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September 13th is a critical deadline. All GOP Central Committees need to notify their county registrar of their intention to appear on the ballot. Remember, due to rules changes Cent Com elections have to be on the ballot or that county committee loses all of their CAGOP delegates.

Remember, in 2016, knowing they were going to spend millions on County Central Committee races some consultants got the CAGOP rules changed to strip GOP Cent Coms of delegates that did not apper on the ballot. This affected 8 Northern California Counties – even though the rules change was passed by Bay Area and LA liberals. The rules change was designed to force all counties on to the ballot so their millions could dictate the composition of party leadership.

I am not alleging any malfeasance nor am I alleging that they are trying purposely to not tell people so more counties lose their delegates.. I am taking an opportunity to rail on the people that engineered this rules change, and your intrepid blogger will rail on them and tell the story until the rule is repealed from the CAGOP ByLaws. ( This is 100% because I know the intent of the rule and how they intended to use it when they got it passed)

However, I’ve been informed that at least two regional vice chairs (Wilder and Heath) have notified the committees in their regions of the deadline. Your intrepid blogger is joining in to get the word out. I’ve also been told that some of the Bay Area liberal puppet-masters (for obvious reasons) have been telling their Central Committees to notify their registrars.

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  2 Responses to “RIGHT ON DAILY SPECIAL ALERT TO CENTRAL COMMITTEES: Notify your County Elections Office by 9-13-2019 Of Your Intent to Go on Ballot!!! It is NOT Automatic”

  1. Intrepid Blogger, thanks for sharing. My Elections Office provided me with the letter from the Elections Division of the Secretary of State to the County Clerks / Registrars of Voters dated Aug 16, 2019, SUBJECT: Presidential Primary Election: County Central Committees.


    Suggest a member of each central committee read this letter, their bylaws, and inform their County Clerk / Registrar of Voters on or before Sep 13, 2019. Central Committees that do not use the public election, as noted by the Intrepid Blogger, will be penalized by losing CRP Delegate appointments.

    Thanks to Regional VPs Heath and Wilder for informing the central committees in their regions.

  2. Four years ago, president of the County Chairman’s Association Mike Osborn provided us with a letter drafted by CRP General Counsel Chuck Bell to send to our elections office requesting that our elections be part of the public ballot. I also received reminders from the CRP Bay Area Regional Vice Chairman at the time, Kevin Krick, and county elections staff also contacted me directly shortly before the deadline to remind me.

    Since the process is unchanged from four years ago (other than timing due to the earlier primary), I’d expect people to provide the same sort of reminders.

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