Jan 132020

On Wednesday, in other news at the Placer GOP, the County Party took a unanimous position to call of the Placer County Board of Supervisors to engage in a fair, open process to appoint Scott Owens’ Replacement.

It was alleged, (as it turns out, incorrectly) that the board of supervisors was going to fast-track the appointment of Jeff Wilson as DA. He is the Assistant DA, in a position that was just created in the last 2 years.

The potential appointment of Jeff Wilson for DA has caused an uproar. If you want to tell your story about Wilson or any other potential DA appointee – please email me at [email protected]

I have no dog in this fight other than on behalf of some friends, some who are on the Placer GOP Central Committee. Because of their contacts I decided to look in to this situation (similar to how I took the case of the Rocklin School Board and the crazed Theresa Landon), and I have been approached by a few people.

I have in my possession a case called Bjork Vs County of Placer – I also have as part of that case documents related to a validated Harassment Claim from another employee against Wilson as well. (That name is Kuhnen – and again Wilson was found in violation of multiple policies)

The files related to the case are massive.

The bottom line of the Bjork case is that it showed that Jeff Wilson has a mouth on him and is a bully. On Page 399 (out of about 1600), Wilson is cited as referring to Female Co Workers as a B—H and a C–T. You can see page 399 of the court case here. I believe everything in the documents as the county was forced to payout something like $500,000 to settle the Bjork Case.

At a time of my choosing, I will begin publishing more parts of the case. It also appears that Jeff Wilson caused other complaints and perhaps settlements with his actions.

The bottom line – Bjork got her job back after being railed, harassed and terminated. The details are disturbing.

In addition, according to PORAC (A police officer’s union type group, that actually endorses a lot of Republicans too), Jeff Wilson may well have attempted to lynch a Rocklin Police Officer.

Usually overzealous prosecutions of Cops are typically done by leftist social justice warriors or people looking to make a name for themselves. Quoting an article from PORAC:

Any police officer who wants to know how the power of video evidence in a use-of-force case can potentially derail a career and throw a police family into despair should talk to Rocklin Police Officer Brad Alford. Due in large part to his thoughtful, forthright and powerful testimony at his own trial, a Placer County jury recently acquitted Alford of felony criminal charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault under color of authority, as well as a lesser misdemeanor charge of battery. The jury deliberated for slightly more than two hours.

This is not a pretty story on a lot of levels, but it’s one that should be told.

If there was a video, why did Jeff Wilson prosecute this case? An acquittal in around two hours is rare and the Jury apparently asked no additional questions.

It gets better, the PORAC attorney goes in to this diatribe before laying out the actions of Jeff Wilson:

Although I have represented cops in criminal cases in many counties in this state, this was my first police criminal case in Placer County, and I do not intend to downplay my criticism of the way the Placer County District Attorney’s Office initially charged this case, the way it prosecuted the case and the way it conducted itself in the immediate aftermath of the not guilty verdicts against Brad Alford.

Jeff Wilson – if you read this, withdraw your application for Placer County DA. The department is in an uproar…

P.S. I am being told that disgraced former Supervisor Jack Duran is running around telling people “Everyone Knew the DA’s Office Was a Disaster”, if true why didn’t Jack speak up in public? Duran was a supervisor for 8 years while this Disaster was happening. Perhaps the problems were beneath the surface or because Mr. Duran was too busy cavorting with pot lobbyists and suing businesses to provide oversight. But I digress…

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  1. I’m concerned about the D.A’s handling of the Alford case as noted in your piece. Could you text me the name of Alford ‘s counsel so I could send him a note?

    Blogger’s Note: Email me at [email protected]

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