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At least I think she is a scam artist and by the time I am done writing about her, everyone reading this blog will also.

Pictured is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, with Omar Navarro, who is a candidate for Congress against Maxine Watters. They were an item while Navarro was in the process of raising an astounding $1,000,000+ against Maxine Waters. Navarro got smoked in the D+40 district. I do think her pose (note the closed posture) in the photo is a little odd given that Navarro and her were at the time quite the item. (Photo Credit: Reddit) Also note Navarro still has his wedding ring on in the photo as well.

Deanna Lorraine, as she calls herself holds herself out as a relationship coach. This apparently includes pursuing married men like Omar Navarro (who is now divorced).

I made an indirect reference to the nascent Candidate for Congress and relationship guru in a previous post. She was being paraded around at the California Republican Party Convention by former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Bacardi. While I did not mention her by name, I received the following comment:

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine. I am mentioned in this article. I need this author, Aaron Park to contact me immediately and retract your statements that are defamation. You did not bother to contact me and ask me to verify any information that you printed here, which is irresponsible journalism. I am NOT Tom Del Beccaro’s “girlfriend.” I have never been his girlfriend. Tom is a friend of mine, nothing more. He has been a good friend to me especially while Omar Navarro has been constantly harassing me. He wanted to introduce me to some people at the conference and make me feel comfortable as a platonic friend as it was my first time attending this conference. Please get your facts straight. Also the reason why Omar was removed from the conference is because he continued to violate his restraining order and was also apparently harassing other people at the conference and they had had enough. Please get your facts straight, do honest journalism and contact the sources. Revise this statement or retract the article immediately, I already have my legal team ready.

I responded to Deanna and basically told her to go to hell. She replied with some sort of apology, I suppose the above and the apology are part of the services she offers as a relationship coach. Given the way Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero was behaving at convention, basically everyone there thought she and Del Bacardi were an item.

I have several eyewitness accounts that indicate other issues contrary to the above screed and was told about some sort of press release she sent alleging that Omar had 5 warrants for his arrest. Unfortunately for Deanna, Omar Navarro is a delegate to the CAGOP and for as much is I have grown weary of Navarro, he had a legitimate right to be at the CAGOP Convention. What Navarro does not have a legitimate right to is to act out or be a nutbag. In fact, Omar, if you’re reading this – go somewhere far far away from politics and get help for your issues.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

It seems that Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero were quite the pair. Perhaps a revision to “Make Love Great Again” (her book, don’t you know) will be forthcoming, maybe something about “how to recognize a nutbag” and “Why Dating Married Men is a Bad Idea” would be great titles for chapters in version 2 of said book.

It appears that Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero is also attempting to smear other people with Navarro’s behavior at the convention. (I’ve only been told about the smears I have not seen them yet) Perhaps this sort of projection or straw man tactic is another service she offers. From her website:


  • I am fully “Red-Pilled” and give you only the 100% no-fluff truth that gets you RESULTS

  • I give my clients the knowledge, breakthroughs, strategies & skills that have them seriously WINNING in their love lives and achieving Great Love

  • My vast levels of expertise and certifications include:

    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

    • Energy / ThetaHealin

    • Success Coaching

    • Timeline Therapy

    • Law of Attraction

    • Psychology, Communication, Relationship, Dating & Attraction 

    •  I am also a naturally gifted Intuitive, with what I can only describe as a God-given “6th sense” that I use on all my clients

Missing in the list of services: affairs with married men causing or contributing to divorces.

Here at RightonDaily we offer one service: bulls–t remediation. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero , Welcome to Right on Daily.

P.S. for only $6,000 Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero can find YOU, yes YOU a wifey. Oh, and you can have an enormously personalized experience too… #FACEPALM

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  484 Responses to “CA-12 Update: (Pelosi) Meet Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) The Latest Scam Artist Candidate”

  1. Well I’m banned again I see, I’d say it was something I wrote on Joys.

  2. I saw that. Most commenters were not kind to her.

  3. Joyanima is becoming more cringe than Arica. One of the things I had said was that all Jo’s videos were aimed at getting men to *assume* that a woman is interested in order to get men asking women out. That’s exactly what it is.”Her feet are pointed at a certain angle, means she is interested” or “she flicks her hair back means she’s flirting” is all BS just to get men assuming a girl is interested so that he asks her out.

    Have you heard of Melanie King? She seems….interesting.

  4. I did check out Melanie’s channel, and from what I can gather, I don’t think she’s a dating coach. At least not in the normal sense. Wing Nut had a video today about 11 places to touch a woman. CB posted an interesting one called: “Women’s Football Fails,” but when I clicked on to it, I was told it was not available.

