Sep 252019

My thesis for AD74 is simple. A viable and strong candidate will retake this district. The democrat is a far-left wackjob and leaves a ton of room to get hit hard.

I am still not sure of the nexus for Kelly Ernby’s campaign, but it rings empty. Hence the name Kelly Empty. Why is she running? What does she bring to the table?

This is a good look for a fundraiser. A top California Republican and some solid names for a host committee.

There are some parts of California where Pete Wilson plays well. My understanding is that Orange County is one of them. Again, drawing a sharp contrast between Diane Dixon and the Empty Ernby campaign, it looks clear that Diane Dixon’s campaign is covering the bases you’d expect from a front-runner and viable challenger to a dem incumbent.

Ernby has not filed a 24-hour report in quite some time, suggesting that her “Fundraising Events” have been Potemkin Village Drills, and at that she had less than 1/3 the available cash at the end of the last campaign finance reporting period.

In a future installment, we are going to break down some polling that was released recently as we continue our expose of AD-74. The key question to start asking yourself – is Kelly Ernby just an empty spoiler? Kelly Empty.

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