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It is our understanding that the public exposure of Gene James has rocked the Orange County GOP Leadership. Buckle Up, because we are just getting started on this disaster of a human being, perhaps the OCGOP will withdraw their endorsement before it gets outright embarrassing. Given what happened in the Bill Brough saga, I am not holding my breath.

San Clemente: We are hearing that the town is waking up to RightOnDaily with anticipation of what is coming out against Gene James.

In addition, the exposure of Harvey Englander’s borderline tactics have also caused a ripple effect in city hall. It is clear to this blogger that the intimidation, organized harassment, etc was never supposed to be aired in public.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been approached by several people in San Clemente and their stories will be told shortly.

Similar to many political campaigns, some people in order to avoid the truth are attempting to hide behind straw men and can not comprehend that the information being presented about Gene James was acquired by your intrepid blogger. Regardless of what people claim, I really don’t care about the toll road. (I live 450 miles away) I know the people that are working on building the toll road and they have all been harassed and smeared that is dead wrong. For that reason, and in the process of defending them, I have been accused of a variety of things. Such is life in politics.

Kelly Ernby isn’t doing so hot these days. It has been put to this blogger by several people that she does not have “it” and her campaign is sputtering. Legitimate polls have her at the “Sugar Pill 4”. A sugar pill pulls 4% in most polls, so does Empty Ernby.

Enrby’s events have been empty. She is not raising money. People like Tyler Diep are starting to hedge their bets by playing both sides.

Symptomatic of losing campaigns, Ernby appears to have turned over some of her campaign staff. The staff she has a very expensive and will run her campaign account #KELLYEMPTY in pretty short order. Ernby also wasted some of her meager resources on a joke of a poll from a Virginia Based Pollster with a B Rating in response to Diane Dixon’s poll showing Dixon with a massive name ID Advantage on everyone running in AD74.

The GOP Leadership has clearly planted their flag with Diane Dixon as well, while Vincent Fong who ran against the current leadership has endorsed #EMPTYERNBY

Our expose’ of Kelly Empty will continue, but we are starting to wonder if she is going to answer the bell and actually file.

Your intrepid blogger is ruminating on a ton of information related to the wretched shell of a man Bill Brough.

The bottom line is that the incredibly weak OCGOP Resolution calling on Brough to retire has sent appropriate shock waves through the political community. It has been put to this blogger that the donor community are finally getting the message that Bill Brough is in real trouble. They were already upset about the allegations of financial malfeasance.

It has also been put to this blogger that there may now be as many as 12 women that filed complaints against Bill Brough. Inside sources have told me that the investigations could be wrapping up in 4-6 weeks. It appears that they are trying to complete before the filing deadline.

Between the knowledge of the Assembly workplace working committee investigation(s) and the public proof of the FPPC Investigation(s) in to Bill Brough, it is wearing out his support base. In addition, Bill Brough has had multiple negative stories in State Level Media and tens of thousands of hits on this blog prove that people are paying attention.

It appears that Brough has lost significant support in Sacramento, and is hemorrhaging support daily from Sacramento and in the district. (Witness the recent OC TAX Radish Award) While I am not optimistic that so-called Republican Leaders will do anything decisive, it appears that some of the people I have been publicly attacking for running interference for Brough are pulling back. Bill Brough is no longer able to yell at people on the phone to get them to kiss his ring.

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  4 Responses to “AD-73, AD-74, San Clemente Update: Rumors We Are Hearing About Gene James, Kelly Ernby and Bill Brough”

  1. Gene James and Bill and Stephanie Brough are a disease that needs to be removed from O.C. politics. We don’t need them running the G.O.P. political party into the ground in their attempt for self enrichment. The Republican Party needs to “drain the SC swamp” or else they will be stuck with these troglodytes holding office.

  2. Glad to see the Mann, Ward, Baker and Hamm are up to the same old tricks…https://ocweekly.com/how-a-weekly-reporter-got-played-in-the-heat-of-the-2018-elections/

  3. Julie, that response was fraught with problems and lies. Will Swain runs a Republican think tank and is hardly credible on matters like this anyway. Blume’s initial article was right in many ways Swaim says it’s wrong. That’s why Beiber went after him so hard and had his buddy write the piece your linked to in order to misdirect people.

  4. It’s very to clear to many long time residents of San Clemente that this smear campaign against Gene James is pointless. He’s going to win. And you (and the TCA) should be afraid.

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