept on in his position to direct his authoritarian megalomaniac intimidation, retaliation and political coercion and continue to expose Placer County to claims and lawsuits.”
There are varied opinions about Dave Tellman. There is a rumor I need to confirm that Morgan Gire, endorsed by the Placer County Republican Party will appoint Tellman as his #2. Some people like Dave Tellman and others see him as an extension of Jeff Wilson – up until Wilson passed him over for a promotion in 2018. It is clear that Tellman is much nicer and much more of a bureaucrat than Wilson could ever be.
Then there is this: (I left the typos in to prove authenticity and have redacted parts of the email to protect the identity of the employee that sent it to me)

I’ve debated for a while on if I should contact you. I’ve been promised anonymity before, only to be thrown under the bus. BUT I’ve been urged by many people to contact you.

So, here goes…
I am a current DA employee & have witnessed & been a target of Jeff Wilson & his flunkies. Even though they have nothing they can use against me, that didn’t mean they won’t lie in order to fire me if Jeff Wilson gets named DA. So please do not use my name or email.
Everything you’ve heard about how awful he & his friends are is completely accurate. Karin Bjork, Todd Kuhnen, Coral Borgane(sp?), etc… Those lawsuits are perfect examples. The nicest way I can think of you describe Jeff Wilson is to say he would have made an excellent mob boss in the last century.
My personal situation is that while my (edited – family members) were sick & dying, Wilson & his investigator buddy Jeff Cameron, called me in to reprimand me (verbal only) for a post I made on Facebook.  (Keep in mind my account is private & ice blocked everyone at work, so the only way they have access is to “back door” in via the investigators) I had already removed that post so it wasn’t even an issue. Basically it was “we have this printed out” & we’re just going to hold it over your head.
Then my (other family member) became terminally ill & Wilson knew it & during that time they purposely went after me or made comments to the effect that they were watching me. I tolerated this for months. I endured it while going thru the toughest point of my life.  Then 1 day i made a simple error & forgot to specifically “spell out” a service request. Jeff Cameron’s response was rude & insulting. I turned to my union rep, who told me to file a complaint. So I did. It was dismissed because Jeff Wilson & Jeff Cameron convinced personnel that I filed the complaint in retaliation for them talking to me some 8 months prior!.
They’ve basically painted me as a vengeful employee. Which is absolutely not true. I simply reach the point where I either let them break me or I fight back.
I chose to fight back. I’ve filed 2 complaints with the county whistle blowers – no results! I have a deposition in Todd Kuhnens law suit and I’ve lived in fear of being fired for falsified reasons for more than 5 years now. I’ve interviewed with other departments, but have not been able to transfer. I actually like my job & most the people I work with…it’s the select/elite few that make it miserable.
The promoted DAs to look into as far as being a Wilson follower are: Doug Van Breeman, Jennifer Miszkewycz.  Neither 1 of them should have even been a top contender for their positions, let alone get them. Wilson has passed over many highly qualified & great attorneys in favor of his buddies….or if they are related to cops or judges (Miszkewycz is both).
He also has secretaries in his buddy pool. Melissa Penwell wasn’t even eligible to apply, yet was promoted to a senior secretary. Heather Beggs, Kara Wagner & Teresa Gralian all have less senority, worse attendance, poorer work performance & dress then many many others….yet they were promoted…Teresa because she is Wilson’s buddy & will do whatever he tells her to. Heather because her dad & husband are PCSO deputies….the list goes on.
Jeff Wilson & his flunkies have made this a bad place to work. I used to be proud to tell people where I work. Now I just say i work for the county.
I have worked directly under David Tellman for years. I don’t think he is the guy you’re thinking he is. That letter you posted only listed him, among others on a committee, he didn’t actually sign it, correct?  That’s how Wilson works. He “attaches” people so they cannot fight or argue later. That being said, I don’t think Mr. Tellman would be an effective DA. He is a lot like Scott Owens.
Anyway, there is way to much to go into right now, but just know you are on the right track & Jeff Wilson & his buddies need to be removed from positions of power, if not fired. All of his promotions need to be reviewed & possibly undone. He is a very shady person who is willing to toss friends to the Wolves to save his own skin. He is very good at manipulating facts & people. He knows exactly what he’s done but has been untouchable for years. 
Please keep doing what you’re doing. And maybe we can get the DAs office back to what it should be!
This will be continued as I have had explosive confidential interviews with even more people. Anyone in senior management in the current Placer County DA’s office need to retire, be fired or prosecuted for what they have done if all I am being told is true. The Placer County Supervisors need to rule out all current management as well.
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  One Response to “Placer DA Update: People are Speaking Out About Dave Tellman and Jeff Wilson. Note the Fear of Retaliation.”

  1. I hesitated as well up until now. With all due respect , every single one of the “players involved” know well exactly who you are and what you did. There can not possibly be enough space devoted to this Blog that will factually and adequately define or explain the volumes of unspoken words and material yet to be offered .

    The ultimate disgrace lies in the leadership and governance , that by design, should have had the immediate professional integrity to stand and move forward to stop it. Instead the deviant self serving nature of an entire process kept devoted hard working good people in real fear.

    What else is hidden? If Placer County Board of Supervisors think this is over, they may want to go back and re visit all of those “lost records of communications”. This looks like a beginning to me. The selection of a replacement DA seems like an opportunity for deep disclosure and real change.

    What has occurred as a result of arrogance and entitlement ? Here we are all as a group, continuing to be repeatedly harmed in the same way. As details unfold and now that my name appears, and I have since retired, I am in it again.

    There are numerous individuals named so far that concern me. Dates and details that have recently been disclosed are helping me create a more clear picture of what I endured.

    We are all looking for answers to understand the mistreatment and clearly have been led to believe there is nothing short of leaving that will end it. Well as I read the documents and see what is still happening, it all still seriously sickens me.

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