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Did you know that this relationship expert has had a “GoFundMe” page up since 2017? This certainly shows premeditation and the donations she has received since declaring her candidacy for Congress may well be violations of federal election law.


Is this “relationship expert” (who has never been married apparently) a serious candidate or is she just looking for attention. Your intrepid blogger has uncovered several financial maladies that suggest that she is in this for the money. It appears she is attempting to track the same pattern as Omar Navarro did in 2016 when out of nowhere Navarro raised $1 Million.

I do find it interesting that she has not re-set her social media and is quite open about being from Southern California running for Congress in San Francisco. This is a bit different than Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi or Tom McClintock who live less than 30 miles outside of their districts.

I also find it interesting that Deanna is making pseudo-religious plays in her campaign advertising, given that her “relationship advice” includes sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. While I am a solid man of faith, I do not attempt to leverage that to make money or promote myself. It is part of who I am and some thing I share freely with others so they may find the freedom and redemption I found in Jesus Christ. It is my experience that this distinction is the difference between fake and real faith.

“Dating Service * Politician” – what is this? Amateur night?

Please see our first post about Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero here.

I am sure the “Deplorables 4 Donald J. Trump” may well be interested in learning more about their future speaker as the expose’ on Right on Daily Continues. It is pretty hard to dismantle the democrat agenda when you live like a democrat.

They should take a look at our second post on Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and ask themselves what this will look like on a national stage.

Then there is this:

I have seen several cons like this before. It is frustrating as a man who has fought several very personal battles and who prays daily and relies heavily on his faith to see it abused in such a manner. Even with well over 6,000 days of sobriety – I never claim moral superiority over anyone. Yet here is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero absuing God Talk for personal gain.

Then I hearken back to this recent photo of her in the midst of an affair with a married man and seriously question her sincerity with all this “God Talk” as it just reinforces the belief I have that she is running a scam. She should research scripture as it relates to her relationship advice (see also fornication and adultry).

Coming up soon, Ms. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has quite a trail of public documents related to a variety of things. Once you see them you will agree that she is not to be taken seriously as a conservative or a candidate for anything – if you are not already convinced.

P.S. as a bonus, Ms. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has sent out campaign communication seeking to connect Omar Navarro (the man pictured above) to her primary opponent John Dennis. While the two met at the CAGOP Convention, as someone who is actively helping John Dennis I know such a claim to be false. In addition, a check with sources in Riverside County indicate that there are no open cases against Omar Navarro, no scheduled court appearances, or warrants. Ms. Tesoriero was claiming otherwise and trying to smear Mr. Dennis with the legal maladies. Ms. Tesoriero should consult scripture for guidance about adultery, fornication, homosexuality and then take a look at exaggeration, concealment and bearing false witness.

To be continued.

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  1. She doesn’t stand a chance. Next.

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