  5. Oh MK isn’t a dating coach per se, but she has some…interesting opinions on it, to say the least.

    I did notice in AU they pretty much remove anything about women failing in sport asap. Censoring is bigger there in AU than a lot of the world too.

    I’ve noticed a pattern, where coaches tend to have the same topic as each other within the span of a couple weeks, it’s like they take turns in doing the exact same topic “11 places she wants to be touched”.

  6. Penguin is confirmed shill of Arica.

  7. I found it lol that Arica not only had 3 of those spamlinks on her latest video comments, but someone trying to get subs for their sounds channel, and not much else.

  8. Those spamlinks were all written in German.

  9. I did notice that, and also that she looks really tired. I think that Gameless guy is maybe on the lurk..

  10. I will look for Gameless. Arica has a new video about narcissism in two days. Lately, she seems so focused on narcs, as she has posted a lot of videos about this topic.

  11. I did see the thumbnail for that narcissism upcoming video. She has posted a lot of videos on narcs lately, and the way she mentions things seems right out of one of those psychology wbsites.

  12. Joyanima’s latest has to be the most horrible advice, and is bound to get men in trouble.

  13. Bound to get men in trouble indeed. Arica’s latest livestream talked about boundaries, which I would agree with. She is going to talk about boundaries a lot on future videos.

  14. A lot of my comments are getting the axe it seems.

  15. IS Arica losing more weight? I noticed in her latest short “Why they call you diifcult”, her shoulders seem a lot less broad, and her face seems longer.

  16. She does look a little thinner now that I noticed. Her newest video is about narcs and codependents. Back to the narc train, again.

  17. I think she is really out of content, and a lot of her latest videos seem to be of similarity to some other websites and videos…not just the topic but wordings etc.

  18. My other profile, the one with the headless horseman pic, got the boot from YT. Don’t think Joy thought much of my comment LOL

  19. Watch a video short by joeybtoonz called “Narcissists and the #SOCIALMEDIA”. He explains it better than Arica does. Speaking of whom, she is on the boundaries train again. Joey’s video got 1.4M likes, and 46K comments. Much more that Arica can get.

  20. Looking at it now, love the comment Broadkast 9 months ago

    Never before has a generation so diligently recorded themselves accomplishing so little.

    Video makes many good points. Definitely better than Arica, her videos are pretty much just cut and paste info off other sites. And definitely better than anything Joyanima puts out.

  21. So I see the whole thing about “Boundaries” is just for Arica to sell another course. She advertised it in her live chat.

  22. Well now, Arica is creating a boundaries course. I went to he home page, but it’s not posted yet, nor do I know how much it costs. Her latest short video announced the new course.

  23. Yep, all her videos are just to push a new course. Any man who is that desperate that they need to pay for all the courses she has I pity their mentality.

  24. Yep I commented there. She surely has a lot of courses.

  25. Casual Bachelor, Better Bachelor and Tribe of Men all say to men, use the money to start your businesses and build yourselves up. Keep the money away from women. All of them have put out recent videos about men walking away from the game, and why women are frustrated now.

  26. Speaking of money and Arica, check out this it was put together to put on a scam site.

  27. What’s with all the strange comments on Arica’s latest video? They make no sense..

  28. Was that her short video called, “What healthy boundaries sound like?” Some of those comments made no sense, and Arica gave them hearts. I saw the money and Arica from the link you posted. Wow, so many courses.

  29. I posted this on Marni’s latest video, it got taken down real quick I see..

  30. good thing you did a screen shot. There is a video creator on BitChute named Styxhexenhammer666 who does political and social commentary. This morning, he made a video about archiving material, which he claims is better than screen shot. I really don’t know about this topic, but maybe you would. Another creator on BitChute is Salty Cracker. This guy does the same topics as Styx does, but is a lot funnier. I guess Wing Nut girl got triggered by your comments. Wonder if she’s in her cry closet bawling her eyes out?

  31. Just found a site called the Gents. It posted a video called “The PAINFUL Reason men don’t approach women anymore (damn)”

  32. I watched a video about men not approaching from The Manhood,Approaching women in my parts is frowned upon and some places have even benned it.

  33. Just watched Arica’s latest shorts. They talk about standing up for one’s self, and oh yes they also announced the new boundaries course coming soon.

  34. I mentioned that in dating people shouldn’t have to be running around doing all these courses, and Arica didn’t like that at all and got defensive. That comment and one I left on her anti mgtow vid seem to both be gone.

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