Feb 142020

Joe Collins in Maxine Watters’ district CA-43 is in a class by himself, he has become the new Omar Navarro. Navarro is facing 5 Felonies related to stalking CA-12 Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero who appears to have still been texting him after the restraining order was issued.  Joe Collins has raised $400K and had $3k in the bank as of the last filing.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is a different story. Your intrepid blogger believes that we have had a severe impact on her plans to cash in on anti-pelosi sentiments.

Meaningful. No Hookups

Meaningful. No Hookups. (As seen August 2019 higher than a U2 in Florida) Deanna is the woman in the photo without the rose

Despite her claims that she is close to $100K raised, Deanna reported around 72K raised. She spent $61K of it and had $10K left as of the most recent report.

She paid $1300 in rent, unethical but legal. She actually lives in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from CA-12.

Other fun stuff:

$1770.93 to Uber with a list of some 30+ entries
$29,580 for Consultants and Staff (HALF OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$14,805 in Fundraising and Bank Fees. (A QUARTER OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$4,359.25 in Airfaire – such as the trip to Florida depicted in the above shot?

This, ladies and gentlemen is the anatomy of a grifter. (Not to mention the dichotomy between her history and who she says she is today)

My personal favorite was the episode about Japanese Rope Bondage. (I still don’t know what that is)

Then we have the curious case of Sean Feucht who seems to be back east more than he is in Redding (Shasta County, some 120 miles fro the population center of CA-03). IT appears that Sean Feucht was parachuted in to CA-03 by Bethel Church, it is the only logical explanation.

Feucht’s money is coming from out of state and from some very expensive paid fundraising.

Feucht reported $99,000 Spent as of 12-31-2019.

$32,000 worth of Staff
$5,000 on a website!?
$45,000 in consultants (some may be fundraising costs too)
$20,000 in clearly discernible fundraising costs.
A whole bunch of trips back east for photo opportunities

Perhaps this is why some of his remaining money was spent on a couple pieces of low budget mail:

Imagine being a 55+ GOP Voter and seeing this in your mailbox. Note the Virginia Address too

Both are using religious manipulation. Deanna appears to be outright lying in her campaign.

Sean Feucht’s videos with his wife remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – this is probably why I have not awarded the grifter of the year award to Deanna outright.

The most disturbing thing about Sean’s campaign is the seeming fanaticism of the handful of diehard supporters he does have, this suggests that my instincts about Mr. Feucht and the religious manipulation may well have basis in fact. People that have been affected by a cult get really fanatical, really quick. A hallmark of religious manipulation (which is a form of a scam) is playing to people’s egos cloaked in Jesus Speak. I am seeing signs of that.

It appears both Feucht and Ms. Make Love Great again have financed travel and personal expenses with their campaigns as well. This is yet another key element in the qualifications for grifter status.

Like it or not – the “Outsider” in the White House has given legitimacy to the fringes who feel empowered to run for office. This is not dissimilar to the Tea Party of 2010 /2012 that kept fielding and supporting idiots who cost us several winnable senate seats keeping Harry Reid in power until 2014. A more recent example is Roy Moore in Alabama where Doug Jones was able to rip off a US Senate Seat for a few years.

I write this as someone who fully supports the President and is to the right of most Tea Partiers, but this is the reality and why I have to spend time torching so-called conservative charlatan candidates…

To be continued.

One of my personal favorite memes.

Jan 222020

Remember this photo:

It turns out there is an active case in Shasta Superior Court against Mr. Feucht for fishing without a license. Might the above photo have been shot on a trip lacking said license?

MCRDCRM 180000159002
Disposition: Status:PENDING

I’d remind Sean that the Bible is clear about following the laws of the land, especially if you see yourself as a new apostle.

Sean also owns 4 modest properties in Pennsylvania. A check of records shows that Feucht is a laxsdasical landlord. It looks like he was cited for maintenance issues on one of his properties.

On 6-14-2018 and then in 11-08-2018 Feucht was cited for overgrown weeds and then overgrown trees on a piece of property in Cumberland Pennsylvania.

Further checks of records shows that Mr. Feucht has a parking ticket in 2016, a vehicle registration ticket from 2015 and a DUI/Reckless from 2001.

Lastly, It appears that Feucht got popped in Colusa County for speeding in I-5. At least he was actually IN CA-03 when he broke that law. (In 2019) Was he on his way to some sort of campaign event when he got pulled over? (Note, records indicate that Feucht went to traffic school)

Here’s the point. Feucht is claiming to be the candidate of morals and is basically running a televangelist style campaign while his personal life demonstrates a lack of discipline and a lack of regard for the law in the municipalities he is actually connected to.

Sean Feucht also has three corporations that he is listed as a principal in. All are non-profits. In a future post, we may open some of these up as we are getting contacted regarding the operations and the disposition of them.

