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At least I think she is a scam artist and by the time I am done writing about her, everyone reading this blog will also.

Pictured is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, with Omar Navarro, who is a candidate for Congress against Maxine Watters. They were an item while Navarro was in the process of raising an astounding $1,000,000+ against Maxine Waters. Navarro got smoked in the D+40 district. I do think her pose (note the closed posture) in the photo is a little odd given that Navarro and her were at the time quite the item. (Photo Credit: Reddit) Also note Navarro still has his wedding ring on in the photo as well.

Deanna Lorraine, as she calls herself holds herself out as a relationship coach. This apparently includes pursuing married men like Omar Navarro (who is now divorced).

I made an indirect reference to the nascent Candidate for Congress and relationship guru in a previous post. She was being paraded around at the California Republican Party Convention by former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Bacardi. While I did not mention her by name, I received the following comment:

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine. I am mentioned in this article. I need this author, Aaron Park to contact me immediately and retract your statements that are defamation. You did not bother to contact me and ask me to verify any information that you printed here, which is irresponsible journalism. I am NOT Tom Del Beccaro’s “girlfriend.” I have never been his girlfriend. Tom is a friend of mine, nothing more. He has been a good friend to me especially while Omar Navarro has been constantly harassing me. He wanted to introduce me to some people at the conference and make me feel comfortable as a platonic friend as it was my first time attending this conference. Please get your facts straight. Also the reason why Omar was removed from the conference is because he continued to violate his restraining order and was also apparently harassing other people at the conference and they had had enough. Please get your facts straight, do honest journalism and contact the sources. Revise this statement or retract the article immediately, I already have my legal team ready.

I responded to Deanna and basically told her to go to hell. She replied with some sort of apology, I suppose the above and the apology are part of the services she offers as a relationship coach. Given the way Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero was behaving at convention, basically everyone there thought she and Del Bacardi were an item.

I have several eyewitness accounts that indicate other issues contrary to the above screed and was told about some sort of press release she sent alleging that Omar had 5 warrants for his arrest. Unfortunately for Deanna, Omar Navarro is a delegate to the CAGOP and for as much is I have grown weary of Navarro, he had a legitimate right to be at the CAGOP Convention. What Navarro does not have a legitimate right to is to act out or be a nutbag. In fact, Omar, if you’re reading this – go somewhere far far away from politics and get help for your issues.

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It seems that Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero were quite the pair. Perhaps a revision to “Make Love Great Again” (her book, don’t you know) will be forthcoming, maybe something about “how to recognize a nutbag” and “Why Dating Married Men is a Bad Idea” would be great titles for chapters in version 2 of said book.

It appears that Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero is also attempting to smear other people with Navarro’s behavior at the convention. (I’ve only been told about the smears I have not seen them yet) Perhaps this sort of projection or straw man tactic is another service she offers. From her website:


  • I am fully “Red-Pilled” and give you only the 100% no-fluff truth that gets you RESULTS

  • I give my clients the knowledge, breakthroughs, strategies & skills that have them seriously WINNING in their love lives and achieving Great Love

  • My vast levels of expertise and certifications include:

    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

    • Energy / ThetaHealin

    • Success Coaching

    • Timeline Therapy

    • Law of Attraction

    • Psychology, Communication, Relationship, Dating & Attraction 

    •  I am also a naturally gifted Intuitive, with what I can only describe as a God-given “6th sense” that I use on all my clients

Missing in the list of services: affairs with married men causing or contributing to divorces.

Here at RightonDaily we offer one service: bulls–t remediation. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero , Welcome to Right on Daily.

P.S. for only $6,000 Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero can find YOU, yes YOU a wifey. Oh, and you can have an enormously personalized experience too… #FACEPALM

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  630 Responses to “CA-12 Update: (Pelosi) Meet Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) The Latest Scam Artist Candidate”

  1. Could be, but I saw a video, by Hammerhand called “Cashing in on broken and misguided men.” He ripped apart Sarah Dawn Moore on that one. Will have to wait for what Arica has for us next.

  2. I commented there on Hammerhand’s video. Arica is getting desperate for attention and views. Kinda sick of the Love without Borders crap.

  3. I saw your comment about people being clueless on Arica’s “how to deal with shallow” people. She is getting desperate, in more ways than one.

  4. Yes, and also, I don’t know what happened to the “Love Without Borders” show. Maybe it’s been moved to a different night. Haven’t seen any live streams from her lately. It seems like men’s channels are popping up all over YT.

  5. About her show I’ll look into that, maybe it was axed haha. I have seen a lot of men’s channels appear, and I can see there’s a lot more hate from female “dating coaches” appearing regarding MGTOW and Blackpill. They too are getting desperate.

