Aug 062019

A lot of people have been seizing upon the latest mass shootings to attack President Trump directly or indirectly by railing on White Supremacy. The fact is that white supremacy has been on the decline for years – as have shooting deaths.

In fact, Black Males account for 7% of the population and 50% of the shooting murders in the USA (source: Larry Elder who is Black). Those taking potshots at White Supremacy (which is rooted in racism, a sin and morally wrong) appear to be remiss to discuss groups like Antifa or the disproportionate violence within Black America. The President is and he is getting assailed for being racist for doing so (see also Baltimore).

In his tweet, Chad Mayes equates “Nationalism” to xenophobia, racism and mass murder. This is and has been a dog whistle for the left to attack Trump supporters with. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mayes will use his proposed resolution coming to the ensuing CAGOP Convention as a platform to attack Trump supporters with by inference or directly.

Mayes has been outspoken in his criticism of the President and since being ousted as Assembly Permanent Minority leader has been on a rampage to assuage his bruised ego.

I am going to roast some marshmallows at the upcoming CAGOP Convention as I could care less (really, I don’t) about Chad Mayes’ resolution – I am more interested in the pain and chaos it is going to cause the oligarchy of controlled failure. The old adage is change or die, it appears they are preferring to die.

Chad Mayes’ tweets make several fallacious comparisons and assertions – but these will be for the weak leadership and consultant-controlled CAGOP committees to hash out. Given that most of the top GOP consulting firms are #NEVERTRUMPERS and most staff of GOP members are lukewarm at best to the President, I can hardly wait to see what they do. There are three possibilities – the Resolution gets aborted in committee, the Resolution gets watered down in committee or it passes as is. My money is on it passing as is, as many of the same people celebrating (privately) the passage of the “Tax Return Bill”, are now in total control of the CAGOP apparatus.

Update: the CAGOP is reputed to have well over $1MM in the bank as of last weekend. Once again, good Job – please keep it up. To those in CAGOP leadership – remember, when you show leadership and do good it will be reported on just as fast as the criticism comes out. 

I’ve consistently railed on the CAGOP leadership for refusing to take public stands on a variety of issues – The Party Platform, the President, William “Bill” Brough’s scandals, Duncan Hunter’s Scandals, Crazy Carl DiMaio, and Omar Navarro’s Scandals amongst them. Remember, Chad Mayes was held accountable for his moral failures under the previous CAGOP Chairman. The current CAGOP Chair has several campaign and financial ties to Mr. Mayes and his former Girlfriend – the disgraced Kristen Olsen. It is not an unfair question to ask about the consultants public record of disdain for the President and madam chairman’s actions (or lack thereof) and past financial connections / campaign work.

Lastly, and most importantly, If the leadership of the CAGOP was perceived to be strong, someone like Mr. Mayes would not have felt empowered to do what he is doing. To be continued…

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