Regardless of how far you will go to justify these recent issues – the point stands, John Garamendi is going to have a field day with this nimrod. The 18 year old DUI/Reckless is kind of a bonus to the more recent issues for Mr. Feucht:

2015 – expired registration
2016 – Parking Ticket
2018 – two Civil Misdemeanors for allowing one of his properties to become an eyesore and a mess
2019 – 2020 criminal case for fishing without a license
2019 – Popped for Speeding within the boundaries of CA-03

Now – when you add in that he lives 150 miles outside the district, (and has only been in California since 2016) and the rest of the package we’ve written about… the profile becomes clearer.

To be continued…

Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District.

Jan 142020

Who said Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are out of business…

If you have read the Right On Daily Blog for any length of time you will realize that there is one brand of politician that I despise more than a flaming liberal – it is a fake Christian who abuses their faith in an attempt to get elected. I am not talking about a democrat who calls themselves a Christian while supporting candidates or Judges that want to destroy the Church or supporting gay rights / abortion contrary to God’s law. I am talking about someone who uses their faith to manipulate and control people to get what they want. That sort of abuse is beyond the pale.

I’ve laid it out clearly why I have a major issue with the new apostolic movement within the Church that has spawned Feucht’s campaign.

Sean Feucht is a musician from a Church in Redding that has a national presence. The Church in my opinion has crossed the line from gospel in to new age and bizarre practices. It is clear that when the Church dispatched Feucht to run for office that they parachuted him to CA-03, some 100-180 miles from Redding as it was the closest competitive district. Apparently, they were unsure if his brand of pseudo-christian religious manipulation would sell as well in the Sacramento-Based CA-07.

The key issues are:

Sean Feucht claimed NRCC support in the early days of his campaign. This lie was quickly unraveled and he repeated it until local Republican Groups called him on it.

Sean Feucht claimed that the Virginia-based consultants that once ran the Ben Carson Campaign were a meal ticket for him with DC Donors.

Sean Feucht’s opponent Tamika Hamilton has the endorsements of 5 county parties. The other three counties within CA-03 have not even met to consider an endorsement. People within those parties have been clear that they knew Feucht did not know what he was doing, did not know the issues, spoke in platitudes and has an enormous ego.

Sean Feucht has the support of a handful of Republican activists within CA-03, while Tamika Hamilton has entire organizations supporting her.

Sean Feucht has lashed out at several people who did not buy in to his approach. Some have spoken to me.

Sean Feucht via proxies has attacked the military service of Tamika Hamilton. Charlie Schaupp, who has run unsuccessfully for office many times and who has launched quixotic runs for CAGOP office was the latest to repeat fallacious claims. Having Charlie Schaupp as a top booster for one’s campaign is a highlight of the fact that Feucht does not know his district nor does he have much of a standard for whom he recruits. No one sane would enlist Schaupp as a booster.

Schaupp took to a small facebook group to spread said lie on Feucht’s behalf. (Note – your intrepid blogger has been expelled from several equally small facebook groups by one of the 3 supporters Sean has in Solano County)

Charlie Schaupp’s bald-faced lie.

Regarding the military service issue – from someone who has served with Tamika Hamilton:

I have known Mrs Hamilton since 2007. I am currently active duty Navy and have had the privilege and honor to serve in a joint environment most of my career to include serving as a first sergeant in a Air Force Training squadron at Lackland AFB. Mrs. Hamilton attained Staff Sergeant/E5 paygrade after successfully completing the required Airman Leadership course at Bolling AFB. Your research, investigation or background checks of Mrs. Hamilton have yielded incorrect information. Had she truly been an E4 she wouldn’t have served past 12 years of service. Mrs. Hamilton has served her country honorably with multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and she WILL be recognized for doing so.

So we have an entitled, arrogant musician who is jealous of his opponent’s military service. Mr. Feucht’s campaign resembles a PTL telethon, including playing fast and loose with the truth and ethics. I want to know what part of the Bible condones tearing in to people you disagree with and making material misrepresentations regarding one’s campaign – or is this stuff allowed once you are on your apostolic mission to reclaim parts of government?

When my series of Sean Feucht continues – we are going to dig in to Feucht’s background as it spells out that he does not live his life as who he claims to be. I will also make the case that a lot of the things Sean has in his background were orchestrated with future runs for office (or simply bigger and better non profit ventures) in mind versus being for an actual greater good.

There’s more to life than staged photos…

Jan 102020

I’ve made it clear I do not like Sean Feucht very much. I’m going to explain in as clear a terms why someone as conservative and as outspoken about my faith as I am is opposing a candidate that appears to be a match with my values. I’ve got a variety of reasons, but I am going to lay out the spiritual and doctrinal opposition as a God-Fearing Christian who sees Sean Feucht as a charlatan spawned from a dangerous movement within the Christian Church.