  6. Better Bachelor, Tribe of Men, and now, RED RANGER, have come out with good content recently, Look at Jessica J’s two most recent videos. She is screaming desperation, there. Arica’s latest is about ghosting and gaslighting. This video is more for women than men. I will look for the coaches talking about blackpill and MGTOW.

  7. They wlll resort to almost anything to groom men into simps. I saw Jessica J’s video on “don’t ask, just do it” and uh, what the actual hell. I think they are taking the piss out of men.

  8. I’ve heard word that Arica’s courses, as of late, aren’t doing very well. I saw a comment from someone mentioning “sales pitch” and Arica replied, three times, very defensively, almost hostile like.

  9. Haven’t seen that, but in addition to MGTOW, dating coaches have another problem on their hands, and that is the Passport Bros- men who are leaving western women behind to find traditional women overseas.

  10. I did see Tribe of Men’s video about “Leftover” women hate passport bros.That’s been a thing here for a while, Australian men going in droves of 1000s to SEAsia, and the women here shaming them for doing so, just like the videos.

    Also random, here’s something interesting:

  11. I saw Arica’s last video, and yes she got defensive about some commenters, especially a viewer named darrelleast8788. One other reacted to her reacting to a comment I made. None of her reactions to Darrel made sense. They appeared to be non- sequiters.

  12. Some comments on IMDB

    “A quick Google search of the host, Arica Angelo, shows that she has no academic or therapy credentials”

    “Well I’m up to episode 9 and so far the so called match maker has been pretty lousy at matching people.”

  13. Hope this comment shows up, a few have been removed. Saw your comment on her latest short, the one about changing divorce and custody laws. There is so much these days to turn men off dating, rather than to entice them to do so. Those are just two of many.

  14. And yet, claiming to love men, she won’t address this issue. In some of her past videos, she said women file for divorce, because men aren’t there emotionally. No, women look for the man with more resources, and the men who get divorced lose their kids, money, cars, houses, etc. Then after getting their cash and prizes, women are looking for another victim. Arica doesn’t understand, or won’t understand what is going on. Better Bachelor has great videos about this topic.

  15. There’s some interesting comments on Arica’s MGTOW video as of late.When she says “men aren’t there emotionally”, she means “men aren’t being a submissive yes-simp”. She is trying WAY too hard to sound “professional” that she comes off as desperate.

  16. Arica has a new grift – she took down some of her videos claiming she “had to remove them”, but is going to charge men $ to send them “privately”. LOL, “had to remove them” yeah sure..just like Deanna, Arica is milking the dating concept for all she can.

  17. Some of her shorts are months old. Will she take down the older ones? She seemed lively in the older ones, but has become more serious as of late. She has a gaunt look about her face.


    I think the more serious nature is due to her frustration of not selling as many “courses” as she’d hoped. I did think it was because she was trying to sound all “professional”. She is a LOT more defensive as of late now, too.

  19. I was on a message board where Love Without Borders was being discussed – 5 pages long. There was also a link to a Twitter post where there were photos of the script being discussed and a comment about tricking the audience. I don’t think that show did too well – it’s certainly not going to get people buying boundaries courses and compliments bibles..

  20. Well, I found one today that is four years old, called “Three Mistakes Men Make in the Bedroom.” Maybe I’ll look for more of her past videos and find bedroom stuff.

  21. She did mention she had put them on private for “other” reasons. In conjunction with what she said we can establish it was intentional, to have yet another way of making a $.

    Arica Angelo
    8 days ago
    This is for my guys… as many of you have noticed a lot of my videos disappeared that were empowering men in the bedroom..

    I’m thinking of combining them altogether into one place so you have access to all of them as a paid for product.

  22. I’ve seen Arica’s “coaching” prices have increased….

  23. Well now she has a paid for product. It is called “Sexual Intimacy for Men,” and it costs $194.00. Maybe these are the videos. This popped up today on the YT posts section.

  24. I scrolled through her past videos, and it looks like all of them are still available. I suppose the newer commenters haven’t done that, yet. I figure some of them will get fleeced. I have noticed that many of the earlier commenters are gone.

  25. I best download all the bedroom secrets videos before they disappear then haha.I did see that post, where Arica was ranting about YT not promoting her. Bit entitled.

  26. If you saw that post where she ranted about not being promoted, you’ll see it was just her fishing for positive feedback. The comment from Ellis Wilson looks fake AF. Other than that it’s pretty much just MatC and Thomas Pilate. I see how Rogue didn’t pay her any compliment so she ignored him.

  27. Which post was that?

  28. the post is “Guys I made a course all about sex”. 2nd part (click read more)

  29. Oh, okay, then I did see this. Sounds like she is crashing and burning. Thank you anyway.

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