Dec 052019

Thank you North Coast Vice Chair Matt Heath. Thank You RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon. Thank you CAGOP Secretary Randy Berholtz. Thank you to an unknown 4th board member. These are the four CAGOP Board Members that voted against a party endorsement of Chad Mayes. CAGOP Treasurer Greg Gandrud abstained.

To everyone else on the CAGOP Board, you’ve got egg on your face.

There are several dominoes falling as a result of the narcissistic rampage of Chad Mayes – the most obvious and anti-climactic happened today.


This is going to have a ripple effect for a bit beyond the obvious nexus of Chad Mayes getting revenge on the CAGOP for having the audacity to call him out for his bad behavior.

#1 CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson did a lot of work for this guy in a previous life. All the GOP Establishment types are going to blame the conservative outrage over Mayes’ Cap and Trade in order to assuage their bruised egos and so as not to have to admit that they hitched on to an unprincipled man. However, no amount of blame shifting can change the fact that most of the consultants and elected party leaders were involved in the creation of the Chad Mayes monster.

#2 Marie Waldron loses a leadership vote. One of the repeated theories (confirmed by insiders off the record, mind you) was that Waldron was protecting and running interference for the deranged Bill Brough because he was vote #10 for her in a 10-9 caucus. Well that decision looks even worse than protecting a monster like Brough, there are always too many variables in politics to control. Doing the morally right thing is never the wrong decision. Marie Waldron failed miserably as a political and moral leader.

#3 “Elected Leadership” has made it clear they resent any attempt by the party apparatus meddling in their affairs. AS such, they took a series of moves that gave Mayes a larger megaphone and platform to carry out his rampage. They also made it easier for caucus members to misbehave and lastly, the #MEXIT by Mr. Mayes is the outward manifestation for the complete breakdown in caucus discipline.

#4 This also signifies a complete meltdown and failure of the #NEWWAYCA movement. Once again, after over two decades in politics, I’ve watched squish after squish lecture conservatives. Then they lose and when they lose they exit the party. #NEWWAYCA should be called #MYWAYCA or #MEXIT

#5 Where does this leave Jordan Cunningham? He was to have been the third member of the Chad Mayes “Independent” Caucus. Brian Maienschein, Mayes and Jordan Cunningham allegedly had a mutual suicide pact and were all going to leave the GOP together. Then, Mainschein jumped the gun and took care of himself going full democrat.

Then we have the curious case of Kristen Olsen. She is a sitting County Supervisor and is the disgraced former CAGOP Vice Chair, preceding the conflicted Chinese (ahem Taiwanese) Businessman Peter Kuo. One of my posts about some of the current CAGOP Leaders was showing the money they earned from Olsen’s Supervisor Campaign in 2018. Now Mrs. Olsen appears to be following the lead or acting in concert with her former flame and fellow adulterer Chad Mayes:

So sorry Jesus Andrade – It looks like Kristen Olsen is headlining an event for your Democrat Incumbent Opponent in SD-05. You know, #NEWWAYCA – be a democrat to be relevant.

Rarely have I ever regretted torching a squish. Usually, when your intrepid blogger recognized the egomaniacal narcissism of a candidate without a poilitical soul the pattern repeats with disturbing familiarity.

The next step is for Mrs. Olsen to #MEXIT. Perhaps Arnold will too. It is the #MYWAYCA or the Highway movement.

And in the case of SD05 – it looks like Kristen is on her way out the door too.

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  2 Responses to “New Way California Update: Chad Mayes Leaves GOP and Kristen Olsen Headlines Event for Democrats Against Jesus Andrade in SD-05”

  1. The manipulator behind Chad Mayes is consultant Joe Justice…Joe is an independent operator in the State Capitol that will twist any rule, any law, any situation to get what he wants. He is not a team player and is not loyal to the CRP…and has been the real ‘brains’ behind Mayes and many of his schemes.

  2. Correction Joe Justin (my typo)

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