Mar 102020

Malignant Narcissist is the term that comes to mind. This is the personality profile I believe fits Jeff Wilson.

One hallmark of a Malignant Narcissist is to discard people once they are no longer useful. Despite being promoted, empowered and enabled by Former DA Scott Owens – acting DA Jeff Wilson has told Scott Owens to go away. Wilson as acting DA has decreed that there will be no going away party for Scott Owens.

Nice, isn’t it? Where is Dave Tellman to speak out about this abuse? This is 100% my issue with Tellman, he has been a yes man, follower for years. He filed the first salvo in the lynching of Karin Bjork. He is part of the Brady Committee that is retaliating against the two cops that testified on behalf of Brad Alford.

Even after getting passed over for a promotion (that went to Jennifer Miskowicz and Doug Van Breemen), Tellman still never spoke up about the abuses of Jeff Wilson. He laid in the weeds and then filed an application for the DA appointment.

Good morning!
As an employee of the Placer County DA’s office, I have been following your blog posts.  The information you are receiving regarding Jeff Wilson and his management ‘style,’ is for the most part pretty accurate.  I say that knowing the people who are providing information are doing so from their perspective of events that have occurred.  One commenter accurately touches on how the “at will” employees were put in a position to carry out Wilson’s instructions or be demoted/targeted.  If you or anybody else doubts that, please review the Karin Bjork transcripts in which 1) she was targeted for standing up to Wilson and demoted from her at will position and 2) the fact the county had no standing to intervene because our department head is an elected (specifically, refer to the transcripts of the HR director and Owens regarding why Wilson wasn’t punished by the county when it was determined he violated county policy).  I make this point because we (all employees, including those at will) had nowhere to turn to stop Wilson.  Owens was virtually absent for years and, for this reason, Wilson went unchecked.  In my opinion, the county is completely liable in this situation for not setting up rules/process to punish employees who violate county policy, regardless if the elected agrees with the violation.
While most information you are receiving so far is accurate, I feel compelled to correct you (and those providing you with information) on the Brady protocol.  Your most recent blogs suggest that because Dave Tellman was cc’d on a memo he was involved in the “lynching” of officers.  If true, then Jeff Wood and Mary Green are also involved.  It’s disingenuous to suggest that just because somebody is cc’d on a memo that they were involved.
As an employee that has had to refer evidence on a police officer to the Brady committee for review, let me explain how it works.  The “committee” often doesn’t become involved until an officer requests a hearing to dispute/address whatever they were sent in the letter.  In this specific case, nobody cc’d on the Rocklin officer’s letters was involved in the original decision to draft/serve the letter you post in your blog, except Wilson and the letter drafter (VanBreemen, who is absolutely Wilson’s puppet).
I respect employees who are speaking out, even if some are misinformed or misguided.  I respect you for recognizing and blogging about these issues.  Please, to maintain credibility, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by those with an agenda.  To shred Tellman because he was cc’d on a memo, with no evidence he was directly involved in the charging, prosecution, and/or serving of Brady letters of Rocklin officers, is wrong.  Common sense, based on the information coming out about Wilson and his tactics, should be all the evidence anybody needs to understand the dynamics of what was occurring and the position it put ALL employees in, including those at will.
I asked some follow up questions of the person that sent me this email: (Perhaps any of you reading would like to enlighten me if you’d like)
Questions for you – I have a lot of additional info on Tellman that suggests he is a bureaucrat with an agenda.
Was he or was he not one of Wilson’s hatchet men until late 2018 when he was passed up for a promotion?
Why do you think so many people are either defending Tellman or trashing him for separate reasons?
Why should I trust Tellman to be any different than Scott Owens was?
Then there is this:
1. The DDA’s are concerned that they will be retaliated against if they tell their experiences, even anonymously.  That may change, however, after future posts.
2. The Auditor’s whistleblower investigation of the D.A.’s office is on-going.
3. Below is an email I received from a retired employee:
I am a retired employee who worked in the Placer County District Attorney’s Office for 25+ years.  It was an honor to work there.  I was very proud to have worked with so many hard working employees.  That honor and pride were shattered when Jeff Wilson was promoted to Assistant District Attorney.  I was in a supervisory position and within days of his promotion I was stripped of my duties and humiliated by his treatment.  I personally experienced Mr. Wilson’s abuse, intimidation and harassment’s after this took place.  I was very fearful of Mr. Wilson and felt forced to retire in 2011.”
If anyone has information related to whistleblower complaints, auditor investigations, etc. Please reach out to me at [email protected]
To be continued…
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