Dec 042019

Let’s talk about the violin-wielding Chinese/Taiwanese Immigrant whose political life is centered around that fact. You’d think then that such a man with a story would be aggressively criticizing the government of China.

President Trump recently signed a bill demonstrating solidarity with the Protesters in Hong Kong. Predictably, media outlets criticized it. Peter Kuo? Crickets.

Is it because of Kuo’s Jade-Backed Bitcoin project? Check it out.

Peter Kuo has made some weak reference about “Les Miserables” in a post buried in one of his Facebook accounts – but has been remiss to call out the totalitarian regime of China. As such, we are going to recount some of Peter Kuo’s greatest hits as several in CAGOP Leadership helped elect this guy without fully investigating the string of dubious companies and what look to be his connections to the Chinese Government.

Peter Kuo’s foreign entanglements are going to cause the entire CAGOP problems. I’d like to publicly thank Greg Gandrud, the CAGOP Treasurer for posting the following:

While Kuo is surrounded with Advisors who support impeaching the President and convicting him to remove him from office – CRP Treasurer Greg Gandrud and others on the CAGOP Board get it with regard to Hong Kong and the success of the President. Whenever Peter Kuo posts about Preisdent Trump, it is measured and carefully done to promote himself as much as it is the success of the President.

If you see Peter Kuo speaking at a GOP event – ask him, “What is your position on Hong Kong?”, “Why have you not taken a stand for Hong Kong”, “What are your business connections to the Chinese Government?”.

In light of Peter Kuo’s lack of action or resolute stand on anything Chinese, allow your intrepid blogger to pen a refresher course in to Peter Kuo’s foreign entanglements. To be continued…

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