Sep 262019

That’s right folks. The insufferable William “Bill” Brough, aided and abetted by his Chief enabler Senator Pat Bates is having a feel-good public event. If I was the County or Orange, the City of Laguna Niguel and these Veteran’s Groups I’d think twice.

I am not surprised to see some institutional donors willfully ignoring the controversy. An incumbent basically has to have a felony indictment against them before most of those guys bail. (Give it time guys, it may yet happen) I do find it interesting that after hundreds of credible references to Bill Brough abusing donor’s money to finance his lifestyle well beyond his means that they are still willing to support him. It makes one wonder about nexuses and it certainly reinforces the image of “The Swamp”.

It also appears that 4 on the record victims of sexual battery/harassment do not matter to Senator Pat Bates, the Orange County BIA or the Orange County Realtors. Given that the “leaders” of the Republican Caucuses are still hiding in their bunkers, I could understand how Pat Bates would feel empowered to ignore everything and act like it is business as usual. The Realtors and the BIA, however have no excuse for ignoring the reality.

Mimi Walters, Diane Harkey, the Orange County Lincoln Club and the Orange County Republican Party have said otherwise. They have all stood up against Bill Brough. His colleague in the Assembly, Stephen Choi has done a 180 after talking to Brough’s Victims:

Furthermore, I researched the explanation provided by Assemblyman Brough and am no longer convinced that he was as forthright as he should have been. I have let him know that I am disappointed and disturbed by the charges leveled against him. 

Pictured: Your Intrepid Blogger

Perhaps this Navy Veteran needs to show up at this October 5th Shendig, maybe I should bring some others with me. Perhaps Crime victims of Orange County needs to organize a demonstration outside of this event…


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