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There is a special election in San Clemente in four weeks. Some fools in San Clemente think I care about this special election because political people on the Orange County GOP told me about it. The information you are about to read, I came up with on my own. I acquired Gene James on my radar because of the loud and out front support for him by Bill Brough and Pat Bates. My focus is and has been Bill Brough, now I welcome Gene James on to RightonDaily because of what I have learned about him.

Based on my research – which includes public records, interviewing people that have interacted with Gene James, I am of the opinion that Gene James is unfit for office. There are some using these blogs to promote the candidacy of a communist named Jackson Hinkle. He is 20 years old and hates cops and took a knee at his high school graduation less than 2 years ago.

When Gene James got endorsed by the OCGOP and Bill Brough – it set of a chain of events off that landed him on my radar. Once I learned about Gene James public anger outburst and wrote about it, people have reached out to the Right on Daily Blog asking for help. We did some research on Gene James and what we found is astounding. Mr. James appears to have a lifelong pattern of not paying his bills – yet he is campaigning on Fiscal Responsibility. Worse, I’ve had people tell me their personal first-hand stories with Gene James. What you are going to read about Gene James in this and future posts is disturbing. What you will read about the extreme left-wing Jackson Hinkle is equally as disturbing and will shatter your view of the young generation coming out of high school

Gene James talks about his military service, which ended in 1992. The trail of Gene James starts in 1992: (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Retired from the Army in 1992 –

Gene W. James, 5745 (Redacted) Ave., #B, Fort Knox, CA 40121

1992 – Lien/Judgement Hardin County (KY) Court – Case# 92-15828 – judgment against James for unknown $ amt

Plaintiff: Army National Bank

Save flying back to Louisville Kentucky (Hardin County is near Fort Knox) to pull paper records from over 25 years ago, it looks like Mr. James had taken out a loan when he was in the Army that he defaulted on. When I was in the service, I saw more than one person get a Court Martial for financial issues. (Bad Checks and Defaulting on a Car Loan are the two I remember)

Did Gene James’ loan default contribute to his decision to retire from the Army in 1992? Since this is the Army Bank, I am sure they had some sort of forbearance if the borrower was overseas and usually by the time a Bank gets a judgement all attempts to contact have been exhausted.

Between 1992 and 2001 – Gene James had Five Jobs that we can prove. It is possible he could have had as many as 10. One of the Jobs, with AVI Foodsystems, Inc. Is Key.

His pattern of not paying his bills re-appeared with a Misdemeanor Conviction in Ohio: (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Criminal Conviction – Trumbull County Ohio 3-20-2003 Case # CRB300536

Violation Date 4-20-2000

The records I have indicate that this conviction is Class 1 Misdemeanor for failing to pay a fine.

Research in to the Conviction suggests that Gene James got a ticket, did not pay it and Trumbull County lit him up for it. Note the elapsed time between the violation and the conviction, again, suggesting that all attempts to communicate had been exhausted. This timeline will repeat itself again and again.

The 1992 Judgement and the 2003 Misdemeanor by themselves may not be a big deal – but Gene James was just getting started with his pattern of malfeasance.

Gene James touts his experience working in “Loss Control” – but what he does not tell people is that AVI Foodsystems, INC. a large foodservice company lit him up twice in court. It appears that Gene James was either sued for stealing or for incompetence as AVI got two judgments against James: (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Civil Judgment – Cuyahoga County, 1200 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 44113

Plaintiff AVI Foodsytems, Inc. (James’ past employer from 1999-2001)

CV03515820 Filed 12/1/2003 against Gene James, 2705 (redacted) Ave., #112, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $45,600

I spoke to people that knew Gene James around the time these judgements were filed against him. He was working in Loss Control for Jack in the Box. They verified that the Judgements were in fact real and his former Female relations had a lot more to say.

Civil Judgment – Cuyahoga County, 1200 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 44113

Plaintiff AVI Foodsystems, Inc. (James’ past employer from 1999-2001)

Filed 4/20/2004 – Judgment against Gene James, 2705 (redacted) Ave., #112, San Diego, CA 92123 in the amount of $5,240.00

It is critical to take note of the dates. In this case, the Judgements are 2 1/2 years or more after his last date of employment. Again, by the time you get a judgement against you all attempts to communicate and/or satisfy the situation have been exhausted.

Gene James has been endorsed by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. I will lay odds they are somewhat embarrassed right about now. Regardless of Gene James’ explanations – his LIFE PATTERN of Civil Judgements and Tax Liens suggest that he is incapable of managing money. He has zero business being in office  or any position of authority.

Regardless of what Gene James may say in response to all of the complaints about his verbally and physically abusive behavior, in order to believe Gene James, you have to discount several complaints from several victims going back 15 years (sounds like Bill Brough, huh?) in order to dismiss the pattern. We’ve got photos, videos, public records and the Orange County GOP is asleep at the switch once again with a still active endorsement of this disaster.

In our next installment of the tour-de-Gene James, we will begin to tell the stories of several women in his life that he abused, stole money from and of course more public records that demonstrate what a disaster the man is.

It did not take me a lot of effort to learn this information about Gene James, you’d think that the OCGOP could do a better job of vetting candidates before endorsing them.

Gene James has no business holding office anywhere at any time and anyone supporting him should immediately reconsider.


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  5 Responses to “Bill Brough and Gene James – Birds of a Corrupt, Abusive Feather. The Orange County GOP Endorsed an Abusive Tax Cheat Who Does Not Pay His Bills – While The Dems Are Pushing a 20 Year Old Communist”

  1. Talk about a moral turpitude issue, this Gene James character is a walking liability. And he was endorsed for a local political office by the GOP. They must have lost their mind. And I don’t mean to insult anyone’s service to our country (me being a veteran myself), but Bill Brough was in the Army, and Gene James was in the Army. So what happened to my fellow Army comrades, did they forget the foundations of Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage as the ethical standards that we pledged to live by. The oath of enlistment has no expiration date, except when it comes to these veterans. These are the moral and ethical tenants that should never be compromised, even if your running for office. I know I will be receiving a lot of “flack” from fellow servicemen and women, but if we don’t hold these veterans accountable for their malfeasance, then they will bring us all down to their level of degradation.

  2. I’m an army veteran and I know a sham and ideologue when I see one. Being a veteran of not a free pass to engage in terrible conduct- quite the opposite, it’s a responsibility to live up to the values and honor the legacies of those who have served before, and to serve as an example for those who will serve after. Gene is an embarrassment.

  3. I do have several questions regarding the local political candidates. Bill Brough said he was in the Army, but he never identified his MOS. Was he 11B (infantry), 42L (Admin.), 91B (mechanic) or 92G (cook). Additionally Bill Brough has a degree from the University of Connecticut, but does not mention what his degree is in (Hum). Is it in Business, Engineering, Humanities, Political Science, or Studio Art. So what is keeping Bill Brough from disclosing this information? And was his discharge listed as Honorable, or something else maybe? And with Gene James, what college did he attend and what’s his degree in. Just asking.

  4. Gene James’ military service is legit, I have the records on it.

  5. Someone recommended this website to get info on Gene James. However, I find your reporting too windy and convoluted. Who has the time or patience to read all your verbiage?
    No thank you!

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