Sean Feucht is a musician at a very large and controversial Church in Redding. They make outstanding worship music that has huge market penetration among Christian Circles. It is clear that this is part of the nexus for Sean Feucht, he also appears to be running his campaign in a group of churches.

Linked here is a blog post about Mr. Feucht’s home church that is disturbing. Pay attention to the embedded videos – the camera does not lie. The mysticism being practiced by many of the members of that church is quite disturbing and would fit in well with any crystal-wielding new ager I’ve ever seen.

Some of you may have thought I was simply mocking Sean Feucht for using a televangelist style approach to things. You, too can learn how to be a new Apostle at the Supernatural School at Feucht’s Home Church. Click here to see the webpage for it. People pay thousands of dollars to go to this “school” to learn how to become miracle workers.

A website: www.spiritoferror.org exists to talk in graphic detail about the New Apostolic Movement that lists the Senior Pastor of Sean Feucht’s home Church as a founder.

The most recent Blog post on Spirit of Error details the tragic death of a little girl in that Church, followed by some rather bizarre happenings:

Yet the uninitiated missed the fact that what Bethel has been calling for is not actually prayer as it is normally understood. Instead they’ve been calling for declarations. Here’s the call the church issued on their Facebook page, December 15.

Our God is the God of miracles, and nothing is impossible for Him! We are asking you, our global church family, to join with us in prayer and in declaring life and resurrection over @kalleyheili and @apheiligenthal’s daughter, Olive Alayne!  (emphasis mine)

The phrase “declaring life and resurrection over … Olive” was lost on the media as well as many mainstream Christians. Yet Bethel’s call for declarations wasn’t lost on the insiders, i.e., those who hold to Bethel teachings. This can be seen in the nearly 3,000 comments posted on the church’s Facebook page, in response to the call. Notice the many Bethel followers who used the words “declare” or “declaring,” such as this comment posted by a Rick Davis: “Praying, and declaring resurrection Life for Olive … Little Olive, arise, in Jesus’s name!” And here is a similar comment from Susie Mehlig: “Father in Jesus name we decree and declare Spirit of life come back into Olive!” (emphasis mine).

And this video shows Olive Heiligenthal’s parents, Kalley and Andrew, on stage at Bethel Church leading congregants in the singing of a declaration: “Olive, come out of that grave. Come out of that grave, in Jesus’ name.”

Even the hashtag that has gone viral, #wakeupolive, reflects the language of declaration, not petitionary prayer.

One of the very first things Sean Feucht did when he launched his campaign was to pull a stunt at the home Church of Tamika Hamilton. He parlayed his association with the well-known Church in Redding to lead worship at Tamika’s Church on a Sunday. He then invited people to his campaign kickoff at that Church with the leaders of the Church singing his praises encouraging people to attend.

Feucht has been running his congressional campaign almost exclusively in Churches, raising money from them, too. Look at his website – his campaign is almost exclusively tailored to Church-goers. Think it through…

This sort of deception has been a hallmark of Feucht’s campaigns. Deception is also a hallmark of borderline spiritual practices as well.

The New Apostolic Movement has been a thing in several churches and given that Sean Feucht’s home Church is a leader in it is a cause for alarm.

The apostolic-prophetic movement (also known as the “New Apostolic Reformation”) is a fast-growing movement that has arisen within Protestant Christianity that promotes modern-day apostles and prophets with great authority, supernatural powers, and the ability to give new doctrinal revelation. Advocates of this movement believe that all people, nations, and demonic principalities must submit to these apostles and prophets, who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth. This once-fringe movement has entered many Pentecostal and charismatic churches (which are the fastest-growing churches in nearly every region of the world, according to church growth experts, like David B. Barrett).

It is a valid explanation for why an unknown Musician parachuted himself two hours away from Redding in to a Congressional District to run for office. I believe that he sees himself as an apostle sent to run for office with a far-right message from God. That is scary, especially as I am openly trashing Muslim candidates running for office who seek to undermine our government from the left with a similarly fanatical message.

To be continued…

Jan 052020

You can’t make this up. Nothing says scripted and not ready for prime time like this:

This is the life of Sean Feucht. For his benefit – allow your intrepid blogger to post a nice meme as  reminder of what people in CA-03 are really thinking about:

This guy is responsible for at least 600 American Deaths and even more casualties. Sean Feucht should take a break from playing his guitar in Redding and head down to the district to talk to people there about what is important. I’d lay odds things like Crime, Homelessness, Border Security and Iran will come up long before pre-canned posts about the Golden Gate Bridge.

No, you look like a freak and are not even close to being qualified for the office you seek.

One of the hallmarks of a fraud candidate is lack of situational awareness. This is what often happens when you have consultants 3,000 miles away, you live 150 miles away from the district and you, yourself have limited knowledge of the issues that matter.

To be continued…