Sep 162019

From Catharine Baker:

How did your legislator vote? Legislators will vote on hundreds of bills before adjourning Sept. 13. But AB 1094, which prohibits taxpayer money from being used to pay legislators’ legal settlements of sexual harassment claims against them, will unfortunately not be one of them. Why? Because of this vote below. A Yes vote would’ve allowed the bill to have a hearing and an up or down vote in committee. A No vote below killed the bill, and without a hearing at all. Don’t see your legislator’s name? That means they chose not to vote at all.

Unfortunately, this was a partisan vote. When I authored the bill last year, it had bipartisan co-authors and bipartisan support.

Was Bill Brough hungover and missed the floor session? (We could PRA the records to see if he took per-diem that day – however capitol sources told your intrepid blogger he in fact took per-diem that day)

Bill Brough took this action on 9-2 or 9-3 (Baker posted on 9-3), which means he was 100% aware of the multiple complaints against him within the Assembly Rules committee. It is also clear he may will be dialed in to his potential legal liability as well.

The Chair of the California GOP confirmed there are investigations as well.

I also suspect this revelation non-vote of Brough’s did not happen in a vacuum. This is far from the last issue Mr. Brough will have as it relates to his years-long pattern of mistreating and even abusing women.

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