Jan 052020

You can’t make this up. Nothing says scripted and not ready for prime time like this:

This is the life of Sean Feucht. For his benefit – allow your intrepid blogger to post a nice meme as  reminder of what people in CA-03 are really thinking about:

This guy is responsible for at least 600 American Deaths and even more casualties. Sean Feucht should take a break from playing his guitar in Redding and head down to the district to talk to people there about what is important. I’d lay odds things like Crime, Homelessness, Border Security and Iran will come up long before pre-canned posts about the Golden Gate Bridge.

No, you look like a freak and are not even close to being qualified for the office you seek.

One of the hallmarks of a fraud candidate is lack of situational awareness. This is what often happens when you have consultants 3,000 miles away, you live 150 miles away from the district and you, yourself have limited knowledge of the issues that matter.

To be continued…

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  4 Responses to “CA-03 Update: Grifter Candidate Sean Feucht Talks About Golden Gate Bridge – While the World Talks About the Iranian Terrorist General”

  1. Maybe you should spend more time bloviating on the achievements of the candidate you are supporting and stop attacking Sean. Sean made a statement supporting the President in the removal of the Iranian General and you know it because when you saw it you banned me from facebook sites you control….Just like I will likely be banned me again as soon as you read this. I am 100% supporting Sean. Charlie Schaupp

    Charlie Schaupp

    I have known Mrs Hamilton since 2007. I am currently active duty Navy and have had the privilege and honor to serve in a joint environment most of my career to include serving as a first sergeant in a Air Force Training squadron at Lackland AFB. Mrs. Hamilton attained Staff Sergeant/E5 paygrade after successfully completing the required Airman Leadership course at Bolling AFB. Your research, investigation or background checks of Mrs. Hamilton have yielded incorrect information. Had she truly been an E4 she wouldn’t have served past 12 years of service. Mrs. Hamilton has served her country honorably with multiple deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and she WILL be recognized for doing so.

  2. Aaron, DOD rules is you have to be promoted to E6 to stay past 12 years (or two passovers to E6). Now, we have been a war and wavers have been submitted on many that were willing to deploy.

    ‘An E-5 who has been passed over twice for promotion to E-6 may be separated at the end of their current enlistment, even if they have less than 13 years of service’

    My info comes from within Travis on her standing, albeit 3rd person. I have no idea if she was granted a waver. But she is also in violation of Title 10, DOD Disclaimer, when posting photos of a candidate in military uniform. I pointed this out to Hamilton’s crew 5 months ago…In December I re-check and it had not been corrected. I asked Ms. Hamilton directly at the Esparto Event and she told me ‘Its taken care of’. Well I checked again…it was not ‘taken care of’ at least on her web site (it applies to all media when using military uniform). So, bottom line, she lied to me about it, that lie caused me to seek out and meet Sean. Who I now endorse and support 100%. As you know one of the traits necessary for leadership and promotion in the military is honesty. You already know how I feel about honesty!

    Blogger’s Note – now the truth comes out, 3rd person information.

  3. Aaron…Did some research (since I am most familiar with US Marine standards). The following rules apply to non E6 promotion selection: Marines 13 years, passed over twice mandatory separation. Army and Navy 14 years passed over twice mandatory separation. Air Force 15 years (most lenient) passed over twice mandatory separation. Its call year of highest allowable tenure.

    So now matter how you want to spin it those are the rules on mandatory separation for ranks that are not promoted. If you are promoted E-6 all services allow you to stay between 20-22 years to earn retirement.

    The information I was told is correct.

    Blogger’s Note: better check some more as you still don’t have it right. However, knowing you – you will continue repeating the same BS until your dying day. What would be fun is to have nothing but women on the ballot in your home area, that would be fun to watch you twitch.

  4. Ya know you have made asinine comments about me before over the same damn unjustified bull shit. Back then we were on speaking terms and I asked you to justify your continued claims… Make calls all over the state to try to track it down… Everyone was dumbfounded and said it was nonsense but hence you do it again.

    I can also remember back to 2010 when you tried to claim on this blog that I was a plant from the Democrats…in league with Nancy Pelosi… and other absurd nonsense.

    Maybe you should do some fact checking in the future before you ‘blog to the world’ your views and facts that are half the time nonsense. Maybe someday you will re-earn my respect. But for now you again have egg on your face yet again.

    Blogger’s Note: save it for your therapist. You were the dude running around with Paul Singh, not me.

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