Nov 052019

Blogger’s Note: The OC Weekly are a bunch of leftists like any other media outlet. But, they NAILED Bill Brough:

Multiple Republican women have come forward this year to accuse third-term Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Dana Point) of sexual harassment. Some allegations go back years, while others are more recent. But there are so many charges against Brough that both the OC Republican Party Central Committee and the Lincoln Club—that big-money bastion of far right-wing conservancy in Orange County—have asked Brough to end his re-election campaign. For his part, Brough has resolutely proclaimed his innocence. In fact, he insists that all the accusations against him are just an elaborate conspiracy to silence him for his opposition to Orange County’s Transportation Corridor Agencies. Mitigating factor: He has three challengers in the Republican primary.

Bill Brough may have enjoyed a break for a little while, but your intrepid blogger and therapist has been hard at work dealing with the intransigence from our elected officials.

… But there are so many charges against Bill Brough … Alas he is vote #10 for Marie Waldron and it is more important for the 19 member caucus to be large and in charge rather than give another win to the little people. Morality be dammed…

(Ad-73=California’s 73rd Assembly District)

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  One Response to “AD-73 Update: ICYMI, The OC Weekly Names William “Bill” Brough #8 on 2019 Scariest People List (While Marie Waldron and Republican Leadership Cover For Him)”

  1. It’s time to throw “Wild Bill” out on his ear, along with Fred Whitaker, Patricia Bates, Gene James and the Lincoln Club leadership. They have done nothing but enrich themselves at the expense of their party, and constituents. South Orange County deserves better.

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